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                       teacher preview visits available
                              to assess content review and prepare risk assessment

“Over 20,000
students attended
our educational talks during the
last academic year.” Colin Pitt, Education   These revised workbooks can be
Manager, Cadbury World.                      downloaded on specific topics before
                                                                                          • Essence - travel back in time to witness
                                             you visit (they are not available at
                                                                                          the creation of Cadbury Dairy Milk.
”It is a great day out with an educational   Cadbury World). To download the              Discover what the key ingredient is which
slant. Excellent marketing talk directed     workbooks log onto    gives CDM its unique flavour.
towards AQA syllabus or vocational
                                                                                          • Purple Planet - step into a state-of-the-
course. I took 74 students. Lots of          Students are also encouraged to visit
                                                                                          art interactive exhibition, where you can
chocolate, lots of fun.” Sharon Wellins,     Cadbury online at:
                                                                                          experience chocolate like never before.
            Eccles College.                  to gain an up-to-date insight into the       Learn what it takes to grow your own
                                             brands marketed by Cadbury. A visit          cocoa beans using key elements such as
             Cadbury is a company            to the website of our parent company         sunlight, shade and water,
             committed to education.         Cadbury Schweppes at:                        and how these elements
             Tracing back to1879    will inform         affect the yield of a
              and the move to                students about our global business and       crop. Discover through
              Bournville, George             policies, such as our commitment to          interactive mazes what
              Cadbury introduced             corporate social responsibility.             happens to chocolate from
                                             Students may also benefit from visiting      picking the cocoa pods to
             the first employee and
                                                                                          purchase from the shop
             community education    - an online
                                                                                          shelf. Students can also let
      programme. Cadbury World has           education resource that brings to life the
                                                                                          off steam playing with
  maintained this same enthusiasm            world of real work through case studies      virtual chocolate rain, being
and commitment to education to the           and interactive content, based on input      moulded in chocolate and chasing
present day.                                 from functions within Cadbury.               Creme Eggs. Bring your camera!

                                                                                          Cadbury World can help make your trip
                                                                                          as stress-free as possible, with our new
To complement your school/college visit    • The Bournville Experience - this new         • Packed Lunch Deal (for children only)
                                           exhibit incorporates a range of subject        £8.80 (£10.00 with talk)
to Cadbury World we offer educational
                                           areas useful for KS3, 4 and 5. For             - includes Cadbury World admission, ham
talks every day during term time. Business
                                           geography and citizenship students there       or cheese sandwich, apple, crisps
Studies, Design & Technology, Leisure &    is the opportunity to use our state-of-        and still drink.
Tourism, Geography and ICT are subject     the-art exhibit to create a community of
areas covered. Workbooks are also          the future. Learn what George Cadbury          National Science Week
available.                                 considered important                           Cadbury World is celebrating National
For groups of 30 or more students,         when creating the                              Science and Engineering Week 2008
an individual dedicated talk can be        factory and the                                from 10th to 14th March with interactive
arranged, subject to availability.         Bournville village.                            games and puzzles for pupils to enjoy
For smaller-sized groups, study days are   Business studies and                           and solve.
available (see table overleaf).            marketing students
                                           can design their                               For more information about all the
                                           own packaging                                  educational resources and facilities
NEW FOR 2008 Science in the workplace for Flake or Milk Tray                              available at Cadbury World, to make a
This exciting new talk explains the use of utilising several design                       booking, or to book your free preview visit
science and technology within Cadbury      techniques. This exhibit is                    to carry out your risk assessment, please
Trebor Bassett, focusing on sensory        extremely interactive and appropriate for      call the reservations line on
evaluation.                                students of all ages.                          0845 450 3599.
                                                                         Talks commence promptly at 11.30am, finishing at
                                                                         12.30pm. As there may be more than one school group
                                                                         in attendance, the content of the talk will only cover the
                                                                         bullet points listed below or as advertised on the Cadbury
                                                                         World website. However, individually tailored talks can
                                                                         be arranged for a group of 30 or more students between
                                                                         10.00am – 3.00pm on any day during term time
                                                                         (subject to availability).

     COURSE                                   CONTENT                                                                                 DATES
     Marketing – case study based on          • The Confectionery Market • Market Research & Analysis • Marketing Planning            24/01/08, 21/02/08, 04/03/08,18/03/08, 11/04/08, 23/04/08,
     Cadbury Trebor Bassett                   • Market Segmentation                                                                   06/05/08,19/05/08, 15/09/08, 30/09/08, 13/10/08, 12/11/08, 02/12/08

     People in Organisations – case study     • Corporate Social Responsibility • Recruitment & Selection                             08/02/08, 25/02/08, 06/03/08, 19/03/08, 14/04/08, 24/04/08,
     based on Cadbury Schweppes plc           • Motivation & Leadership • Career Development Planning • Communication                 07/05/08, 20/05/08, 16/09/08, 01/10/08, 14/10/08, 18/11/08,

     Marketing – case study based on          • Overview of the UK Confectionery Market • Primary & Secondary Market Research         23/01/08, 20/02/08, 05/03/08, 20/03/08, 15/04/08, 30/04/08,
     Cadbury Trebor Bassett                   • The Marketing Mix/The 4 Ps • Product Life Cycle                                       16/05/08, 17/09/08, 02/10/08, 15/10/08, 11/11/08, 03/12/08

