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									Fall 2008                         LOGO                                WVAEA Newsletter
                     West Virginia Art Education Association

                                                        WVAEA 2008
                                                       Conference Issue
                                                        October 10 & 11, 2008
                                                             Shepherd University
                                                             Shepherdstown, WV
                                                       Conference Coordinator: Barbara Smith
                                                         Email: brbsmith@access.k12.wv.us

        Arts Alive Contest
                                                         New Visual Art Contest
Arts Alive, The Best of WV is scheduled for
Monday, April 27, 2009. It will again be held at              Entry Form
the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences in
Charleston, WV. The showcase for the arts in          WVAEA has a new entry form to use when
public education is sponsored by WV                   entering West Virginia’s 2-D and 3-D
Department of Education and the WV                    exhibits. The most important change on the
Department of Education and the Arts.                 new entry form is the inclusion of active e-
                                                      mail address of participating educators
Entries for the 2009 logo will be due the end         and/or student artist. This allows for better
of December 2008 for use for the spring 2009          communication. E-mails and the posting
Arts Alive. The details for this contest and          details on the webpage is how results will be
other contest will be posted as on the WVAEA          reported. The new entry form is now
website as they become available.                     available on the WVAEA website:

    The conference issue of the newsletter is sent once a year in a general mailing to county
 contacts to distribute to visual art teachers and their schools. It is also possible to download a
   copy of this conference issue at the WVAEA website to share with fellow art educators
LOGO, WVAEA official newsletter is published three times a year by and for members of the
West Virginia Art Education Association. LOGO reserves the right to edit material for its content
 or length. Send your lesson ideas, articles, photographs, artwork, and questions to the editor.

WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                           Volume: 32 Issue: 2
                                                                         From the Desk of:
                                                                           Julia Murin Lee
                                                                          Arts Coordinator
                                                                WV Department of Education

                                                                       Submitted August 14, 2008


 As you begin this new school year, I hope that you will take some time to look at a new online
 resource for arts teachers at this link: http://wvde.state.wv.us/instructionalguides/ the Teach
 21 Instructional Guides link. Once you are there, look for the ARTS guides at the base of that
 If you click on the icon for ―Visual Arts‖ you will see drop down menus for different course
 levels. Once you get to the grade level you are interested in exploring, click on a title and it
 will open up to the complete guide itself.
 At the top of the page, you can see at which time of the school year the guide would best be
 taught, and a listing of the all of the standards that are taught in the guide.
 The ―power standard‖ you see at the top of the page takes in all of the standards that are
 addressed by the guide. The forming of these power standards is a process we call
 ―chunking.‖ And we realize that you will not necessarily ―chunk‖ in exactly the same way
 when you teach the curriculum. So what you see is an example of a suggested tool that you
 can use to teach your particular content area at your programmatic level in your school.
 These guides have been written by West Virginia art teachers using the revised WV CSOs
 and providing you with suggestions for teaching not only visual art standards but also – in
 some cases – standards in other content areas. These integrated guides took a lot of thought
 and effort. Each one has step-by-step details as well as rubrics you can download, print and
 use – or even modify for your own classroom situation. There are also other helpful links
 suggested at the end of the guide.
 The writers and I are interested in your input on the instructional guides. Can you use them?
 If so, how can you use them in your own classroom, and what looks like it needs ―tweaking‖ at
 this point. (The nice thing is that the guides are not ―engraved in stone‖ – but can be edited
 by the writers.)
 Please let us hear from you on these guides. I will see that your comments get to the
 originator of the guide. Your response is valuable to us. My email address is
 jrlee@access.k12.wv.us . You may also write to me at the address posted below:
 Julia Murin Lee, Arts Coordinator, Office of Instruction, WVDE
 Bldg. 6, Room 608, 1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
 Charleston, WV 25305-0330

WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                            Volume: 32 Issue: 2
                     Nominations Sought
     for “Schools of Distinction in Arts Education” Awards
 The “Schools of Distinction in Arts Education” awards, are given by the Appalachian
 Education Initiative, in collaboration with the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education
 Network, recognizes schools that have done an outstanding job of making the arts an
 essential part of education. Through the nomination of schools for the awards, exemplary
 arts education programs in West Virginia elementary, middle and high schools will be
 To be considered for a "Schools of Distinction in Arts Education Award,” the school’s arts
 education program should include two or more of the following characteristics:

 · The school should teach all the arts (music, visual arts, dance, and theater) as specific
 disciplines as well as integrated into other subject areas.
 · The program should create and use imaginative learning environments for teaching the arts
 and recognize that the arts are critical and essential to education.

 · The program should provide opportunities for parental involvement in the educational lives
 of their children through hands-on, creative arts-based activities.

 · The program should provide students various opportunities for learning about other cultures
 through the arts, enabling them to explore differences in ways that are full of adventure and
 devoid of cultural bias.

 · The program should provide community connections that build value and respect for the
 community by offering students diverse experiences beyond the classroom.

 WVAE members are encouraged to nominate their schools. Applications for the 2008-2009
 “Schools of Distinction in Arts Education” awards are available on the AEI website,
 www.aeiarts.org. For more information, contact Lou Karas at lkaras@aeiarts.org or at

     2008-9 School Year                               State Exhibits held each
   Youth Art Month Reports                            year for Youth Art Month
 Reports for this upcoming school year will         West Virginia 3-D Youth Art Month
 be sent to YAM reports chair Ruth Snyder.          Exhibit and Day in the Studio‖ Professional
 An exciting change for the upcoming year           Development for Art Educators is held each
 will be to invite individual counties to create    year at Tamarack, The Best of West
 their own scrap book pages and submit              Virginia, Beckley, WV
 them along with the short YAM report. Find
                                                    West Virginia 2-D Youth Art Month
 out details at the Fall Conference.
                                                    Exhibit Cultural Center of the West Virginia
 Any questions? Contact:                            Division of Culture & History, Charleston,
 Ruth Snyder ruth.snyder@excite.com                 WV

WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                          Volume: 32 Issue: 2
                              Nominees for the 2008 WVAEA Awards
 The following exemplary art educators are the nominees for this year’s Awards:

 Elementary Art Educator of the Year:      Art Educator of the Year:
        Ronda Albright                            Linda Elmer
        Mika Martin                               Sandra Shaw
 Middle Level Art Educator of the Year:    Supervision/Administrative Art Educator of the
        Mindy Bussey                       Year:
        Christy Gill                              Julia Lee
 Secondary Art Educator of the Year:       Distinguished Service Within the Profession
        Joe Boyd                           Award:
        Carolyn Light                             Barbara Smith
        Kathy Snoderly                            Ruth Snyder
 Higher Education Student Achievement      Distinguished Service Outside the Profession
 Award:                                    Award:
        Kathryn Peno                              Emily Ritchey
                                           Retired Art Educator of the Year:
                                                  Rita Montrose

WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                    Volume: 32 Issue: 2
 A letter from the State Association President:

