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									 Packaged Sewage Treatment
     Plants with a Future

Market Leader for containers made from PE

Top quality SBR-treatment (Sequence Batch Reactor)

System for clean water seepage

  Safeguard for the future with                          We clear it for you
  European approval EN 12566-3                       ®
   SBR domestic wastewater treatment plant MONOfluido

   As complete equipment made of super resistant PE

   Are you looking for an easy and safe solution? The                    vides oxygen and enables microorganisms to grow. These
   MONOfluido offers safe plant technology and is very easy              feed on the substances contained in the wastewater. You
   to handle. Compact SBR systems such the FLUIDO are the                obtain „living“ microbiological sludge flakes that sink to
   technology of the future and today they are the most spe-             the bottom of the container. In the upper part you have
   cified systems. Combining it with our container MONOLITH              mostly treated water which is being pumped into the see-
   (with 20 years guarantee) you obtain a fully biological               page or soak away area. Meanwhile a new amount of was-
   domestic wastewater treatment plant with guaranteed                   tewater has been stored in the pre-treatment section and
   long life and reliable operation. It is a compact, light and          the cycle begins again.
   easy to install unit. The current regulations are achieved
   and usually undercut.                                                  3.   3 The floating treatment system FLUIDO is at the
                                                                         heart of every MONOfluido system. It treats sewage reli-
   How it works:                                                         ably and is simple to install and maintain. SBR treatment
   The SBR technology always works with at least two separa-             systems with submersible aerators are the most frequently
   te sections: a pre-treatment chamber as buffer- and sludge            used systems for small biological treatment works.
   reservoir and the SBR bioreactor chamber.                             With the float principle we have improved the process and
                                                                         this combined with the unbeatable advantages of our PE
   The wastewater stored in the     1. pre-treatment container           treatment tanks MONOLITH, and the MONOfluido, you
   is lead intermittently (in batches) into the     2. SBR reactor       are on the safe side.
   for an 8-hour aeration cycle.The submersible aerator pro-

ventilation via roof

                                                                                                                              55 cm
                                       76 cm

                                                 DN 100

                                                                                                                                          150 cm
                                        139 cm

                                                                     1                                   2
                                                                                                                                                   20 cm

                       Installation example MONOfluido 4 E-35 Complete treatment plant

                                                                                        240 cm
        The safe Solution for the future

        Clearwater seepage system KLAR-BOX

         4. If there is no stream or ditch to receive your fully biolo-       number of required KLAR-BOX-units
        gically treated wastewater you can sily seep it below ground          good permeability of soil:        3 boxes apiece 2 inhabitants
        using our seepage systems. All you need is a permeable soil           reduced permeability of soil:     6 boxes apiece 2 inhabitants
        and sufficient distance to the groundwater level. Our treat-
        ment box is installed directly into the soil without need for
        gravel. This saves you 1,5 t of gravel (seepage set 6).               Seepage set KLAR-BOX 6                            KKVS0010
                                                                              6 pieces treatment boxes (total of 360 x 40 x 60
                                                                              cm) with fleece, 5 m complete seepage pipe,
                                                                              inspection shaft DN 200, cover for entry and exit
        Advantages:                                                           of ventilation air
        • sole PP-seepage system                                              Seepage set KLAR-BOX 18                            KKVS0009
                                                                              18 pieces treatment boxes with two strands
         according to DIN 4261
                                                                              (total of 540 x 40 x 60 cm) with fleece, 15 m
         with complete seepage                                                complete seepage pipe, inspection shaft DN
         pipe and filling material                                            200, cover for entry and exit of ventilation air

        • maximum safety                                                      Extension set KLAR-BOX 6                           KKVS0008
                                                                              6 pieces treatment (total of 360 x 40 x 60 cm)
         through three times
                                                                              with fleece, 5 m complete seepage pipe
         more porous
                                                                              KLAR-BOX single unit, (60 x 40 x 60 cm), 144 l     KKVS0011
                                                                              Seepage pipe 5 m                                   KKVS0030
                                                                              Fleece for KLAR-BOX (for 6 Boxes)                  KKVS0012

