Pricing Financial Instruments by itm20607


									                               Pricing Financial Instruments
                                    London: 11 March, 9 September

Course Overview:

With new accounting standards now requiring accountants to show financial instruments at their current
market value, skills in understanding pricing models and techniques are likely to grow in demand.

This course will equip you with the knowledge necessary not only to price structured products but also to
validate those prices and to use external market data to determine prices.

It is primarily designed to help accountants and auditors in the implementation of IFRS 2. IAS 39 issues
will also be covered.

Unlike other courses of this nature, emphasis is placed on practical applications rather than elaborate
formulae and theories and, in particular, on the practical use of such financial instruments.

Participants will be required to bring a calculator to the course.

Course Content:

Basic Algebra
 Simple v Compound Interest Rates
 Frequency of Compounding
 Exponentials and Natural logarithms
 Manipulation of Exponential functions
 Interest Conventions
 Application to Money Market Instruments
 Constructing a simple yield curve using discount prices

Application to Practical Situations
 Geometric Progressions
 Annuities
 Mortgage Calculations
 Leasing Calculations
 Basic Differentiation
 Application of Differentiation Principles
 Taylors Expansion
 Application of Duration and Convexity

Option Pricing Models
 Deriving Black Scholes
 Deriving and using formulas for Delta, Gamma and Theta
 Risk Arbitrage
 Normal Distribution Curve

Monte Carlo Simulation
 Option Pricing with Monte Carlo
 Pricing of interest rate products using Monte Carlo
 Participants in the Swap Market
 Swap Pricing Basics
 Forward Rates
 Interest Rate Risks

IAS 39 Introduction to Swaps on Spreadsheets
 Overview Fixed Rate Agreements
 Valuing Fixed Rate Agreements
 Yield Curve and Forward Interest Rates
 Constructing Swap Interest Rates
 Application of Discount Factors
 Generic Interest Rate Swaps in one currency
Other Issues
 Calculation and Interpretation of Duration and Convexity
 Application of Bond valuation to Interest Rate Derivative
 Treasury Bill Futures
 Forward and Future Prices

         Times                        Cost                    Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
                                                                            CPD Hours
      09.30-17.00             £575 + VAT (£675.63)                               6

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