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					9.3 Trillion Dollars of Unproductive or Unsold Assets Are Going to Waste Every Day.

… Ormita is the Solution

How Can We Help Your Business?
q A New Product to Test q Bad Debts Owed to You q Empty Rooms q End-of-line Products q Excess Capacity q Expired Items q Extra Warehouse Space q Incorrectly Packaged Items q Liquidation Stock q More Space q Outmoded Inventory q Overstocked Goods q Perishable Goods q Slow Moving Assets q Spare Production Time q Surplus Products q Test/Trial Products q Time on Your Hands q Unfilled Seats q Unsold Tickets

q Buy at a 95% discount q Collect bad debts q Decrease bank borrowing q Expand advertising capabilities q Expand distribution channels q Gain repeat customers q Generate more sales q Generate publicity q Improve the balance sheet q Improve your social standing q Increase capital expenditure q Increase turn-over q Move excess inventory q Realise value from underperforming assets q Receive immediate revenue for future sales q Recession proof your business q Reduce existing cash costs q Reward employees q Save cash q Win more tenders

Ormita Can Convert Anything You Have Into Anything You Need
Increased Revenue

Ormita Income

Decreased Cash Expenses

Costs Paid in Ormita Credits

Cash Income Costs Paid in Cash Costs Paid in Cash

Cash Income

Without Ormita

With Ormita

“If I had my life to live over again, I would elect to be a trader of goods rather than a student of science. I think it is a noble thing.”
Albert Einstein, Swiss-German-US physicist, 1879-1955

What the Press Says

Global Reach
24 Hours a Day/ 7 Days a Week 5 Continents
United States of America 27 Locations

40 Countries 142 Cities
United Kindom 36 Locations

New Zealand 14 Locations

Italy 4 Locations

Australia 17 Locations

Argentina Australia Bahrain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile

China Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France

Germany Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania

Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Peru Poland

Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey United Kingdom United States


alia ain

Unparalleled Leadership Team
Global Experience
• • Accountants
Argentina • Community Organizers Australia Belgium Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Peru Poland


ria da

China Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Economists

Germany Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania


Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand

Global Board Of Directors Turkey
United Kingdom James (Jim) United States Gielarowski

• IT Specialists Bahrain • AttorneysBrazil
Chile Bulgaria

and more … Canada

Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Romania Thailand Argentina Spain Turkey Australia Sweden Chris Cook United Kingdom Bahrain Switzerland United States Former director of the International Petroleum Belgium Thailand Exchange and the originator of the Iranian Oil Brazil Turkey Bourse project. Bulgaria United Kingdom Chris LindstromCanada United States Germany Malaysia ChileBerkShares. Author Founding board member ofMexico Hungary on Community Currencies. Netherlands the E.F. Consultant to Ireland Schumacher Society and promoter of sustainable Israel New Zealand currency development. Italy Norway Japan Pakistan Latvia Peru Lithuania Poland

Global Board Of Advisors

Our Leaders have Professional Memberships in the following organizations:
• American Economics Association • Canadian Association of Economists • The Economic Society of Australia • New Zealand Association of Economists • Commonwealth Association of Public Administrators • Law and Economics Society of New Zealand • The Internet Society

Experienced CEO and Business Analyst Over three decades of business management, with more than 10 years as a recognized leader China Germany Romania in theMalaysia trade industry. non-cash Croatia Hungary Mexico Spain Cyprus Ireland Netherlands Sweden Daniel Evans Czech Republic Israel New Zealand Switzerland Denmark Italy Norway Experienced CEO and Senior Economist Thailand Estonia Japan Background in IT and Economics. Global Pakistan Turkey Latvia Finland experience in counter-trade, offset trading, Peru United Kingdom retail trade, community currencies and more. France Lithuania Poland United States China Argentina Croatia Miriam Australia Worsnop Cyprus Bahrain Experienced CEO & Certified Trade Broker Czech Has worked extensively in Australia, Bosnia-Republic Belgium Denmark Herzegovina, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Brazil Estonia Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and the USA. Malaysia China Germany Argentina Bulgaria Finland Croatia Hungary Mexico Australia Canada France Cyprus Ireland Netherlands Bahrain China Germany Malaysia Chile Romania Czech Republic Israel New Zealand Croatia Hungary Mexico Belgium Spain Italy Norway Lynnea Bylund Sjaak Adriaanse Cyprus IrelandDenmark Netherlands Sweden Brazil Japan Czech Republic Israel Estonia Pakistan New Zealand Switzerland First female to be awarded a Broadband PCS Mathematician and computer scientist. Involved Bulgaria Latvia Denmark Italy Finland operating permit. Worked extensively with the First in several Dutch community currencyThailand and projects Norway Peru Canada Lithuania Estonia Brazil, Ruth Cordosa. Nationally recogLadyChile of maintains over 400 complimentary economics links. Japan France Poland Pakistan Turkey nized spokeswomen for the emerging alternative Latvia Finland Xi Sun Peru China GermanyKingdom United Argentina video and information delivery industries. France Lithuania Romania Poland Croatia Hungary States United Managing Director of Beijing Barter International. Australia Mark Gauvin Spain Organizer of the International Forum for CommuCyprus Ireland Bahrain Sweden Founder of NetPortedItems S.L. creator of the nity Economy and Credit Systems.Israel Masters Degree Czech Republic Belgium DigitalShadowCaster technology. Serves as DMP of Economics and Masters Degree Italy of Law. Switzerland Denmark ChairThailand of Requirements and on Board of Directors. Brazil Estonia Japan Specialist in digital representation and manageBulgaria Latvia Finland Turkey ment of objects of value. Canada France Lithuania United Kingdom Chile United States

Argentina Australia Bahrain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile

China Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France

Germany Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania

Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Pakistan Peru Poland

Romania Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Turkey United Kingdom United States

Ormita is a Unique System
Ormita works with customers to return full value for their product or service within a defined time-period as part of a buying schedule. Participants commit to either a one-off or ongoing amount of trade in return for a specific value of goods or services.