                            Complete treatment plant MONOfluido:
                            • 20 year guarantee on all containers, 3 years guarantee on SBR-technology
                            • Easy installation, even in high water table areas or under driveable surfaces
                            • float-system allows for an easy adaption to a changing number of users
                            • Upgradeable control software
84 cm

                            • state-of-the-art SBR-treament system MONOfluido, DIBt-Register Z-55.3-98
60 cm


        60 cm                                               360 cm

                                Seepage set KLAR-BOX 6               (see right)

                                                                                            at least 60 cm distance to the                ®
         3                                                                                  highest groundwater level
Complete treatment plants MONOfluido

Complete treatment plant MONOfluido:
incl. Shafts VS 60
and cast iron covers SOLID
                                                                       +               +                 +                =
and treatment system FLUIDO
                                                 1 (-2 )x container(s) + 2x shaft VS 60 + 2x cast iron covers SOLID + 1x treatment system = complet plant

MONOfluido Single Container System (standard)
             MONOfluido / inhabitents                             content                    configuration container                   order no

 2 - 3 (4) inhabitants MONOfluido 4 E-30                  1 x 3000 l (length 208 cm)                                                 KBKM3011

 3 - 4 inhabitants     MONOfluido 4 E-35                  1 x 3500 l (length 240 cm)                                                 KBKM3511

 4 - 6 inhabitants     MONOfluido 6 E-50                  1 x 5000 l (length 320 cm)                                                 KBKM5011

MONOfluido Double Container System (standard)
             MONOfluido / inhabitents                             content                    configuration container                   order no

 2 - 4 inhabitants MONOfluido 4 E-15/15               2 x 1500 l (2 x length 128 cm)                                                 KBKM1515

 4 - 6 inhabitants MONOfluido 6 E-20/20               2 x 2000 l (2 x length 160 cm)                                                 KBKM2020

 6 - 8 inhabitants MONOfluido 8 E-30/30               2 x 3000 l (2 x length 208 cm)                                                 KBKM3030

 7 - 9 inhabitants MONOfluido 9 E-35/35               2 x 3500 l (2 x length 240 cm)                                                 KBKM3535

 9 - 12 inhabitants MONOfluido 12 E-50/50             2 x 5000 l (2 x length 320 cm)                                                 KBKM5050
                                     all container: width: 120 cm, height: 160 cm, Shaftheight: 55 cm

The safe Solution for the future
       yea                                       ye



  ar                                        ar
       a nte                                     a nte
comes with a 20 year gua-       3 years guarantee on SBR-techno-           CE tested securi-       SBR system with certficate (Z-55.3-98) +
rantee on all containers       logy (parts such as aerator, pumps          ty in accordance        (Z-55.3-67) from the DIBt „Deutsches Institut
                               and control unit) 6 year extendab-          with applicable         für Bautechnik (Germany‘s only approval body
                               le guarantee available                      EU guidelines           for national and European technical construc-
                                                                                                   tion products)“, complies with EN 12566-3

         Marketing – This must be clearly understood
There is much speculation on the subject of explosion risk                 world there has not been a single case of deflagration in
in small sewage treatment works and electrical parts being                 tens of thousands of installed small treatment systems.
exposed to sewage. There are many interpretations to this                  • The pump technology we use is considered standard in
but let us look at the reality and the facts:                              the sewage sector and is successfully used with absolute
                                                                           security hundreds of times.
• All MONOfluido small sewage treatment systems have
the CE marking. With this we give all our customers and                    • So called “upgrade systems” or “building sets” to impro-
installers the best possible security that the real and                    ve the quality of the sewage treatment are often associa-
relevant potential dangers have been analysed and the                      ted with additional prices. MONOfluido is manufactured in
systems specifically protected against (e.g. lightening).                  such a way, and without additional cost, to be 10% future
Explosion danger in small treatment works is also a theore-                proof in the highest treatment class (D) for SBR systems.
tical discussion. The fact is that up to now in the specialised

