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									Paper 1/Modern Technology
Summer 2009
Newsome’s Section

For the first paper of the semester (3 to 5 pages, word-processed), you will
examine the impact modern technology has had on our culture. From TV to cell
phones to computers, modern technology has changed the way we communicate,
behave, and spend our time.

Reading Assignment

“Television: The Plug-In Drug,” Marie Winn
“A Call for Cell Phone Manners,” Ariane Sains
“Log On to Learn,” Jodi Morse
“Sticky Fingers on the Information Super Highway,” Ed Finkel
“Unplugged,” David Gelernter

The Paper

For this paper, you will examine what the articles have to say about some aspects
of modern technology. You will need to be able to summarize some key points
from some of the articles, then you should explain one benefit of modern
technology and one drawback of modern technology. Your focus will be on the
benefit and the drawback, using specific situations concerning technology as

The Parts of the Paper

Your introduction will include lead-in sentences to introduce your reader to
the overall paper topic. You will then include some background information from
at least two of the articles; this information should be fairly general. The next
part of the introduction is your thesis section. You will have a statement of
purpose (the thesis statement) and your methodology.

Your first discussion section will present an overview of at least three of the
articles you read for the paper. This summary section will not be an evaluation of
the points in the articles; rather it will give your reader a better idea of some of
the particular things the writers have to say about modern technology. You can
include your own explanations about what some of the writers have to say, if that
is appropriate. This section might have more than one paragraph.

Your next two discussion sections will explain a benefit and a drawback of
modern technology. (One discussion section will focus on a benefit; the other
discussion section will focus on a drawback.) One of your points should come
from one of the articles. For each of these sections, you will have a topic sentence
which names the benefit or drawback. You will then offer a little more
explanation about the topic. The next part of each discussion is an example of the
benefit or drawback. You will end each of these sections with a summary
sentence. Each of these discussion sections can have more than one paragraph.

In the conclusion, one option is to predict how you think technology will
impact our culture in the next generation or so. If young people today are so well
versed in texting, computer applications, and internet usage, what might it be like
in 25 years? Will television be as big an influence as it has been in the last 50

The Context

This paper first asks that you summarize points from at least three of the
assigned articles. When you summarize, you are presenting an overview of
what the authors/articles have to say about a particular topic (in this case,
modern technology). It is important to be able to paraphrase material while still
giving credit to the author/article. In addition, remember that you are not
evaluating the positions in the article; your task is to present information. You
need to try to use only minimal direct quotes or parts of quotes (which are well
integrated into your summary). You might need to explain what some of the
ideas from the articles mean. If, for example, you use Marie Winn’s article and
you mention that she states family rituals have been significantly altered because
of television, you might need to explain what a family ritual is so your reader is
sure to understand Winn’s point. The summary section is the first part of the
paper. It lets your reader know that there is quite a lot of discussion out there
about this particular topic.

Your other two discussion sections will examine a benefit and a
drawback of modern technology. You should go to the articles to find ideas;
you can also brainstorm your own ideas. For these sections, you will need to be
sure your major focus is on the benefit or drawback; the type of technology your
present (or aspect of technology) should be the example to show the benefit or
drawback. For example, if you say one benefit of modern technology is that
people can stay in touch with each other very easily, you can develop that idea
using examples of cell phone use, email, MySpace, or other such technological
activities. The examples you present should be thorough and detailed.

In order to get additional information about this topic, you might conduct some
interviews. You could ask people about modern technology in their lives, what
they think is good about it, and what they think is bad about it. The information
you get in the class interviews can be part of the paper. And, remember, one of
your points (the benefit or drawback) will come from one of the articles. Do not
get additional articles about this topic; I want you to use the articles from class,
not other articles you find on your own.
Evaluation Criteria

1. Is every part of the paper in place and organized according to the paper

2. Is each discussion section thorough? Is the first discussion section a summary
of article points? Do the other two discussion sections examine a benefit and a
drawback of modern technology?

3. Is it evident that you spent time reading the articles in order to summarize
points about them? Are each of the other discussion sections real attempts to
make a point about a benefit and a drawback of modern technology?

4. Are the examples in the “benefit” and “drawback” sections (Discussion
Sections II and III) original and thorough? Do you go beyond just copying ideas
from the articles?

5. Is at least one discussion section (benefit or drawback) a point from the

6. Have you thoroughly addressed every part of the assignment? Does every part
of the paper make sense?

7. Did you attend class regularly and work on the paper while in class? Did the
instructor see the paper “in progress”? Did you make an honest attempt to do the
best work possible on this paper?

8. Are grammar, spelling, word use, and word choice up to the standards needed
for college level work?

Important Dates

Monday, June 8: Get materials for Paper 1. You need to read the assignment
sheet carefully; also, read the assigned articles and complete assigned activities
for Tuesday, June 10.

Tuesday, June 9: Go over the assignment sheet for Paper 1. (You should have
read all articles by this day, and you should have completed any assigned
activities.) Discuss the articles; brainstorm ideas for the paper. Discuss how to
organize the paper. Choose your topics for the benefit and drawback sections of
the paper. Write an introduction for the paper.

Wednesday, June 10: Bring an introduction to class. Discuss summarizing
article points—see samples. Work on the first Discussion Section of the paper.
Thursday, June 11: Work on the other sections of the paper; see samples.

Monday, June 15: See additional samples if necessary; continue drafting the
paper. Write the Conclusion for the paper.

Tuesday, June 16: Rough draft reading day in class. Bring a completed
rough draft to class. The rough draft is due at the beginning of class. You will
have a peer review session using your rough draft. If you do not bring your
rough draft, ready to go, at the beginning of class, you will receive one full
grade deduction on the final evaluation of the paper. I will also dismiss you
from class, which will affect your daily grade component of the course. After
working with your rough draft, continue to revise your paper.

Wednesday, June 17: Paper 1 due by the end of class. Get readings for Paper 2
Have reading assignment for Paper 2 completed by Thursday, June 18.

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