 Dear Members,
           As I come to the end of my term as president of WVAEA, I want to thank al of you who have been
 supportive and encouraging to me. Your support and counsel have been greatly appreciated. This is a position
 that one volunteers for with eagerness and energy, and the desire to help move the organization forward in a
 positive direction. It is a position that one quickly realizes is a multifaceted position that leaves one feeling
 overwhelmed at times; but with the massive support system that is in place, (both on the state level and the
 national level) and the numerous people who made themselves available to me, I have been able to reach a few
 of my goals as president. Now as Thisbe Cooper steps in as your leader, I want to let her know that the same
 support and counsel is available to her so that she can achieve the goals she has laid out for her term.
           We've all been bombarded lately with information and buzz words about 21st Century Learning, and all
 our heads are swimming with new responsibilities and obligations in our classroom for the use of technology and
 implementing the revised CSOs. I know there are times my head is reeling from all the new information that
 floods my desk. As a member of WVAEA, you do not have to suffer alone, and as a member, you have many
 resources available to you: The Fall Conference, where the focus is the 21st Century classroom; the
 LOGO newsletter that you receive 3 times a year; the website; YAM and other contests for your students; NAEA
 (as a member of WVAEA, you are also a member of NAEA); and our executive board contact information is
 listed in the LOGO, so you can contact any of us personally if necessary. As one of my final requests as
 president, I am asking three last things of you: 1) Take full advantage of all of these resources available to you
 by visiting our website regularly and often helps you stay current on events, activities and contests. Our
 website; www.wvaea.homestead.com is updated regularly by our webmaster, Nanette Seligman. If you have
 news or questions you can contact her anytime. 2) to help us serve you better; If you are email active, please
 contact your Region Rep listed in this LOGO and give them your contact information. The Region
 Representatives are set up to be the liaison between you and WVAEA. Please contact them with news of you,
 your students, school and county. We want to hear from you and what you are doing with your program. 3)
 Lastly, help us serve other art teachers better. If you know of someone in your county who is not a member,
 please encourage them to be. Send us their contact information so that we can correspond with them.
           Thank you to everyone. Have a fantastic school year, and welcome to our new president, Thisbe
 Cooper. I know you are going to be a great president!
                                                                                                            Sandy Shaw
                                                                                                      WVAEA President

               The WVAEA and the NAEA Create a Joint Membership Brochure.
        In the summer of 2007 I had the privilege of attending the TEAM EAST Retreat in Pennsylvania. There I
met Deborah Reeve, the new Executive Director of the NAEA, and invited her to our fall conference in
Parkersburg where we discussed updating our membership brochure. She stated that she would love to work
with us and create a joint membership brochure. Krista is a native West Virginian and the graphic designer for
the NAEA. Leo Roe and Victoria Fergus worked with me as the brochure was planned, and the entire WVAEA
board had an opportunity to take part in the process.
        Krista created a bright, colorful, and professional brochure that delineates the value of membership in the
WVAEA and the NAEA. West Virginia is the first state to produce a joint brochure with the NAEA. Deborah
Reeve hopes to use our brochure as a model for other states. The new brochures will make their debut at this
year’s Conference in Shepherdstown.
                                                                   Submitted by Thisbe Cooper, President Elect

WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                                           Volume: 32 Issue: 2
 National Art Education Association                                 A Great Read for the Veteran
 WVU Student Chapter hosts the                                           or New Educator
 8th Annual Self-Portrait Competition 2008
                                                            The motivational speaker, Todd Whitaker, has written
 When: Entries postmarked by October 1, 2008                a must read! This jewel of a book is very easy to read
 Who: Division one: grades 11-12,                           and it supplies enough humor to make it a pleasant
        Division two: grades 9-10, and                      way to get ready for the first day of school!!!! For new
        Division three: grades 6-8.                         teachers, What Great Teachers Do Differently:
 Subject: A cut paper collage self portrait, 8.5" x 11".    Fourteen Things That Matter Most, could really
   Students may use any type of paper, but they may         prevent some of the pitfalls that have to be learned,
   not add any other medium to their work.                  sometimes, the hard way. For me who feels I have
                                                            been blessed with 20 plus years of highly successful
 Entry form and details are posted                          teaching, it confirms what I know to be true. It
 on the WVAEA Website:                                      reminds me of those things that I do, and even used
 www.wvaea.homestead.com                                    to do, that work. While this book is really a review of
                                                            common sense, I find it a centering, yearly reminder
                                                            of the things that make a great teacher.