SBR treatment system FLUIDO Retro-fitting

You already have an existing septic tank?                                                                     chain

Using FLUIDO as an upgrade, you may convert it into a
fully biologically operating equipment. As a compact unit
it treats wastewater reliably and is easy to install and
maintain. The compact FLUIDO floating body is connected                   control unit

to the control unit in the building with a single cable. As it
is totally free from connections in the container and does
not require pressured air, the possibility of clogging and
noise problems are eliminated.
                                                                                          feeding pump
A safe and simple solution!                                                                                     clearwater pump
                                                                                                    submersible aerator
                                                                        sampling bottle
                                                                                                                         float switch

                                               order no
                                                                 Contains SBR treatment system FLUIDO: Float with submer-
 SBR-treatment system FLUIDO 4/28             KFNB0415
 for (4-28 inhabitants)                                          sible aerator, feeding-/clearwater pump, float switch, control

 SBR-treatment system FLUIDO 29/50            KFNB2953           unit, bottle for sampling, chain, cast distribution box, 15 m
 for (29-50 inhabitants)                                         ready to plug connection cable, feeding set, clearwater hose.
 Extended guarantee 6 yrs instead of 3                           Technical data: Ø 48 cm, height 55 cm above water surface,
 (only for new purchase)                                         weight 19 kg appr.

                                                                   • Floating SBR treatment system, optimal adjustment for
                                                                    the number of inhabitants
                                                                   • Intelligent control with automatic holiday economy
                                                                    mode and daily log book
                                                                   • Simple installation - without cumbersome fittings or
                                                                    pressure pipe
                                                                   • Quiet operation, no noisy compressors in the house
                                                                   • Power failure control
                                                                   • Low power consumption per inhabitant

SBR-Main Treatment Tank MONOfluido

The fully biological upgrade step

Would you like to upgrade your septic tank or existing              ment tank you can save in major building work and use
3-chamber container to a fully biological treatment system?         your existing system as the pre-treatment stage for the full
No problem. By using the MONOfluido as the main treat-              biological process.

Contains: 1 x Main Treatment Tank, 1 x Shaft VS 60,1 x cast iron covers SOLID,1 x treatment system FLUIDO

 Treatment Container - Aerating (SBR) with FLUIDO                                                     order no

  2 - 4 inhabitants MONOfluido 4 E-15: 1 x 1500 l (length 128 cm)                                   KBKM0015
  3 - 6 inhabitants MONOfluido 6 E-20: 1 x 2000 l (length 160 cm)                                   KBKM0020
  5 - 8 inhabitants MONOfluido 8 E-30: 1 x 3000 l (length 208 cm)                                   KBKM0030
  6 - 9 inhabitants MONOfluido 9 E-35: 1 x 3500 l (length 240 cm)                                   KBKM0035
 9 - 12 inhabitants MONOfluido 12 E-50: 1 x 5000 l (length 320 cm)                                  KBKM0050
                     all containers: width: 120 cm, height: 160 cm, shaft height: 55 cm

The suitable set for installation in existing trench
 suitable set mit Schwimmstoffschutz (empfohlen zur Nachrüstung von Sammelgruben)                           KKZT0016
 suitable set ohne Schwimmstoffschutz (empfohlen zur Nachrüstung von gekammerten Vorklärungen)              KKZT0012

                                  • Treatment plant instead of septic tank – saving upgrade and removal costs
                                  • Compact unit with fully biological SBR technique
                                  • 20 year guarantee on all containers, 3 years guarantee on SBR-technology

        Inlet Collecting Tank
        Existing tanks must be watertight
        and connected by a pipe to the
        SBR Bio-treatment tank

