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First of all, women in African countries cannot congregate with men under the branches of the baobab and discuss important matters of the societies in which diey live. In our new issue of Black Renaissance Noire we are pleased to publish nonfiction works by Ishmael Reed, Fred Ho, Anthony Barboza, Barbara Lewis, Victor Rosa, Carlos Uribe and Eleanor Traylor; poetry by Elizabeth Alexander, Kofi Anyidoho, Tara Betts, Sherwin Bitsui, Rafael Courtoisie, Monica A. Hand, Joy Harjo, Allison Hedge Coke, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Linda Hogan, Patricia Spears Jones and Anglique V. Nixon; fiction by Duane Niatum; an interview with Victor Hernandez Cruz conducted by Victor Rosa; photos and art by Anthony Barboza, Ana Busto and Carlos Uribe.

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