                                                            I would recommend this book as an annual read just
      Contests To Put On Your                               before school starts to remind every teacher of those
         School Calendar:                                   things that we should do and to confirm that we do a
                                                            lot of things right. It should be a book that is given to
 Every West Virginia art teacher is encouraged to           every new teacher as a motivational and guiding
                                                            introduction into the world of students, parents, and
 have their students participate in the state flag
                                                            administrators. For each of us, whether we are
 design and the poster design contests. They                teaching visual art or other subjects, Todd states,
 are a great public relations opportunity for the           ‖Great teachers want their students to be more
 WV Youth Art Month program, the school and                 excited about learning tomorrow than they are
 community from which the designs are selected.             today.‖ Our classrooms can be those places where
 The flag in addition to being presented in                 we see students making great strides toward their
 Washington DC, the state flags will also be                personal goals. While this book does not present any
 flown at the NAMTA Convention and the NAEA                 wildly new theories in education, it does present
 Convention. The winning poster design is                   practical ideas that are easy to implement. There are
 printed and sent out to all schools. The runner-           tips relating to discipline that can benefit everyone! I
                                                            think Whitaker simply states that the teacher is the
 up becomes a certificate for Youth Art Month.
                                                            key in the classroom. I believe this and acknowledge
 Information and details for these contests and             that my expectations for behavior, art production and
 others are posted in the fall on the WVAEA                 the students’ understanding of my subject are
 Website as the information becomes available.              usually, if not always, met!
                                                            Submitted by member: Christy Gill, Fayette County

            Scholarships send West Virginia Teachers to NCECA

                                                   The opportunity to attend the annual National
                                                   Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts
                                                   Conference in Pittsburgh this past spring was provided
                                                   by AEI with support from the Claude Worthington
                                                   Benedum Foundation and Manchester Craftsmen
                                                   Guild. From left to right, they are Nanette
                                                   Seligman,(Wood County); Sandy Shaw, (Raleigh
                                                   County); Irma Barazzine, (Monongalia County).

WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                                          Volume: 32 Issue: 2
       WVAEA Executive Committee                          Regional Representatives
*Sandy Shaw 124 Sue Lane                       Region I--Rita Montrosse 402 Oakdale Rd.
Daniels, WV 25832 304.763.5180                 Princeton, WV 24740 304.425.6140
                                               Region II--Ellen Kell 406 Forest Rd. Huntington, WV
Thisbe Cooper P.O. Box 504                     25705 304.523.9672 eak_246@hotmail.com
Davis, WV 26260 304-866-4475
thisbe@frontiernet.net-President Elect         Region III—Debra Moore, 304-722-0234;
Bob Robinson 242 Captain Ames Dr.
Parkersburg, WV 26101 304.464.4357             Region IV Rep--Ruth Snyder PO Box 12 Cowen,
rjrobins64@hotmail,com-Past President          WV 26206 304.226.3456 ruth.snyder@excite.com
                                               Region V Rep-Mary Ellen Chapman 2327 Horn
Linda Elmer4208 Dogwood Lane
                                               Creek Rd. Cox's Mills, WV 26342 304.462.4176
Fairmont, WV 26554 304.366.9793
Arlespai@aol.com -Secretary                    Region VI Rep—VACANCY
Dr. Victoria Fergus 410 Lewis St Morgantown,   Region VII Co-reps: Tammy Cundiff; 304-462-5238
WV 26505 304.599.7031                          tcundiff2@verizon.com:
vfergus2@wvu.edu -Treasurer                    Sherri Butler; 304-924-6559; pukak@localnet.com
Julia Murin Lee
                                                            Standing Committees
WV Department of Education Arts Curriculum
Coordinator,                                   Membership--Leo Roe previously listed
1900 Kanawha Blvd.
Building 6 Rm. 304, Charleston, WV 25305       Student Chapters--Victoria Fergus previously listed
304.558.0459 jrlee@access.k12.wv.us Ex
Officio                                        Two Dimensional Events - Carl O'Dell 58 Oakford
                                               Ave Richwood, WV 26261 304.846.6787
Marcia Catron 719 Frantz Ave Mullins, WV       carl_odell@hotmail.com
25882 artc@artlover.com Member at Large
                                               Y.A.M. Three Dimensional Events - Jennifer Wiley
              Division Directors:              1110 Sunset Terrace Milton, WV
Sonda Cheesebrough 524 Louise Ave.
Morgantown, WV 26505                           LOGO Newsletter Editor - Nanette Seligman 2209
304.291.1478 sondabbad@hotmail.com             23rd St Parkersburg, WV 26101 304.481.6230
Elementary                                     enseligman@yahoo.com
Leo Roe Rt 2 Box 162 Grafton, WV 26354         Webmaster-Nanette Seligman 2209 23rd St
304.2463 roeleo@hotmail.com                    Parkersburg, WV 26101 304.481.6230
Middle                                         enseligman@yahoo.com
Kathleen Snoderly 183 St. Leo Rd.              Y.A.M. Poster Contest-Allison Meley PO Box 963
Wadestown, WV 26589                            Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 304.535.1304
ksnoderly@aol.com                              vaughaaa78@aol.com
                                               Y.A.M. Flag Design Coordinator - Ronda Albright
Fonda Lockhart 121 Ruthlawn Drive
                                               1010 Virginia Ave Martinsburg, WV 25401
So. Charleston, WV 25309 304.662.6447
Supervision and Instruction
Anona Berry
WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                          Volume: 32 Issue: 2
                              October 10 & 11, 2008
                               Shepherd University
                           WVAEA Conference
 The Newly constructed Contemporary Art Center at Shepherd University
 will host the WVAEA 2008 fall conference ACT . . . creating transitions within
 the themes of art, community, and twenty-first century skills.

