Childrens Lit Annotated Bibs by tescofie


									                                              My Personal Annotated Bibliography of Children’s Literature
                                                                 By: Tarra Scofield

  “ A book can be a magic ticket to a faraway or an imaginary place.” I am Tarra Scofield, I am twenty-one years old and am going into my final year of
  my bachelors program. I have never been a teacher before. I have done some work in the classroom, but am lacking the full experience. Something
  from the book that really caught my attention was “Every day. Teachers welcome into their classrooms children from a wide range of cultural,
  linguistic, and economic diversity. For some of these children, reading will be very easy, but for other, it will be more difficult”. I want to always
  remember this, and realize that just because reading came easy to me, it will not come easy to every student. I will be very excited when I have
  finished this course and completed thirty different children’s books. I myself am an avid reader who loves books. I hope to broaden my knowledge on
  popular children’s works, as well as refresh my memory on the old classics. I am not a parent yet, but hope this experience will help me not only as a
  future educator, but as a parent too. I used the website provided to us, to aid me in my search for books. I looked for newer books that I have not
  read and that were different from my usual material. I would like to be a well rounded educator and know what my students like and be familiar with

                                                                                                    Personal Response to
                   /    Copyrig                              Theme/                                                                  Classroom Use
   Title                             Pages      Genre                          Summary                    the Book
              Illistrat   ht                                 Awards
                                          Picture Books                     primary general, Sci or SS focus
A Good Day     Kevin     Greenwi       12      Picture  Character           It started out as a     The book was short and        This book is great fro
               Henke       llow                 Book    education,          bad day for a little        sweet. It had great     children to read. It shows
                 s       Books,               (primary    ALA                  bird, baby fox,      illustrations. I remember      them that even when
                          2007                 grade)    Notable          squirrel, and puppy, the part in the book where         they are having a bad
                                                        Children’s           but by looking at       the squirrel dropped its      day, good things can
                                                          Book             things in a different acorn, and if the illustration happen. What you might
                                                                            view their bad day        was not there. I would    think is bad may actually
                                                                          became a good day. have missed the fact that             turn out to be a good
                                                                                                  the acorn actually went into    thing. I would use this
                                                                                          a stream and was lost       book as a read a laud or
                                                                                        forever. I t made me really     a think aloud with my
                                                                                         sad when I read the part     class. Maybe have them
                                                                                          about the puppy being        draw a picture of when
                                                                                        tangled in the fence. I was   something they thought
                                                                                          really glad when it got     was bad happened, and
                                                                                                untangled.              how it changed into a
                                                                                                                              good day.
A Dragon in   Lauren    Orchard   65     Picture  Science,       This book tells the          This book was very       This book has tones of
    the         ce      Books,            Book   Smithsonian   life story of Anax the       interesting, but long. I   resources listed inside.
   Sky        Pringle    2001           (Interme Magazine,       dragon fly in great     cannot believe how long it       There is so much
               /Bob                       diate   Notable          scientific detail.   takes a single dragon fly to information packed into
              Marstal                   grades)   Book for                                  develop. It makes you     this one book, even the
                 l                                Children,                              appreciate them so much         side bars are full of
                                                    2001                                      more than before. I    detailed information. This
                                                                                           remember seeing them         would be a great read
                                                    Junior                                dead on the front of cars    aloud in a classroom. I
                                                    Library                              and thinking nothing of it,   personal would love to
                                                     Guild                                  but now I feel sorry for     us this as a science
                                                   selection                              them. Reading this book    lesson. In the back of the
                                                                                         took me on an adventure. book it given information
                                                     John                               You really feel and connect     about how to care for
                                                  Burroughs                              with Anax. I remember at       Dragon Fly Nymphs.
                                                    List of                               the end when it says he       This would be a great
                                                    Nature                               feels weaker than normal          way to help your
                                                  Books for                               and you know the end of     students see the stages
                                                    Young                               his life is coming. It makes             of life.
                                                   Readers                                         you sad.

The Arrival   Shaun     Arthur    128   Picture   Journeys,     This book depicts       I fell so sorry for the family   I think this book is
                Tan       A.              book        2007        the journey a man            as the husband said            different and would
                        Levine          (graphic    Parents'          takes when           goodbye. This book is so            interest students
                        Books,           Novel)    Choice Gold     immigrating to a         captivating for having no    because of its difference.
                         2006                        Award,      foreign country and        words. It makes you pay       I think it would be great
                                                     Junior      leaving his wife and         more attention to the           for initiating writing
                                                     Library         child behind.        pictures and try and figure    prompts. This book could
                                                      Guild                                out what is going on. The           be used for older
                                                    Selection                                 pictures grabbed my          students and younger
                                                                                          attention because they are      students. I think using it
                                                                                              futuristic, but historic     with younger students
                                                                                           looking at the same time.     would require the use of
                                                                                          I’m wondering if the author    a think aloud and maybe
                                                                                             emigrated from some           have them create their
                                                                                              foreign area and that       own story by drawing or
                                                                                                inspired his story.        writing. Students could
                                                                                                                           also write a story to go
                                                                                                                               with the pictures.
