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									Labels & Annotation
 The Draw Toolbar

                       There are many ways to
                       add text to your map.

These options can
be accessed from
the Drawing toolbar.
             Set the Default Size/Font of your Text

   Choose the Default
    Symbol Properties from
    the Drawing menu.
   Click the Symbol button
    in the text area.
   Select your default font,
    size and color.
   Click OK to exit.
   This will be your default        CLICK
    for all text added to
    your map not the
    default for your labeling.
            Add Text Along a Curved Line

   Click the New
    Splined Text button
    on the Draw
   Click the mouse
    pointer over the
    map to add
    vertices along
    which the text
    should be splined.
   Double click the
    text box and add
    your text.
             Add Text with a Call Out Box

   Click the Callout
    button on the
    Draw toolbar.
   Click a start point
    for the leader line.
    Drag the mouse
    pointer and
    release the mouse
    button where you
    want the callout
    and text to be
   Type the text.
            Add Text that Flows within a Graphic

   Click one of the
    Paragraph Text tools on
    the Draw toolbar.
    Choose between New
    Polygon, New
    Rectangle, and New
   Using your mouse
    pointer, click and drag
    to create the graphic
    shape. Then, double-
    click to complete the
   Double-click the graphic
    and enter your text.
           Edit the Vertices of your Graphics

   Select the Edit
    Vertices Button.
   Place cursor
    over one of the
   Click and drag.
   The shape of
    the text
             Add Text by Clicking a Feature

   Set the label
    properties for the
   Select the Label
    button from the
    Drawing toolbar.
   Set your tool options
    and close window.
   Then click map
    where you want the
    label to appear.
            Add a Halo

   Double click the text
    feature with the select
    elements arrow.
   Click Change Symbol.                        CLICK

   Click Properties.
   Click the Mask tab.       CLICK

   Then click Halo.
   Click OK to exit.
             Convert Labels to Annotation

                                          Or just save in the
   You can convert labels to
    an annotation layer if
    they are not graphics yet.
   Right click layer, choose
    Label Features.
   Right click layer, choose
    Convert to Annotation
   You can store the
    annotation in the map or      If saving in a DB,
    in a database.               click here to define
   Click Convert.                       path.
   The labels are now
            Labeling (Standard Label Engine)

   Add the Labeling Toolbar                                You can
    from the View Menu.                                 change the font
   Choose Toolbars,                                     of the labels.
   Click the Label Manager.     You can set the scale
                                            You can create an
   Click Placement                       the labels to
                                 at whichexpression willlabel only
                                     become certain features.
    Properties button.
                                             Ex.the Label
                                                 value > 100.        CLICKView
   There are lots of options.                                          Unplaced
          Labeling (Maplex Label Engine)

   Check to see if it is
   Tools, Extensions, Check
    Maplex.                     You can choose how hard you want
                                   Maplex to work to render your
   View, Data Frame Props,    labeling. Fast generally works well for
    Choose Maplex as the                   most purposes.

    label engine.
   Maplex has many
    additional functions.                      CLICK

More Info

   Check out the GIS Documentation on
    the GIS intranet site.
   http://gis/help
   Using ArcMap p.220 - 251

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