 Our conference this year focuses on the trilogy of Art, Community, and the ever important
 Twenty-first Theme of technology, communication and critical thinking skills. The conference
 title is: ACT. WVAEA will bring these three themes together to transpire art education beyond
 the classroom walls. Serving the Arts this year we will offer twenty-five workshops. Our expert
 on community involvement is David Heatwole, Editor-in-Chief of the Main Artery,
 www.THEMAINARTERY.com, Creator of TAC; Transcendental Arts Council, whose mission
 statement is ―To change the way . . . Art Works! To unite and transform society by
 promoting the arts and community projects.‖ David is working with a new project idea ―Put a
 Lid on it‖ using plastic lids and recycled items that can create greener art. Sharing ideas on
 the twenty first century is a group call Visual Thinking Skills or VTS
 www.visualthinkingstrategies.org with the latest research in art education developed in
 coordination with MOMA and Harvard.
 Shepherd’s is pleased to share its new facility. Located on West Campus, the CCA was
 designed to fit in with the natural surroundings with its roofline which mimics the rolling
 mountains visible in the distance. Phase one of the three part venture houses painting studio,
 drawing. Soon to be started, the next phases of the CCA will provide shared academic,
 performance, and production spaces and increase the opportunities for creative interaction
 between faculty, students, artists, actors, directors, designers, photographers and
 Don’t miss out. Plan to attend this professional development for West Virginia’s art educators.
 Each day promises to be filled with ―AHA‖ moments. And remember to attend the Art Auction
 and Banquet Friday Night at the Clarion. More good news! Lunch will be provided for
 Saturday’s general meeting and keynote speaker, David Heatwole.

                                                        Clarion Hotel & Conference Center
        Conference Hotels                               233 Lowe Drive , Shepherdstown, WV,
                                                         Phone: (304) 876-7000
          Bavarian Inn                                  Days Inn
          164 Shepherd Grade Road                       2001 Maddex Square Drive
          Shepherdstown, WV 25443                       Shepherdstown, WV 25443
          Phone 304 876 2551                            Phone 304-876-3160
                                2008 Conference Sessions

WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                         Volume: 32 Issue: 2
                                        2008 Conference Sessions
Visual Theme Writing (9-12 adapted to 6-8)                                        Bob Robinson
        This workshop reinforces the concept of utilizing art to express ideas and feeling about relevant topics. The
workshop will culminate with a group ―hands-on‖ competition activity that will allow participants to create ―themed-
based‖ art. FEE $2.00
Day Friday                       Time: 2 ½ hours                      Maximum Class size 20          Fee $2.00