 The Moon      Frankly HarperC     32    Picture    Science      This book describes      I never knew the difference     I know in fifth grade the
 Seems to       n M.   ollins/19          book                     the phases of the         between a waxing moon       students learn about the
  Change       Branle      60           (Science                  mon to children. It         and waning moon. The         phases of the moon. I
               y/Barb                       )                    shows illustrations of   illustrations were amazing.         would use this as a
                 ara                                                 why the moon           I really understood what I    secondary source or as
               and Ed                                                  changes.            was reading and it helped         an supplement. The
               Emberl                                                                      me as a adult understand        reading is a little more
                 ey                                                                       the phases of moon better.     simple than h=what is in
                                                                                                                           a textbook, it might be
                                                                                                                           beneficial for a student
                                                                                                                         on a lower level to read it
                                                                                                                          or for me to even read it
                                                                                                                            out loud to the class.
A Cool Drink   Barbar   National   38   Picture      Social       Goes through how          When I read this book I         I would introduce this
Of Water     a      Geograp         book     Studies,      all over the world        realized that everyone        book while discussion
           Kerley     hic,                    World       people drink water.    does drink water. Without it issues around the world.
                     2002                     issues                             humans would not survive.         I would maybe have a
                                                                                    I am such a snot about            center for this book
                                                                                  drinking filtered or bottled         where the student
                                                                                  water, this book made me          listened to is on tape,
                                                                                  realize that a lot of people then reflected on how the
                                                                                     do not have that same         book made them feel.
                                                                                 luxury. I was reminded that            The pictures are
                                                                                   we are all people and we        captivating. You could
                                                                                   all have our basic needs.            use some of the
                                                                                  Water being one of those.       sentences and pictures
                                                                                                                 and have students match
                                                                                                                  the sentences with the
 When      Andrea Abrams      30   Picture    Getting     This book is about a      When I read this book it     In my classroom I would
 Giants    Beaty/  Books            book     along with      little girl’s day   took me a few pages to get use this book for creating
Come to     Kevin    for                      different   playing with giants.       the story line. I felt like    writing prompts. This
  Play     Hawke Young                        kinds of                            there was no real starting        book is fun, and fairly
              s   Readers                      people                            point it just jumped right in. short. It could be read at
                   /2006                                                         I think the illustration really       the beginning of a
                                                                                    make the book. Without         lesson. After reading I
                                                                                  the illustrations the humor would have a discussion
                                                                                        would be hard to               about imaginative
                                                                                  understand. For example,          elements in the story.
                                                                                    on the second page the            After the class has
                                                                                  giants and Anna play hide       identified a few I would
                                                                                   and seek. The illustration     have them create their
                                                                                    shows the giants hiding        own imaginative story.
                                                                                 behind trees and still being They could either use the
                                                                                  very noticeable. That part same elements from this
                                                                                                   made me laugh.            story or create their very
                                 Traditional Literature       Folk Tale, Myth, Epic, Multicultural Cinderella
    The       Pamel   Katherin   34      Tradition Character              An old man is a        When I read this book I     I would use this book to
Leprechaun’      a    e Cegen                al         building       great harpist, but is   remembered the story of         introduce a character
  s Gold      Dunca    Books,            Literatur                        very humble. A      the tortoise and the heir. I      building word for the
                 n      2004                 e                       young man is a good         connected with the old      month. I think this book
              Edwar                      (folktale)                    harpist who is very       man , because I would          depict kindness, and
                ds/                                                  arrogant. The king of have went and helped the          helping others in a very
              Henry                                                   the land is holding a person screaming as well. I positive way. It would be
               Cole                                                    contest for the best     really loved that a rabbit   really easy for students
                                                                       harpist in the land.       was trying to pull the      to see how being nice
                                                                      Both men go and on       leprechaun into his hole.      gets you farther in the
                                                                      the way they hear a        The illustration is really long run. Some activities
                                                                     loud scream from the           funny; you see the      I would use for this book
                                                                         forest. The older      leprechaun’s foot in the          would be to have
                                                                        man went to help,    hole and the rabbit tugging.         students write an
                                                                        while the younger         I thought it was really       alternate ending. To
                                                                     stayed and damaged        resourceful that the man     show a different outcome
                                                                     the older man’s harp. barked like a dog to scare             either positive or
                                                                     The old man rescued the rabbit. The ending was                   negative.
                                                                       a leprechaun, and           very good, the man
                                                                        they repay him by            deserved to win.
                                                                           giving him a
                                                                       magnificent harp of
                                                                         gold. He ends up
                                                                      winning the contest.
 Beowulf      Michae Candlew     92      Tradition        The          The oldest English      I was excited to read this       I would only use this
                 l     ick                   al       Importance          epic: A tale of a       book, because it is a          book with a mature
              Morpur Press,              Literatur         of           great warrior who         shorter version of the         classroom of older
               go/    2006                 e/epic Establishing saved Denmark from                original epic. I read the   students. I think it would
              Michae                                Identity         a terrible ogre.          original version in high   be best if read quietly to
                 l                                                Beowulf also endure      school and struggled with        themselves and then
              Forem                                               two other challenges       some of it. Reading this       have a book talk, and
                an                                                  while discovering       version cleared up some          discuss of some the
                                                                   himself in this epic    lingering questions I have      themes, and elements
                                                                           tale.          had. Such as was the sea found in this book. OFr a
                                                                                                 hag really Grendel’s       culminateing activity I
                                                                                               mother or just another    would have the students
                                                                                          beast. I found out that she         draw a scetch of a
                                                                                              was indeed his mother.     monster and write a story
                                                                                             The illustrations and the   of how they would defeat
                                                                                            text seemed to be a little         that monster and
                                                                                             more graphic than I had        become a great hero.
