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									                                                                                                                         Safety             SA

Right-To-Know Hazard
Communication Labels                                                                                                         86396-11

NFPA Labels
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) labels convey general
information to emergency personnel regarding the handling of
hazardous chemicals. Easily identify the severity of the health hazard,
flammability, reactivity, and the necessary personal protective
equipment. Write in the information needed for your particular use.                        86396-03 and -04                             86396-13
Labels are self-adhesive and made of pressure sensitive paper.
Compliance: OSHA 29 CFR1910.1200

  Catalog number             Size               Qty/rl           Price/rl
    CZ-86396-03           2"W x 2"H              250             $00.00
    CZ-86396-04           4"W x 4"H              250              00.00
    CZ-86396-11          7⁄8"W x 7⁄8"H           750              00.00
    CZ-86396-13         27⁄8"W x 7⁄8"H           500              00.00

Vinyl HMIS Labels
Vinyl Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) labels
immediately identify chemical hazards in containers. Constructed
of pressure sensitive vinyl, labels resist moisture and humidity.
Write information on label or use the stick-on personal protection
numbers and symbols (86396-22) to complete labels. Target organ
effect label (86396-05) specifies health and physical hazards
associated with chemicals. Labels are self-adhesive.                                               86396-02       86396-05               86396-21
Compliance: OSHA 29 CFR1910.1200

  Catalog number             Size              Qty/pk            Price/pk
    CZ-86396-02           4"W x 6"H              10               $00.00
    CZ-86396-05         21⁄2"W x 6"H             10                00.00
    CZ-86396-20              6" x 6"             10                00.00
    CZ-86396-21           4"W x 6"H              10                00.00
    CZ-86396-22        Numbers: 1⁄2"H            10               00.00
                       Symbols: 3⁄4"H

                                         1448 to 1452
                   Safely store chemicals, flammables,
                   and other hazardous materials. See
                   pages 1448 to 1452 for safety cabinets.
                                                                                                              86396-20                   86396-22

MSDS and Right-To-Know Compliance Centers
Keep MSDSs in a highly visible central location for convenient access
Highly visible red and yellow wall-mount display boards hold
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) binders for all hazardous
substances in your facility.
Single binder rack includes the red and yellow board, one binder
rack, and one 11⁄2" binder; double binder includes the red and
yellow board, two binder racks, and two 11⁄2" MSDS binders.
Wider 21⁄2" binders are also available, order separately below.

     Catalog         Binders           Binder          Binder
     number           held           language            size
MSDS/right-to-know compliance centers
   CZ-06558-10                        English                      $000.00
                       One                               11⁄2"
   CZ-06558-15                   English/Spanish                    000.00
   CZ-06558-20                        English                       000.00
                       Two                               11⁄2"
   CZ-06558-25                   English/Spanish                    000.00                                                                06558-20
Replacement MSDS/right-to-know compliance center binders
   CZ-06558-01          —             English            11⁄2"      000.00
   CZ-06558-51          —        English/Spanish         11⁄2"      000.00
   CZ-06558-71          —             English            21⁄2"      000.00              06558-10

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