                                     Existing Concrete Tank                               Main Treatment Tank
Accessories for Treatment Tank MONOfluido

Container cover – walkable
Cast iron cover SOLID in underground build quality, cate-         moveable                                 Packaged Child Security:
                                                                                                            2 safety security clips
gory A 15 complies with EN 12566-3. The new special lock                                    E
                                                                                        NACH                closed              open
                                                                                        DIN EN
                                                                                        DIN EN
with extra long security fastening provide the highest                                      124

security against possible accidents, e.g. children playing.
                                          order no KKGD0015       2 pieces VS 60 and cast
                                                                  iron covers as walkable
                                                                  type and are included
                                                                  in all MONOfluido
                                                                  complete systems Cover                  Cover slide grip enables
Shaft extension        (only for use with walkable)               slide grip enables per-
                                                                                                          perfect fitting

With Anplaster-Ring. Outflow gutter to prevent inflow             fect fitting

from high surface water in to the tank, 2 container extensi-
                                                                                      cast iron cover
ons re-fitted on top of each other.                                                   SOLID
                                                                                      category A 15
shaft extension VS 60: length 635 mm, Ø 600 mm,
                                                                                      Shaft extension
extension up to 600 mm                     order no KKDS0060                          VS 60 oder VS 20

shaft extension VS 20: length 250 mm, Ø 600 mm,
extension up to 200 mm                    order no KKDS0020

                                                                                                        with cast iron cover
Additional set fot vehicle transit                                vehicle transit                         catecory B 125,
                                                                          E                               vehicle transit,
package for the installation of the MONOfluido plus comple-         E
                                                                    DIN EN                               with star-shaped
                                                                    DIN EN
te plant for a max. weight of 2.2 tons per axle. Consists of:        124
                                                                     124                                 module,

2 x compensation ring, 2 x star-shaped module, 2 x cast iron                                             with compensation
cover category B 125; Total height: 97 cm appr; the lower end
of the inlet pipe is adaptable to heights between 98 and 110
cm under upper soil surface.                 order no Paket-B

                                                                                                         2 x 2 compensation ring
Additional preparation set for heavy goods                        heavy goods vehicle transit
vehicle transit
set if you need your MONOfluido plus equipment to tolerate        frame and cover
                                                                  category D
a max. weight of 8 tons per axle. Consists of: 2 x 2 compensa-    to be provided by
tion ring; Does NOT contain: concrete ring and cover catego-
ry D (to be provided by constructor), total height 75 cm appr.,
lower end of inlet pipe appr. 95 cm below upper soil surface.
                                             order no Paket-D

Upthrust Security
Grid Web for upthrust security cover - one piece on
MONOLITH tank (all sizes) for areas with high water levels
                                           order no KKZT2501

Sealing Gasket for VS 60 / VS 20
Watertight, elastic glove, DN 600, makes a watertight seal
between the shaft extension and the treatment tank.
                                          order no KKDS0070

Septic Tank MONOLITH with 20-year guarantee

Extraordinary load bearing capacity and stability

The MONOLITH has extraordinary load bearing capacity                                                                                           weight, the MONOLITH can be installed nearly everywhere
and stability, even in difficult installation conditions, such                                                                                 even in narrow gardens. It requires a considerably smaller
as ground water or clay soil, it always looks after itself.                                                                                    trench than round tanks.
Therefore we provide you with a 20-year guarantee.                                                                                             Advantages: less work, lower installation costs, your gar-
Because of its compact shape (only 1.2m wide) and the low                                                                                      den is taken care of.