                                                                                           originally thought it would
                                                                                          be. The picture of the Sea
                                                                                              Hag shows breast, and
                                                                                          words such as hell, God’s,
                                                                                              and murderous among
                                                                                          others are frequently in the
   Glass       Paul    Henry     28   Multicult   Multicultural   Uses many different               I really loved the   I would read this book at
 Slipper,     Fleisch Holt and          ural                      versions of the well       illustrations in this book. the beginning of the year
Gold Sandal   man/Ju Compan           Cinderel                       known fair-tale             The pictures are all     to my students and talk
                lie   y, 2007            la                         Cinderella, and             different because the         about some of the
              Paschk                                               combines them to              illustrator draws the          differences and
                 is                                                create one unique         pictures to coincide with       similarities. Maybe I
                                                                        version.           the culture that section of      would create a Venn
                                                                                          story is related to. I wonder diagram with them. This
                                                                                           exactly how many version          way we can start to
                                                                                          of Cinderella actually exist.      explore the different
                                                                                               I never knew that they        cultures in our own
                                                                                         even had their own version     classroom. I want my
                                                                                          of the fairy-tale in China       students to feel
                                                                                                 and Japan.               comfortable in my
                                                                                                                       classroom and respect
                                                                                                                        other cultures. I think
                                                                                                                        this would be a great
                                                                                                                          way to do get that
                                                                                                                        started. Using a very
                                                                                                                       common story, that has
                                                                                                                       many different versions.
                                        Modern Fantasy:            ( primary, intermediate, upper)
Beware of      William Candlew     40     Modern                  A little old lady is  I though this book was a         If I had to use this book
 the Frog       Bee      ick              Fanasy               scared of the things       little graphic for young      in my classroom I would
                        Press,           (Primary              that come out of the      children. A Frog eating       read it as a read aloud. I
                        2008              Grade)               dark forest that she     things is kind of gross. It    would have the students
                                                                lives next to. When      could cause them to be        decorate their own frogs
                                                                she gets a pet frog      scared of frogs. When I         and maybe use them in
                                                                 on her door step it     read this I was thinking      math. We could have the
                                                                  eat anything that         about how nasty the        frogs eat things and then
                                                              tries to get her. Then     characters looked, and             work with fraction or
                                                              at the end she kisses how even as an adult I was                 word problems.
                                                                    the frog and is       a little bothered by the
                                                                  turned into a frog                story.
                                                                  herself, then she
                                                                     eats the frog.
  Dr. Mrs.      Mark     First     30    Modern   How lying     An owner send her       Wow…I loved this story. I        After I read this to my
  Larue,       Teagu   scholasti         Fantasy can hurt you        dog to canine     am a very bog animal lover      class, I would ask them
Letters from     e        c              (Interme              training school. The     and could totally relate to     to write a letter to their
Obedience              paperba             diate                    dog writes her      this story. The letters Ike    parents like Ike does to
  School                  ck             grades)               exaggerated letters writes are so funny and out         his owner about school,
                      printing,                                        and escapes his        there. In particular, I love    or write a letter to Ike
                       2003                                             prison. He then     the one when he says he is       about their school and
                                                                   realizes how hard life ill, and that it started in his   their life comparing and
                                                                       is as a stray and        foot and spread to his            contrasting the
                                                                    returns to his owner,      head. I remember being         differences between
                                                                     just in time to save     young and when I did not       Ike’s experiences and
                                                                              her.              want to do something I               their own.
                                                                                              would pretend I was sick.
                                                                                             This reminded me of that.
Rapunzel’s   Shann    Bloomsb     144   Modern         Graphic        A unique twist on       When reading this book I        Since this book is for
 Revenge      on &      ury,            Fanasy          novel             classic tale.      was reminded of a mixture        older student I would
             Dean       2008            (upper                        Rapunzel and her           of Anemia and comic         have them do a choice
             Hale/N                     grades)                    friends Jon travel the books all at once. I was a activity. They would have
             athan                                                    wild west righting            different reading       a choice of writing their
              Hale                                                   wrongs and helping         experience to say the      own twist on a well know
                                                                   others while they live least. It was hard for me to          tale, by creating a
                                                                     a life of adventure.         connect to the book        graphic novel, or they
                                                                                                 because I am better        could take their favorite
                                                                                               accustomed to reading          scene form the book,
                                                                                            traditional books with fewer and write what they think
                                                                                              pictures. I’m wondering if the text would be for that
                                                                                              students would really like        portion if it were a
                                                                                            this book and take the time          traditional book.
                                                                                              to read it. It was lengthy,
                                                                                               but maybe students like
                                                                                                    this style better.