• No monthly fees and no annual fees • No fees to join until Ormita has found you new customers and new suppliers • Lowest overall price in the industry • Buyers pay no transaction fees • Sellers receive part of any sale they make in cash (thereby covering taxes, their hard costs and our administration fees) • 24x7 live brokerage services • A global network • No deficit account • No currency inflation • Participants do not have to sell until they have something to buy • Real-world pricing and selective membership intake • Participants commit to a regular buying cycle where they will offset a fixed amount of monthly expenses against new revenue • Over 20 years experience • Unparalleled technology with online trading • Privately owned and operated by economists • A commitment to an environmentally sound and socially responsible solution to the worlds waste problems

How We Reduce Your Expenses and Increase Your Income
1. We analyse your existing and upcoming expenses 2. We create a buying schedule representing a minimum of several thousand dollars worth of these same expenses. 3. With your approval, we approach alternate suppliers who agree to sell to you on a non-cash, or part-cash / part-trade, basis. 4. Once the supply agreements are in place, your business begins its commitment to provide a fixed amount of your product or service to our other customers.
New Purchases

Cost of Goods Sold

Operational Expenses

Fixed Costs

q You are not required to sell until you have supply agreements in place. q There are NO FEES until we have found suppliers to sell to you.

Examples of Offsetting Everyday Cash Expenses
By spending trade credits (combined with a small amount of cash) to acquire these same goods and services, this customer is saving approximately $3,970 every month, or $47,640 every year. Monthly Alarm monitoring Annual employee holiday event Bookkeeping & accounting Branded promotional products Car maintenance, cleaning & repair Client entertainment Donations to charity Employee gifts & bonuses Photocopier purchase Gifts to family and friends Investment in other businesses Legal services Newspaper advertising Office cleaning, maintenance & repair Personal entertainment Personal gym membership Photocopier and printer maintenance Printing Stationery (pens, pencils, tape etc) Tea, coffee, sugar etc Toner / ink supplies Water-cooler supplies Website hosting $20 $5,000 $100 $1,000 $500 $400 $2,000 $200 $2,000 $200 $5,000 $500 $500 $200 $100 $50 $200 $1,000 $100 $50 $50 $50 $50 $1,570 $3,700 $7,000 $7,000 Quarterly Annually One-off

Total Annual spend = $47,640 Total spend divided by 12 months = $3,970

To make the above example work, the business owner needs to be willing to stop paying cash to these suppliers just because he or she has done business with them over a long period of time.

Eliminating the Need for One-on-One Trade
Ormita Will:
1. Market your product or service 2. Find you new customers 3. Generate more sales 4. Increase your revenue 5. Offset your cash costs
Car Dealer
Purchases vouchers for Tourist Resort to use as prizes

Your Business
Holiday Resort

Ormita Is Your:
1. Marketer 2. Sourcing agent 3. Escrow agency 4. Transaction recorder 5. Fulfilment provider 6. Negotiator
Pays for a new advertising campaign Buys a company vehicle

Uses Ormita Credit to pay for electrical work

Radio Station


Ways Transactions Can Be Processed
• Buy and sell online • Online funds transfer • Online directory • Online statements

Telephone and Mobile Phone
• 24 Hour / 7 Day Call Centre • Paperless telephone banking • SMS / Text Message Broadcasts

Plastic Cards

• Debit a card online • Transfer funds over telephone • Manual transaction vouchers


• Pay Anyone • Email transfers • Email alerts of transactions • Weekly email newsletters


• Fax transfers • Weekly fax broadcasts


• Escrow accounts • Monthly printed newsletters • Printed membership directory

How We Promote Your Business
Buy & Sell Online Export Coordinator 24 x 7 Telephone Brokers

Fax Broadcasts

Email Newsletters

Networking Meetings

Online Directory

Ormita Magazine

International Affiliates

Printed Directory Exhibitions

Trade Brokers

A No Risk Solution
You may be eligible to receive part of any sale in cash
Category C1 Donations Advertising C2 Services & Parts Estimated Cost of Goods Sold ––– 5-10% 10 - 30% Minimum Ormita Trade % 100% 100% 80% (Labor) + 50% (Parts) 80% 80% (Labor) + 50% (Disbursements) 80% 70% 70% 50%

Tickets & Entertainment Unsold Time

10 – 30% 10 – 30%

Accommodations C3 Food and Beverage Liquidators C4 Retailers /Wholesalers

10 – 30% 20 - 30% 20 - 30% 30 – 60%

Choose to sell immediately – OR – Wait until your purchasing agreements are in place

No fees until your buying schedule is complete

Real-world pricing of goods and services

Lowest overall fees in the industry
q No Joining Fee q No Monthly Fee q No Annual Fee q Free Directories q 0% Commission to Buy q 7% Commission to Sell

Tailored Solutions
Every Industry Every Problem Every Co-Op Partner

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