                                                                                                                                                                            +                       +
                                                                                                                                                Septic Tank + shaft extension VS 60 + cast iron cover SOLID = complete price

                                                                                                                                               MONOLITH 2000 l*


                                                                                                     a nte                                     (width 120 cm, 160 kg)
                                                                                                                                               unit price order no AWML2000
                                                                                                                                               complete price order no AWML2042

                                                                                                                                               MONOLITH 3000 l*

• certificate: admission from the DIBt Z-40.24-189                                                                                             (width120 cm, 180 kg)

• sizes: 2000 / 3000 / 3500 / 5000 l                                                                                                           unit price order no AWML3000

• shaft: container without dome shaft, the shaft is built from                                                                                 complete price order no AWML3042

 interlocking shaft elements
• Driveablity: driveability up to max. 8 t per axle is technical-                                                                              MONOLITH 3500 l*

 ly possible, in case of need, please contact us.                                                                                              (width 120 cm, 220 kg)

• installation: possible also in clay soil, or where drainage                                                                                  unit price order no AWML3500

 can be difficult                                                                                                                              complete price order no AWML3542

extra parts for septic tank MONOLITH:                                                                                                          MONOLITH 5000 l*
cast iron cover SOLID, walkable: order no JUAW0021                                                                                             (width 120 cm, 280 kg)
shaft extension VS 60 (length 635 mm): order no JUAW0025                                                                                       unit price order no AWML5000
shaft extension VS 20 (length 250 mm): order n JUAW0026                     o
                                                                                                                                               complete price order no AWML5042
Sealing ring for VS 60 / VS 20: order no AWDS0070
                                                                                                                                              * the useable volume can, depending on different connections, possibly vary by 10%

                                                             na l
                                                      Professio nal
                                                 Pr of es sio Pr of es
                                                                  me nt
                                                        Ma na ge
                                                 Rainwateinwat er sio na l
                                                      r Ra r Managem ent
                                            Ra inwate                Ma na ge
                                                                              me nt

Other quality products:                                                                                                                        Guarantee: The correct installation of the ground tank as per installation instructions is
                                                                                                                                               the basis for the long life span of your system, 15 and 20 years depending on type, works
- Professional Rainwater Management                                                                                                            guarantee. The guarantee relates exclusively to the tank and does not cover individual
                                                                                                                                               parts and accessories, although these might be included in the price package. For all
                                                                                                                                               measurements and content details we retain a tolerance of H – 3%. The useable volume                                                                                                                                 can, depending on different installation configurations vary by up to 10% of the given
                                                                                                   reserves!                                                                 Build up your independent for
                                                                                        Build up your reserves!
                                                                                  Simply make
                                                                                           Simplygarden requirem of
                                                                                              and make yourself independent
                                                                                  your house house and garden requirements!
                                                                                           yourcan save up to
                                                                                            you      Build up

                                                                                  This way This way you can save up to 50% of
                                                                                                                                for            volume. In the case of our acceptance of a fault, we will provide material exchange free
                                                                                            water, without make your reser ves!

                                                              www.rewatec.c e
                                                                                   drinking drinking Simplywithout sacrificing
                                                                                   hygiene and
                                                                                                comfort. house yourself indepen
                                                                                            hygiene This comfort. garden requiredent for
                                                                                                         way you can
                                                                                                    drinking water, save up to 50%
                                                                                                   hygiene and
                                                                                                                     without sacrifi of
                                                                                                                                               of charge – any other services or costs will not be re-imbursed.
                                                                                                                 comfor t.         cing

                                                                                                                                               The 3-year guarantee for the FLUIDO SBR-Treatment System covers the durability of elec-
                                                                                                                                               trical and mechanical components. As well as material exchange, the guarantee normally
Mit freundlicher Empfehlung:                                                                                                                   covers the removal of the old unit and installation of a new unit under the assumption
                                                                                                                                               that the commissioning and servicing has been carried out by a REWATEC partner.
                                                                                                                                               Excluded from guarantees are damages that are caused by abnormal usage or interfe-
                                                                                                                                               rence, or caused by faulty installation or maintenance procedures.

                                                                                                                                                                                        We clear it for you
                                                                                                                                                                                   ®    completely.

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