                                        Poetry Books                 (primary, intermediate, upper)

Button Up     Alice Harrcour      33     Poetry      Personal         A collection of        I really enjoyed the poem      Poetry can be a difficult
             Schertl     t              (Primary   responsibilit      poems about               about all the different        subject for young
             e/Petra Children           Grades)         y           children’s clothing     clothing that children wear.   children. This book has a
              Mather     ’s                                     from the clothes        The poems describe the             significant amount of
                s      Books,                                     perspective.            clothes, what they are        poems. The poems are
                        2009                                                            worn for, and how to put       written on a simple level,
                                                                                       them on. It adds some life      using ordinary things as
                                                                                         and personality to what        the subject. I would use
                                                                                        children wear. I loved the           this book to notice
                                                                                        one about socks. It says            rhyming patterns in
                                                                                           how they keep your          poetry. It seems that that
                                                                                      tootsies nice and warm. If I            is the best way to
                                                                                      had children myself I would         introduce poetry is by
                                                                                      own this book. I absolutely       seeing and hearing the
                                                                                           loved these poems.               rhythm of it. I would
                                                                                                                          maybe read them out
                                                                                                                        loud and have students
                                                                                                                          jump when they hear
                                                                                                                             words that rhyme.
                                                                                                                         Something simple they
                                                                                                                         can feel and physically
                                                                                                                       do while focusing on the
                                                                                                                         words. This could be a
                                                                                                                         great way to introduce
                                                                                                                              poetry to a class.
A Humble       Linda   Eerdma    36   Poetry:     Joy of      This book takes you       This collection of poems            For my classroom I
Life: Plain    High/       ns         grades    Simplicity/   through the seasons     was very fun to read. They       would use this book as a
 Poems          Bill    Books           4-5     2002 Lee      of a year in the eyes   are all about life on a farm,       way to explore poetry
              Farnsw      for                    Bennett       of the Plain People.     and what would happen               and to also see the
                orth    Young                    Hopkins                              over the course of a year. I       differences in the way
                       Readers                    Honor                                  love the one about the         people live. The people
                        , 2001                    award                               fishing in the creek. It talks   depicted in these poems
                                                                                       about waiting patiently for       live very different lives
                                                                                            a fish to bite. The        than we do, yet they still
                                                                                  illustrations are a great fit          live in the U.S.A.
                                                                                      for the context of the           Because there are
                                                                                 poems. They are not done           almost thirty poems in
                                                                                  in bright flashy colors, but      this book I would do a
                                                                                     are subtle and almost        think pair share activity.
                                                                                 blurry. It gives you a great      Each student would be
                                                                                       sense of calm and           assigned a poem. After
                                                                                 relaxation. I thought it was       reading and analyzing
                                                                                  interesting that the author       the poem the students
                                                                                       was from Lancaster              would go into small
                                                                                 county, PA. There is a very             groups tat would
                                                                                        large Amish and             compare and contrast
                                                                                     Mennonite population             their poems with one
                                                                                    there, and that was the       another, then share their
                                                                                     root of her inspiration.        finding with the whole
Here in   Walter   Holiday   87      Each     2005 Lee    A book compiled of I was inspired by this book.         While covering a lesson
Harlem    Dean     House,           poem       Bennett       fifty-four poems   Just about every poem has            on poetry I would use
          Myers     2004           has it’s    Hopkins     written by various    a picture of the artist or of     this book as a resource
                                     own        Award      people that live in      Harlem next to it. My               for children to find
                                    theme      Winner       Harlem NY. They      favorite poem in this book         inspiration. I think that
                                  some for                 describe anything    was written by Lois Smith a       many children could find
                                  example                from the atmosphere twelve year old girl. IN the          inspiration, because so
                                     are:                   of Harlem, to the      poem she talks about              many of these poems
                                  dreams,                 trends, and political   wanting to have a school            are written by young
                                  friendshi                     movements.        named after her one day.        children or young adults.
                                   p, love,                                     My favorite line says “ one
                                     and                                           day they’d find me in a
                                  knowled                                       book, Check out my name
                                      ge                                         and take a second look.” I
                                                                                 love her arrogance; she is
                                                                                         a young girl who wants to
                                                                                       be something some day. In
                                                                                         her picture she has a big
                                                                                           fur coat and some fur
                                                                                        boots on. She is looking all
                                                                                            fancied up and cute.
                                                                                          Another thing about the
                                                                                           book that grabbed my
                                                                                              attention was that
                                                                                        everything is in grey scale;
                                                                                             there are no colors
                                                                                           anywhere in or on the
                                                                                         book. I think this adds to
                                                                                          the drama of the book.
                                       Realistic Fiction:        (primary, intermediate, upper)

A Full Hand   Thoma    Farrar     32                jealousy,   This book follows a     By looking at the cover you This story could be used
                s      Straus                       boasting,     nine year old boy        would think this story is     for a book talk. The
              Yezers   Giroux,                      cheating/      named Asa who            about a small boy who    students could read it or I
                ki      2002                       2003 NAIBA     accompanies his        doesn’t have a care in the       could read it to the
                                                      Book       father on a trip and   world. The cover made me students. There are lots
                                                     Award,     sees what it means         think of Tom Sawyer or    of elements to this story.
                                                      2003      to make a full hand.    Huckleberry Finn. The boy       We could discuss the
                                                     Notable                            is standing on the side of a different elements of the
                                                      Social                              river wearing a straw hat,    story. How Asa goes
                                                     Studies                             trousers, and suspenders,    from being a nieve little
                                                    Books for                             while holding the rains of     boy to rexcueing his
                                                      Young                               two horses. As I read the    father from a dreadful
                                                     People                               book Iknew he was going               death.
                                                                                         to be learning new things.