Bunraku (Adaptable to all K-12)                                                     Joe Santoro
        In this Japanese puppetry form the puppeteers share the stage with their puppets, manipulating them by
means of handles inside the puppets. Collaborate, and create with newspaper, masking tape a life size puppet.
Puppetry encourages performance, cooperation and writing skills.
Day Friday                               Time 2 hours       Maximum Class size 20          No Fee

What are Instruction Guides and Why Should I Care?
Plus Mini Mask Making (K-12)                                 Thisbe Cooper & Kathleen Snoderly
         Learn how to approach the new Instruction Guides developed just for you by art educators in the state under
the direction of the WVDE. Then spend the rest of the session creating Mini-Masks out of plaster. Masks are
instruction is designed for secondary students, but may be adapted to a younger audience.
Day      Time 2 hours                                               Maximum 15           No Fee

Portfolio Reviews & WVU Art Programs (9-12)                     Dr. Victoria Fergus & Ron Aman
         Bring along your students portfolios and the two art education faculty will review them on the spot for
acceptance into the Division of Art for the fall semester of 2009. Sophomore and junior work will also be reviewed and
suggestions given for developing portfolio content. WVU Programs will be presented via CD and DVD. For seniors the
portfolio requirements are online at www.wvu.edu
Day Friday                        Time 1 hour               Maximum 18                No Fee

The Fundred Dollar Bill Project / More Then Money (K-12)                             Amanda Wiles
         A nation-wide project created from millions of students drawings. It’s simple, fun and has far reaching impact.
FUNDRED celebrates and delivers value to every child’s expression. The session introduces this nationwide art
project intended to support the environment rebuilding of New Orleans from the ground up, by making environmental
conditions safer for its resident. Workshop participants will receive a high level overview of the project, hands-on
instruction, and an easy to implement lesson plan.
Day Friday & Saturday Time 1hour                   Maximum 25 No Fee

It’s all in the Name (6-8, 9-12)                                                             Sandy Shaw
          In this hand on workshop, participants will create a papier mache sculpture using the letters of their name.
(This is a successful activity for helping beginner craft and sculpture students make the transition from creating 2-D art
to making 3-D art)
Day Friday & Saturday Time 2 hours                          Maximum 18              Fee $2.00

YAM & YOU or How I Scrapped My School to a Successful
Youth Art Month (all levels)                                                            Ruth Snyder
        This session provides information about YAM, and hands on work shop with tips to create a successful
scrapbook page in order to showcase your school and its students’ artful expression.
Day Friday & Saturday Time 2 hours              Maximum 20 No Fee

Developing an Arts-based Learning Community in your School (K-12)                       Bob Dunkerley
        Participants will gain an understanding of learning communities and how they can implement and develop this
framework for professional growth in the arts-based initiative focusing on the 21 Century Learning outcomes.
Day Friday & Saturday Time 1hour                 Maximum 24 No Fee

3-D Sculpture (K-12)                                                                 Judy Chesley
        Create a 3-D sculpture from wood, cardboard, matt board, styro-foam, paper and found objects – Nothing Is
Beyond the Imagination!
Day Friday      Time 1 ½ hours                 Maximum 15               Fee $3.00

Masking with Foil (all)                                                                   Nena Stowell
        Attend this class and learn the step by step process of making foil masks – material consist of 18 gauge metal.
Day Friday      Time 2 hours      Maximum 25 Fee $8.00
 WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                                           Volume: 32 Issue: 2
         th   th
Tiling (4 -12 )                                                                           Ellen Kell
Tiling using a simple tile pattern when repeated will make a secondary tile design. Student will flip slide and rotate to
create new designs.
Day Friday & Saturday Time 1 hour                 Maximum 20               Fee $1.00

Down on the Farm (4-12)                        Sondra Cheesbrough, Debora Palmer, & Irma Barazzone
         Look at samples of folk art from many cultures, and then create your own folk-art animal. Enjoy the discovery
process as you find your animal in a pile of random shapes, then assemble and paint to take home a finished product.
You’ll also learn about how this project was used as a part of a community service project with children.
Day Saturday Time 2 hours                 Maximum 25                      Fee $5.00

