Hazardous Materials HAZMAT Labels And Marks That May Be

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					                              Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Labels And Marks That
                             May Be Required When Shipping Honda Power Equipment
                                                                Post prominently in your Shipping/Receiving Area                      << INDEX
                          This is not a shipping guide. See 49CFR, 172.700 through 172.704 for mandatory training requirements

             BATTERIES                                                                                             FUEL SYSTEM COMPONENTS
             containing corrosive liquid (sulfuric acid)                                                           used fuel system components
             BATTERY FLUID, ACID, 8, UN2796, II                                                                    containing fuel or fuel vapor
              - dry batteries with separate acid pack                                                              DANGEROUS GOODS IN
             BATTERIES, NON-SPILLABLE, 8,                                                                          APPARATUS, 9, UN3363
             UN2800, III                                                                                           See 49CFR, 173.220 and 173.222
              - other marks and labels are not required if                                                         Examples: Carburetors,
                 both battery and shipping package are                                                                        used fuel tanks or hoses
                 marked "Non-spillable battery"
             BATTERIES, WET, FILLED, WITH ACID,                                                                    ENGINES
             8, UN2794, III                                                                                        used engines containing fuel,
              - automotive-type wet-charged batteries                                                              vapor or residues
             CONSUMER COMMODITY, ORM-D                                                                             ENGINES, INTERNAL COMBUSTION,
              - if acid pack is less than 1 liter - US only                                                        9,UN3166
             Examples: Batteries and/or electrolyte                                                                Same conditions and restrictions as
                                                                                                                   DANGEROUS GOOD IN APPARATUS,
                                                                                                                   9, UN3363
                                                                                                                   Examples: Engines,
                                                                                                                               products with engines
             PAINT, ADHESIVES & SEALANTS, etc.
             paint, adhesives and sealants                                                                         FUEL
             containing flammable solvents                                                                         less than 5 liters
             PAINT, 3, UN1263, II                                                                                  GASOLINE, 3, UN1203, II
             ADHESIVES, 3, UN1133, II                                                                              See 49CFR 173.220 and 173.222.
             COATING SOLUTIONS, 3, UN1139,II                                                                       Example: Fuel tanks.
              - Consumer Commodity classification                                                                  COMPRESSED FLAMMABLE GAS
                applies to limited quantity hazards                                                                propane, methane, butane, isobutane,
                packaged for individual retail sale - US only                                                      natural gas, flammable aerosols
             Examples: Aerosol chemicals, aerosol/                                                                 COMPRESSED GAS, FLAMMABLE,
             non/aerosol paint, individually packaged                                                              n.o.s., 2.1, UN1954
             adhesives, sealants, etc.                                                                             Example: Propane tanks

    This information is intended as a guide only. Always confirm correct classification and packaging
before shipping any potentially hazardous component. Check http://hazmat.dot.gov if you have questions.
March 2006                                                                       TO201                                                      OTR53876