  Freckle     Judy     Yearling   47   Realistic     Personal   A boy, who does not      Andrew is very comical in    I feel that every student
  Juice        Blume   , 1971           Fiction     Perception,       have freckles,        this story. I mean come on          and every person has
                                                      or self      desperately would        do you really think you can           something they feel
                                                     esteem         like to get some.       drink a concoction of nasty          insecure about. This
                                                                                              things to get freckles to         book is a great way to
                                                                                             appear on your face. I felt     show students that being
                                                                                              so bad for Andrew when           yourself is always best.
                                                                                                he had to go back to           Everyone goes through
                                                                                            school. When he drew the            times when they wish
                                                                                             freckles on his face I was      they had a different color
                                                                                             thinking in my head, “no!,      hair, or they were shorter
                                                                                              don’t do it!”. I felt so bad    or taller. I would use this
                                                                                               when he walked in the           book to teach a lesson
                                                                                                 classroom and they           on self esteem, and how
                                                                                              noticed they where fake         being yourself is always
                                                                                              freckles. I have freckles       best. Maybe the student
                                                                                               and at one point I was            could write a journal
                                                                                            embarrassed by them, so I           entry describing their
                                                                                                could really relate to            favorite thing about
                                                                                                       Andrew.               themselves, and why it is
                                                                                                                              their favorite thing about
It’s not the    Judy   Bradbur    176   Realistic    Personal     A girl is struggling to     Being a child of a very        This book would be great
End of the     Blume   y Press,          Fiction     Conflict      come to terms with       messy drawn out divorce I         for literature circles. I fell
   World                 1972                                     her parents’ divorce.     can totally relate to Karen.       that student can really
                                                                                             It makes me feel so sad         relate to what is Karen is
                                                                                             when she rated her days           going through. I would
                                                                                              with F’s. A child should          not use this book as a
                                                                                             never have that bad of a           wholec lass literature
                                                                                            day. The fighting between          circle book, but maybe
                                                                                            her parents really seemed         use it as one for smaller
                                                                                             to affect her in the same         group literature circles.
                                                                                            way it affected me as a       That way I could pair
                                                                                          child. I could connect with     some students in my
                                                                                         this book which made it so     class that might be going
                                                                                           much more appealing to            through similar
                                                                                         me. The ending was great!              situations.
                                                                                          When she realized that he
                                                                                           parent’s divorce was not
                                                                                           the end of the world, but
                                                                                             the start of something
   The      Sharon    Penguin   48   Realistic   Coping With   A boy who loves his        This book was touching. I         This is one of those
 Hundred      Bell    Group,          Fiction    Caregiving/   great aunt stands up          could relate this book     books that I would keep
Penny Box   Mathis/    1986                       Newberry      to his mother when         because I have a family        in my pocket to give a
              Leo                                  Honor       she tries to get rid of          member who has          child who might be going
            Dillon,                                Winner      things that seems to         Alzieher’s disease. My           through a similar
             Dian                                                 be important to           grand[a doesn’t always         situation. Sometime
             Dillon                                                Micheal’s aunt        remember my name either,        older relatives move in,
                                                                                         but you still know that they        and children get
                                                                                         love you. I love reading the    bothered by them or do
                                                                                              stories that Micheal’s     not understand. I think
                                                                                          Great-great aunt Dew tells      that if a child read this
                                                                                               him. I felt so sad for    book maybe they could
                                                                                            Micheal as he tried his     appreciate the time they
                                                                                          hardest to keep the penn         could spend with this
                                                                                         box safe. The idea that the       person, and see that
                                                                                             pennies could hold so       they could learn a lot b
                                                                                         much value at time, yet not           just listening.
                                                                                          was a very new thought to
                                                                                            me, and I enjoyed it.All
                                                                                            together this book was
                                      Historical Fiction              (primary, intermediate, upper)

Abraham    Robert     Henry     30    Historica           Grief,           This book is         This book has amazing         This book would be a
 Lincoln   Burleig   Holt and         l Fiction:       sympathy/N     centered around the    illustrations, the colors are      great addition to a
 Comes     h/Wen     Compan            primary           otable        death of President     vribrant and realistic. The      project on Abraham
 Home       dell     y, 2008           grades            Social          Lincoln. Licolns        part of story that really     Linconl. With all the
           Minor                                         Studies           funeral train     caught mi attention as well      additional facts in the
                                                          Trade          travceled from       as touched my heart and           back of the book, it
                                                        Books for      Washinton D.C. to         made me see the real       would be a great way to
                                                         Young         Springfield Illisoise.   significance of the text,    incorporate literacy into
                                                         People        ON the way many        was when the boy looked             social studies.
                                                                        peoepl paid their       at his father and saw a
                                                                      respects to the great    stream of tears. The boy
                                                                        president. More       had never seen his father
                                                                       focus is placed on      cry before. At the end of
                                                                      one boy and how he       the book there is a lot of
                                                                      handles the death of    information regarding the
                                                                         such a historic          Lincoln funeral train.
                                                                              figure.          Things like facts and the
                                                                                                       path it took.
