How to print Pack Labels

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					How to print Pack Labels
Select the Process Pack Labels
    program from within the
   Timber/Processing menu
You can print labels for all
locations or for a specified
        location …
for packs received between
     specified dates ….
or for a range of pack numbers
  You can also specify the
number of labels to be printed
    and where you want the
resultant label files to be written.
           ** Note **

The folder specified in this box
 is where your label program
   will be directed to check
When the program is run it will
generate a number of PackLab
Click on the PackLabels icon on
          your Desktop
The program will then be loaded
      into your Icon Tray
  This field is used to indicate
where you have written your label
You can design your own labels.
This is a printout of a sample line
               up ….
and of a sample label