Welding Project Assignment Sheet by sij18839


									               Welding Project Assignment Sheet
This welding project is designed to give you the opportunity to establish and develop your
welding skills. Your project should be well thought out and require you to do a variety of
different weld joints and welding positions. This handout is designed to provide you with
                  the necessary information to complete this assignment.

      The welding project you will be working on is the design/project idea that you
       signed up for in advance. It is understandable that some changes may occur
       during the project but the main idea behind it should stay the same.
      The welding project must:
           o Include a “picture” of what the final product will look like
           o A sketch including dimensions of the project
           o Budget sheet
           o Supplies list
      The review paper must be:
           o Typed
           o Doubled Spaced
           o One page in length
           o 1 inch margins
           o Include information on why you chose the project, what is its intended
               use, a brief summary of materials used, cost of the project, and the time it
               took to finish it.
      Projects should take enough time to fill the rest of the semester but if not
       completed by the end of semester what is done will be graded.
      You will be graded not only on the quality of welds/project but also use of shop
       time, safety, and review paper.
      If you were able to find a detailed project write up on line make sure you cite that
       website in your review paper.
      The following are the due dates for the different components of the project:
           o Idea/Sketch                                      Due: March 30th
           o Materials                                        Due: March 30th
           o Budget /Plan                                     Due: April 12th
           o 1st Project check                                Due: April 22nd
           o 2 Project check                                  Due: May 10th
           o Final Project and Review Sheet                   Due: May 28th-June 1st

*Project check will consist of a short one-on-one discussion with me on how the project
is coming along, what have you found to be hard thus far, and what you plan to do next.*

*Materials will be purchased by the FFA but you will need to pay back for materials

*Grading Rubric on Back*

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