Jim Ugly     Sid     Green      130   Historica                res   This book follows the Jim Ugly is a great book. It I want to make reading to
           Fleisch   willow           l Fiction           pect for     adventures of Jake thrills you with the constant my student a priority in
           man/Jo    Books,                             nature and       and Jim Ugly, his      setting change, chases,     my classroom. I used to
            s. A.     1992                                 Earth/       father's dog,that is   and puzzles. My favorite        love when teachers
           Smith                                         American     part wolf-part dog, as part in the book is where     would just sit with us and
                                                        Bookseller     they travel through      he sees his father. The    read a little of a book at a
                                                        Pick of the    the Old West trying      main characters are his    time every day. I think for
                                                           Lists          to find out what         dad, him, Jim Ugly         this book I would start
                                                              ALA     really happened to        Ms.Wilemina, and the         reading in and not go
                                                          Notable          Jake's father.       Yankee man. The story         past the third charter.
                                                        Children’s                            starts in the small town of     Then tell the students
                                                           Book                                 bull head and goes as far      they can sign up to read
                                                               Ne                              as San Francisco. A man         it. Hopefully that would
                                                          w York                                     dressed in a Yankee       spark some interest and
                                                          Public                               uniform follows Jake so he          everyone would be
                                                         Library's                             can try and get close to his    interested in reading it. I
                                                           "One                                      Jakes’ dad who was         think is more of a boys
                                                         Hundred                                      accused of stealing      book, so I would not read
                                                         Titles for                                   diamonds from Ms.            the entire thing, but
                                                         Reading                                  Wilemina. who his dad        merely give them a taste.
                                                            and                                  loves. Ms. Wilemina was
                                                         Sharing"                               tricked to believe his dad
                                                                                                   (Sam) stole them. The
                                                                                               Yankee man catches Jake
                                                                                                and his Father and forces
                                                                                                 them to show him where
                                                                                               the diamonds are stashed.
                                                                                                 His dad lead the Yankee
                                                                                               man back and showed him
                                                                                               that the chickens had eatin
                                                                                                the diamonds. Then they
  Crossing      Tim     Cinco    40   Historica        Friendship,      A story of a brave           The Bok Chitto river        This is a great story to
bok Chitto: A Tingle/   Puntos        l Fiction-        faith/2007   little girl and boy who    separates the plantations      teach friendship. The two
  Choctaw     Jeanne    Press,          Middle           Paterson      guide seven slaves         and Choctaw tribe from          children that become
   Tale of    Bridge     2006           grades         Prize, 2007         to freedom in        one another. Many slaves         friends in this story are
 Friendship      s                                         ALSC              America.          live on the plantations and      very different and come
     and                                                  Notable                                 it is well known that if a        from very different
  Freedom                                                Books for                               slave can cross the river         cultures, but remain
                                                       Children List                                they are free from the     friends. It could also be a
                                                                                                 white man. It is known to           great way to start
                                                                                                       be very swift and         introducing students to
 dangerous to cross. One         early American history.
       day Martha Tom a           This story is set before
 Choctaw girl crosses the          the time of the trail of
        river in search of       tears, and the civil war.
      blackberries for her       So it can be an example
  mother. She crosses by          of what life was like for
  finding a stone path just         those huge times in
under the water, hidden by                history.
the muddy water. While on
       the other side she
befriends a black slave boy
       name Mo. Martha
  continued to visit Mo on
      Sundays and even
 participated in his church.
One day little Mo’s mother
   is sold at a slave trade,
and will be sent away from
  the family if they do not
excape before she leaves.
  So Martha and Mo lead
  Mo’s family to the other
side of the river to freedom
    and safety. When they
cross the river at night it is
  by candle light, and the
    white men said it was
  seven black slave souls
     crossing to freedom.
 Because the stones made
     it look like they were
                                                                                             walking on water it
                                                                                        confused them. It is heart
                                                                                       breaking to see the picture
                                                                                       of Mo’s father when he find
                                                                                        out that his wife was sold.
                                                                                        The illustration show one
                                                                                         large tear just starting to
                                                                                        fall from his eye. You can
                                                                                             see the sorrow and
                                                                                              desperation in his
                                                                                            expression. What an
                                                                                        amazing book, I loved it!!!
A Good      Barbra   Holiday   23   Histroica    Doing what     Hallie discovers two     When Hallie find the two       This would be a good
Night For   Marro    House,         l Fiction:    is morally      runaway slaves       run away slave girls in the character education book
Freedom     w/Leon    2004            Grade          right     hiding in Levi Coffin's cellar of the Coffin’s she is for students. Maybe read
              ard                      3-5                        home and must            torn about what to do.    it in class and have them
            Jenkin                                               decide whether to     Should she report them or         reflect on what they
               s                                                turn them in or help     should she just be quiet        might do in a similar
                                                                  them escape to       and ignor it. To me it was a    situation, or even give
                                                                      freedom.          simple answer, of course         them a modern day
                                                                                        you wouldn’t turn them in,       scenario where they
                                                                                            but then I tried to put      might be placed in a
                                                                                         myself in Hallie’s shoes.    similar situation and see
                                                                                          During that time things    how they would handle it.
                                                                                          were very different and
                                                                                        slavery was acceptable to
                                                                                         many people. Hallie was
                                                                                         faced with a really tough
                                                                                          decision. Does she do
                                                                                       what she thinks is right and
                                                                                         not say anything or does
                                                                                        she follow the law, what
                                                                                     everyone says is right, and
                                                                                       turn them in. It made me
                                                                                     really sad when Hallie was
                                                                                         talking to the two girls
                                                                                      about what they would do
                                                                                     with money if they had any.
