Unit Outline ENCOR 1040 Fundamentals of Engineering (Statics) by rxb16942


									                    Unit Outline
                    ENCOR 1040
                    Fundamentals of Engineering (Statics)

This unit is designed to enable students to:

• acquire an understanding of the physical and mathematical principles of the statics
   branch of mechanics;
• recognise the role of engineering mechanics within engineering practice;
• acquire an understanding of the relationship between Science and Engineering;
• appreciate the importance of graphics in the visualisation and representation of statics
• appreciate that theory can only approximate the real world;
• develop an awareness of the importance of mathematical tools in the analysis of
   engineering problems;
• acquire an understanding of dimensional analysis and its role as a means of checking


•   visualise, predict and describe the effects of forces on a wide range of simple structures
    and static mechanisms;
•   apply existing and developing understanding of the principles of mechanics to the solution
    of a wide range of problems in the statics branch of the subject of mechanics;
•   develop appropriate mathematical models for the analysis of real structures and static
•   recognise appropriate strategies for the solution of statics-based mechanics problems;
•   perform calculations involving quantities commonly found in Engineering applications,
    with competent use of units;
•   perform and present evidence of problem solving and calculations in a clear, logical and
    concise way;
•   apply statics principles to the analysis of experimental outcomes;
•   present laboratory-based reports in conformance with accepted conventions, both
    individually and in teams;


•   appreciate the role and limitations of physical laws in the development of the natural and
    built environment;
•   develop a growing awareness of the standards of behaviour and performance expected of
    the engineering professional;
•   appreciate that learning is a lifelong process.

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        ENCOR 1040 Fundamentals of Engineering (Statics)


    •     Dimensional analysis and Units
    •     Adding and resolving force vectors
    •     Equilibrium of concurrent and non-concurrent force systems
    •     Moments of forces
    •     Centre of gravity
    •     Free-body diagrams and their importance in structural analysis
    •     Solving for forces in pin-jointed frames – Method of Joints and Method of Sections.
    •     Bending moment and shear force diagrams for beams
    •     Centroids of areas
    •     Stress and strain
    •     Bending stresses in beams
    •     Second moment of area.

 Learning Task        Assessment Task                           Weighting
 Tutorial Problems    Assessed tutorial problems                15 – 25%
 Laboratory Exercises Report on laboratory exercise             15 – 25%
 Design Exercise      Report on design exercise                 5 - 15%
                      End of semester examination               40 – 60%

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