Pop Art Food (K-5)                                                                      Allison Meley
        This hands on workshop will share several lesson plans using Crayola Model Magic or Sculpty Polymer Clay.
The focus is on upper elementary projects where students will make small Pop Art food sculpture. Bring along you
ideas to share during this session.
Day Saturday Time 2 hours               Maximum 20 Fee $6.00

Canopic Jars of Ancient Egypt (4-8)                                                         Sherri Butler
         Participants will create a canopic jar. Using simple materials cups, sand, papier mache, and model magic,
participants will leave with a damp canopic jars ready to paint at home. Each jar will be unique to because of their
sculpted model magic head.
Day Saturday Time 2 hours                  Maximum 20               Fee $6.00

This Little Light of Mine – I’m Going Let it Shine        (all)                      Julia Lee
(Civically Engaging Art Projects)
         Explore ways to get your students engaged in art projects that reach the community, ―breaking the fifth wall‖
with your art program while you teach art CSOs. Some discussion sections of this presentation are titled, ―Anybody out
there know we’re here?‖ ―Taking it to the Streets" and ―Young Hands – Old Hands." Day Saturday
Time 1 hour              No Fee

Entrepreneurial Education Initiative for the Arts        Debrin Jenkins, MS, LSW & Sally R. Synder
         Participants will understand how to access free volunteer led Junior Achievement economic courses and how
these course will provide knowledge base their students can use if they desire a successful and sustainable career in
the arts
Day Friday & Saturday Time 2 hours               Maximum 25                No Fee

Trading Spaces                                                                          Barbara Ann Smith
       Using simple materials, and recycled magazines become your own interior designer. This lesson can be
expanded by using floor plans, customer’s wishes, and purpose.
Day Saturday                    Time 1hour     Maximum 25 No Fee

Four Stance Café                                                                         Dr. K.B. Basseches
         With the use of contemporary and historical art images the presenter will employ an ―art game‖ to classify by
aesthetic stance. Attendees NEED to at least one food to the session that represents as aspect of the color wheel.
(e.g. a bowl of chili for red, celery for green, grape jelly for purple, cool whip/ redi whip for white) Be Imaginative, the
more tasty the food the better! Be prepared to snack after playing the game                       No Fee

Visual Thinking Strategies                                                            Deborah Gaston
         This workshop will introduce VTS which is both a curriculum that integrates visual art usefully into
ongoing classroom practice and a window into facilitating open-ended discussions that students enjoy and learn from
equally. VTS will be demonstrated, analyzed and discussed in terms of the research that led to its form and content.
Day Saturday            Time 3 hours                     No Fee

Business of Art for Students (9-12)                                                  Nanette Seligman
        We pride ourselves in teaching students how to make art but how often do we teach how art is marketed and
sold. Simple ideas for the classroom teaching students real world applications of the economics of art.
Day Friday                        Time 1 hour            Maximum 20                No Fee

 WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                                              Volume: 32 Issue: 2
                                  West Virginia Art Education Association Fall Conference 2008 Registration Form
                                      Contemporary Art Center, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV – October 10 & 11, 2008
                         Name______________________________________________ E-mail___ ___________________________________________


                         Pre-registration (after September 19 add $10.00 fee) CIRCLE all of your choices below - Fill in totals:
                         Friday        Member $30.00       Non member $35.00 Retired $20.00 Student $15.00      TOTAL______
                         Saturday      Member $30.00       Non member $35.00 Retired $20.00 Student $15.00      TOTAL______
                         Both Days Member $45.00            Non member $60.00 Retired $30.00 Student $20.00 TOTAL______
                         Class Fees (if listed in course description)                                           TOTAL______
                         Lunch                      Saturday          Included in registration                  Included
                         Banquet                    Friday Night      $28.50                                     TOTAL______
                         Lunch on your own          Friday
                         Membership or Renewal Dues included? Yes____ No____ Membership#__________ Dues TOTAL______

                         Total amount from list above                                               Registration TOTAL $__________
                         Make checks payable to: West Virginia Art Education Association. Receipts available at Conference Registration
                         Checks for pre-registration are not deposited until the date of the conference. Credit Cards for NAEA Dues only.