                                                                                          The one girl said she
                                                                                         would buy her mother.
                                                                                          How sad is that, that
                                                                                      someone can buy another
                                   Non Fiction               (primary, intermediate, upper)

Watching     Jim   National   32    Non        Common          This book takes           The illustrations in this    I would use this book as
 Desert     Arnosk Geograp         Fiction:   knowledge         children on an          book are so life like. The     a resource for a project
 Wildlife      y     hic           Ecosyst                    amazing adventure          author took real photos            in my class. The
                   Society,         ems                          through the                then painted these       information in the book is
                    2002                                     southwest deserts of     illustrations to match. This         accurate and the
                                                                   the U.S.          book also comes with such       illustrations make it more
                                                                                             an abundance of             kids friendly. It would
                                                                                        information pertaining to      also be a great book to
                                                                                         the desert ecosystem.               have in my own
                                                                                        Something I didn’t know          classroom library for
                                                                                         before I read this book          students just to flip
                                                                                      were: that there are desert       through or read during
                                                                                     deer, and squirrels that live      free time to build their
                                                                                     in the dessert among many             prior knowledge.
                                                                                        different animals, insect,
                                                                                                and birds.
Cleopatra   Andre    The      53    Non       Informationa   This book walks you       This book goes into great       I know when I was in
 and The        w        Bookwri          fiction:        l         through the life of the   detail about ancient Egypt.        elementary school I had
Egyptians     Langle       ght           Egyptian                    last queen of Egypt,     It walks you through all the           to do a report on
                y/        Press,          History                          Cleopatra           different social classes, as       Cleopatra, and I would
              Gerry       1986                                                                       well as the religious      have loved to of had this
              Wood                                                                               beliefs, and surrounding       book. It is so packed with
                                                                                               areas. I have always been          relevant information. It
                                                                                                    intrigued by this time         would make a great
                                                                                               period and really enjoyed          resources for a project
                                                                                                  the book. It had tone of          on this time period.
                                                                                                      helpful and useful
                                                                                                       information. The
                                                                                                 illustrations were not my
                                                                                                favorite that I have seen.
                                                                                                  When I think of Egypt I
                                                                                                think of bright bold colors
                                                                                               and gold. The illustrations
                                                                                                  were more washed out.
  A New        Betsy     Collins,   59    Non        Informationa   A book in a series of            Haha…my favorite             I could maybe use this
Nation: The   Masest      2009           Fiction:          l        books that introduce         illustrations in this entire   as supplemental reading
  united      ro/Giuli                   America                     American history to            book is on page 18. It      when covering this topic
  States         o                          n                          young readers             shows farmers gathered          in a text book. Reading
1783-1815     Maestr                     History                    through pictures and       around a tax collector and        from text books can be
                 o                                                    easily understood           they are thrown tar and       boring and they definitely
                                                                    terminology and text.     feathers at him. I know that       do not have illustrations
                                                                    This particular cover          that was probably very              like this book.
                                                                        1783-1815 in             painful in real life but the
                                                                      American History.          illustration makes it look
                                                                                                interesting. I was never a
                                                                                                 fan of American history,
                                                                                              but this book illustrated the
                                                                                                 different topics very well
                                                                                               and I learned more
                                                                                        because I was intrigued by
                                                                                             the illustrations and it
                                                                                            made me want to read
                                                                                                   about them.
 Marvelous     Emily    Farrar,   32   biograph    Arkansas        This book is an             This book was very          This book is a great
Mattie : How   Arnold   Straus,            y       Diamond       informative text of          interesting. Margaret      inspiration to children,
Margaret E.    McCull   Giroux,                     Primary        the early part of         becomes interested in       that even though they
   Knight        y       2006                     Book Award     Margaret Knight’s       tools and things when she         may be young that
Became an                                         2008-2009    life. It describes her      receives a tool box from      doesn’t mean they are
  Inventor                                                        life and how she           her father. She would           not capable of
                                                                 became to be the       sketch ideas in a book then       extraordinary things.
                                                                  inventor with the      use the tool in the tool box    Maybe this book would
                                                                   nickname “lady         to create them. The most      be useful to read to them
                                                                        Edison”            interesting invention the     before they would start
                                                                                         book mention was the one        science fair projects. It
                                                                                            that folds paper pages.     could possible give them
                                                                                           She created it when she          some inspiration.
                                                                                          was only a young adult. A
                                                                                           person even took her to
                                                                                           court over this invention
                                                                                           saying she would never
                                                                                          know the complexity of a
                                                                                             machine like this. She
                                                                                          proved the man wrong by
                                                                                        thoroughly proving she had
                                                                                         invented it. The book does
                                                                                                a very good job of
                                                                                                 highlighting her
                                                                                          accomplishments. During
                                                                                          that time people believed
                                                                                           women to be inferior to
                                                                                            men, and incapable of
                                    DIVERSE POPULATIONS               (primary, intermediate,upper)
Dance, Sing    Leslie  Harper    35     Diverse  Respect,       This book describes           This book was really    I would read this book to
      ,       Kimme Collins             Holidays religions      major holidays in the interesting. I found out a lot         my class around
Remember:     lman/O Publishe                                     Jewish religion.        about the Jewish religion   Christmas time. I think it
     A           ra   rs, 2000                                                              that I had never known        a great way to show
Celebration    Eitan                                                                         before. For example, I   students the differences
 of Jewish                                                                                 never really knew what         in religions, and that
 Holidays                                                                              Rosh Hashanah was; I just differences are ok. I think
                                                                                         knew that it was a day we          that it is important
                                                                                             got off of school. After  around a major holiday
                                                                                           reading this I now know      like Christmas, so that
                                                                                        that Rosh Hashanah is the students can understand
                                                                                          celebration is the Jewish that people celebrate this
                                                                                         New Year. The book also           holiday differently.
