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									Mastervolt Labels and Serial Numbers

Labels for Mastervolt Products
The following two labels are the standard labels for Mastervolt products.
The first is always to be used on the product packaging and on the product if possible. If
space is limited on the product itself the second label can be used.

This document also describes the serial numbers to be used up till now. Mastervolt had
multiple types of serial numbers. We will change this to the one described in this document.

                                                                          Part no: 13061200
                                                        Charger Mass 24/50
                                                        220V-240V ~ 8.5A Ser. no: P912A0005
                                                                                 Type B

                                                      Scale 1:1
                                                      Size 55x12mm
                                                      Barcode(just the lines) : 3x21mm
                                                      This is also the absolute minimum size for the

          Type A
                               Space for
Scale 1:1
Size 50x55mm                   additional logos.

                                                                               Year              Month
Barcode                                                                        1990: A           January: 1
Mastervolt uses the barcode type 128A.                                         1991: B           February: 2
                                                                               1992: C           March: 3
Serial Number explanation.                                                     1993: D           April: 4
                                                                               1994: E           May: 5
P      :Year Code of manufacturing L = 1999
                                                                               1995: F           June: 6
Always 1 digit. (Following DIN41314)                                           1996: H           July: 7
                                                                               1997: J           August: 8
9    : Month Code of manufacturing N=November                                  1998: K           September: 9
Always 1 digit. (Following DIN41314)                                           1999: L           October: O
                                                                               2000: M           November: N
                                                                               2001: N           December: D
12   : Day of the month of manufacturing                                       2002: P
Always 2 digits (on the first day of the month use 01)                         2003: R
                                                                               2004: S
A      : Product version                                                       2005: T
                                                                               2006: U
Always 1 digit. For a new product use A . This is different from
                                                                               2007: V
the old system!                                                                2008: W
                                                                               2009: X
0005 : Product number
Always 4 digits. This part must make the serial number unique.                 2010: A
                                                                               2011: B
Use leading zeros for lower numbers. The default is to start at
                                                                               2012: C
0001.                                                                          Rotating every

                   M:\PDF Documenten\Serial Number Explanation\M865-3.pdf                     4-10-2005
                                   Author: Marc Persoon

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