     Investigating Business – case study      • Business Ownership • Business Activity & Competitors • Business Aims & Objectives     30/01/08, 22/02/08, 07/03/08, 09/04/08, 29/04/08, 12/05/08,
     based on Cadbury Trebor Bassett          • Functional Departments • Shareholders & Stakeholder interest                          23/05/08, 18/09/08, 03/10/08, 16/10/08, 13/11/08, 04/12/08

     Food Technology – case study based       • New Product Development • Production Methods • Quality Assurance & Control            31/01/08, 26/02/08, 10/03/08, 10/04/08, 25/04/08, 13/05/08,
     on Cadbury Trebor Bassett                • HACCP                                                                                 02/06/08, 19/09/08, 06/10/08, 06/11/08, 27/11/08, 11/12/08

     Customer Service – case study based on • Overview of Cadbury World • The different needs of customers and how                    07/02/08, 29/02/08, 13/03/08, 16/04/08, 01/05/08, 06/06/08,
     Cadbury World the Tourist Attraction     they are met • How we provide Customer Service • How we monitor                         25/09/08, 07/10/08, 26/11/08
                                              Customer Service • Benefits of Customer Service

     Marketing – case study based on          • Overview of Cadbury World • Primary & Secondary Market Research                       05/02/08, 28/02/08, 12/03/08, 17/04/08, 02/05/08, 21/05/08,
     Cadbury World the tourist attraction     • The Marketing Mix / 4 Ps • SWOT Analysis                                              24/09/08, 09/10/08, 25/11/08

     ICT Applications – case study based on   • Electronic Communications • Process Control (CAM) • Retailing • Booking Systems       06/02/08, 03/03/08, 08/04/08, 28/04/08, 08/05/08, 03/06/08,
     Cadbury Trebor Bassett & Cadbury World                                                                                           23/09/08, 08/10/08, 20/11/08

     Economic Activities/People & their       • The interaction of factors affecting location of Industry • Cadbury Schweppes as      18/02/08, 17/03/08, 22/04/08, 15/05/08, 05/06/08, 29/09/08,
     needs – case study based on Cadbury        a TNC • The interaction of factors affecting agricultural land use in a LEDC (Cocoa   05/11/08
                                                growing in Ghana)

     Science in the Workplace – case study    • An overview of Cadbury Trebor Bassett, products produced and location of industry     19/02/08, 11/03/08, 18/04/08, 14/05/08, 04/06/08, 26/09/08,
     based on Cadbury Trebor Bassett          • The function of the Science & Technology Department • The role of a Sensory           10/10/08, 04/11/08, 09/12/08
                                                Evaluator (chocolate taster) • Health & Safety in the workplace

                                                                                                                                        • Cadbury World is not a tour of the factory.
                                                                                                                                        • We cannot guarantee the packaging plant
• £6.30 per pupil.                                                                                                                      will be working at any particular time.
• £7.50 per pupil including an educational talk.                                                                                        • An average visit lasts about three hours
• Payment in full is due on arrival and should                     • Free parking                                                       including refreshments and shopping time.
be made by the teacher before the group                            • Self-service restaurant                                            • Adjacent to the first set of stairs there is lift access
leaves the coach.                                                  • Disabled toilets                                                   to Cadabra and part of the Packaging Plant area.
• Groups larger than 60 people may be divided                      • Excellent disabled and pushchair access
into smaller groups in order to accommodate                        • Picnic and outdoor play area                                       Cadbury World is open on most days from
them in the exhibition at timed intervals.                                                                                              January 23rd until December 30th 2008.
• Groups failing to book in advance or who                         • This is a chocolate factory, so only assistance                    Reservations are essential, by phone/fax only,
fall below 15 people will not qualify for group                    dogs are allowed, except in the production                           to guarantee admission and secure group
benefits eg free places, meal vouchers and                         area where a dog-sitting service is available.                       terms. A group is defined as 15 or more full
discounted admission.                                              • For the comfort and safety of wheelchair                           paying visitors.
• Rates then payable are £13.00 per adult and                      users we recommend that organisers notify                            Call the reservations line 7 days a week on:

                                                                                                                                        0845 450 3599
£9.95 per child.                                                   the reservations office of the number of
                                                                   wheelchairs expected in their group, and seek
                                                                   advice on avoiding busy times.                                       Fax messages may be sent on: 0121 451 1366
                                                                                                                                        For opening days and general information
                                                                                                                                        please ring our reservations line or visit our

• One free adult admission for every ten                                                                                                Please visit or
school children, subject to a minimum of                                                                                      
15 paying children. (Additional adults to be                       • Concessions for adults accompanying                                for specific directions.
charged at normal group rate - £8.50.)                             school, college and youth groups are given
• One coach driver to receive free admission                       on the understanding that children are fully                         Cadbury World, Linden Road, Bournville
and one meal voucher.                                              supervised at all times on the Cadbury World site.                   Birmingham B30 1JR

                                                   AND TO REFUSE ADMISSION. ALL OFFERS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.

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