                         Don’t Miss our Free Lunch Buffet during the General Assembly Meeting, and Speaker David Heatwole, ―Put a Lid on It‖
                         The McMurran Hall Deli Buffet Free with Saturday’s registration.
                          Please indicate if you will be joining us so we can order appropriate amount of food. YES_____ No______
                         Your choice: Turkey, Roast Beef, Chicken Salad, with lettuce/ tomato,
                         Swiss or provolone cheese on assorted Breads. Salads Waldorf & Macaroni Desserts assorted Cookies and Brownies. Includes
                         assorted condiments, Coffee, Tea, and Water
                         Send this form and fees to: Dr. Victoria Fergus, WVAEA Treasurer, 410 Lewis St. Morgantown, WV 26505-3716
                         Classes: Register early. Classes fill quickly. Session Fees: This helps to offset instructor’s materials

                          - - - - - - - - - Circle or highlight clearly your choices and underline alternates - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                         Friday October 10
                                                                                                             12:00-                                                                5:00-
                         8:30-9:00           9:00-10:00            10:30    10:30-11:00     11:00-11:30      1:30                          1:30-2:30    2:30-3:30     3:30-4:00    6:00          6:30- ?
                                                                                                             Lunch on your own & Venders

                                             3-D Sculpture $3               Tiling $1                                                      Banraku puppetry
Registration & Venders

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dinner & Art Auction
                                             Yam & You                                      Project                                               Visual Theme Writing

                                                                                                                                                                                   Social Hour
                                             Instructional Guides /           Mini Masks    Art-based
                                             $2                                             Learning                                        Foil Mask Making $8
                                                                                                                                                                      of Art for
                                                          It's all in a Name $2                                                            Ed Initiative for Arts     Students
                                                                           Take time to visit the venders through out the day.
Saturday October 11
8:30:-9:00                                   9:00-10:00                                     11:- 12:00    1:30                             1:30-2:30    2:30-3:30     3:30-4:30
Registration & Venders

                                                                                            Art-based                                      Fundred
                                                          Ed Initiative for Art             Learning                                       Project             Yam & You
                                                                                                           General session,
                                                                                                           Guest Speaker,
                                                                                                            lunch provided

                                             This Little Light
                                             of Mine                          Pop Art Food $6                                               It's all in a Name $2     Tiling $1

                                              Canopic Jars or This takes a lot of Guts      Review                                                                     Trading
                                                                $6                          WVU                                            Down on the Farm $5          Space
                                                             Visual Thinking Strategies
                                                Take time to visit the venders through out the day.
                                 West Virginia Art Education Association Fall Conference 2008 Registration Form
                          WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                                                                                   Volume: 32 Issue: 2
 For West Virginia - NAEA Membership make checks payable and mail to:
 West Virginia Art Education Association
 c/o Dr. Victoria Fergus
 410 Lewis St.
 Morgantown, WV 26505-3710               Print or type all information

 _______New Membership ____Renewal Membership                        I.D.Number________

 Name:_____________________________ E-Mail Address:________________________________



 Please check one professional level where you spend over 50% of your professional time:
 ____Elementary ____Middle ____Secondary ____Museum _____Higher Ed _____Supervision/Admin

 Membership Categories:
 Active Educator_____($70) Associate Non-art educator____($70)      Retired_____($35)
 1st Year Professional____($50) Student_____($20) Institutional_____($200)
 Studies in Art Education (add $15)______

 My check for ________is enclosed. Please charge my_____VISA_____Mastercard
 Credit Card Number_____________________Exp. Date_________________________


WVAEA Newsletter
Nanette Seligman
2209 23 Street
Parkersburg, WV 26101


 WV Art Education Association Newsletter                                                  Volume: 32 Issue: 2

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