                                                                                       covers some of the famous
                                                                                        stories or legends that are
                                                                                         told in the Jewish religion,
                                                                                           and some tasty recipes
                                                                                          that are handed down in
                                                                                           many Jewish families. I
                                                                                          really enjoyed this book.
                                                                                          Especially the recipes, I
                                                                                         love to cook, and I love to
                                                                                             try new foods. I even
                                                                                       copied down one recipe for
                                                                                        Harvest Muffins that looks
                                                                                                   really tasty.
 Brother in   Mary     Lee &     40    Realistic   Sacrifice,    Sudan is plagued       This story is based on true       This book is great to
 Hope: The     William    Low     fiction   and human        with civil war, and    events that did take place show students how other
Story of the     s/      Books,             struggles/C     boys who have lost     in Sudan. It makes me very children around the world
Lost Boys of   Gregor     2005              oretta Scott     everything when          sad that children had to      live. That they are not
  Sudan           y                         King Award      their small villages    endure this type of lifestyle    always as safe as we
               Christi                      Honor 2006,     are destroyed, ban          for any length of time.    are. People in America
                  e                             ALA           together to find      Could you imagine coming          usually seem to be
                                              Notable      safety. Their journey     home to your village as a      egocentric, I think this
                                             Children’s        takes them to          young child and finding      book can help children
                                                Book       Ethiopia and Kenya.        everything destroyed? It    see that the world is not
                                                                                    really shows how resilient    like our country, and life
                                                                                     children really are. In the    for many children their
                                                                                     book is says that some of          age is hard, and
                                                                                     the boy knew how to find dangerous. You could so
                                                                                      berries, and other could       sequencing with this
                                                                                   hunt wild birds for food, but     book, because it has
                                                                                   they also lived on bark and       such a catching story
                                                                                   leaves when they could not                 line.
                                                                                    find food. The illustrations
                                                                                   in the book are very simple
                                                                                     and the backgrounds are
                                                                                     almost abstract, it helps
                                                                                   you to focus on the boys in
                                                                                     the pictures. I really liked
                                                                                        this book; it made me
                                                                                       realize how lucky I am.
 A World of   Marilyn Raintree   30    Multi-        The         This book takes      Thanksgiving is my favorite     I would read this book
 Holidays :    Miller  Steck-         cultural   differences   readers on a journey        holiday because my           before Thanksgiving
Thanksgivin           Vaughn                      of people       exploring how            birthday is either on        holiday break. IN the
     g                Publishe                   and culture     different country        Thanksgiving or right      back of the book there
                      rs, 1998                                       celebrate        around it so I always got to      are really great craft
                                                                  Thanksgiving.       celebrate with lots of food, ideas to do with children.
                                                                                              and a huge cake.          I might set up a few
                                                                                       Something the book does      stations for the students
                                                                                       a great job pointing out is   to make a few different
                                                                                             that not everyone     things. I think it would be
                                                                                        celebrates this holiday in   something fun to do on
                                                                                       the same way. Even here the last day before a long
                                                                                             in the U.S. people     weekend. I know during
                                                                                          celebrate the holiday    school I never wanted to
                                                                                      differently. Some staples of do anything serious the
                                                                                      American Thanksgiving are day before breaks and if
                                                                                            things like football,    the teacher tried we all
                                                                                          Parades, and turkey.     gave no effort. So maybe
                                                                                      Warring! Reading this book      if I do something fun it
                                                                                       will make your taste buds         could inspire some
                                                                                         tingle, and your mouth         interest. My favorite
                                                                                                    water!         activity in the book is the
                                                                                                                          one for making a
                                                                                                                      pinecone turkey. I like
                                                                                                                          this because it is
                                                                                                                          different from the
                                                                                                                   tradition using your hand
                                                                                                                       to make a turkey. It is
                                                                                                                       also 3D and could be
                                                                                                                    used as a decoration for
                                                                                                                         the family table on

India    Erin   Scholast   144   Diverse     General      This book takes its         The illustrations in this  This book is rather legthy
        Pembr       ic           Populati   Nonfiction      readers on an          book are so vivid and real. and would not work well
          ey     Library          on 6-8                  adventure through             An interesting fact I     as a read aloud. I might
        Swan    Publishi         grades                  India. It explores the    discovered in this book is      assign student certain
                ng 2002                                   culture, the people,       that India is the seventh     section of the book to
                                                             and the great             largest country in the          look at and find
                                                              attractions.          world. That amazed me I        something interesting
                                                                                   didn’t think that it was that they did not know about
                                                                                       large. I really enjoyed    India, and compile all of
                                                                                    skimming the pages and          their findings on one
                                                                                          finding tis bits of        large piece of chart
                                                                                  information, but most of all       paper, and use the
                                                                                      looking at the pictures.    information for a writing
                                                                                    India looks beautiful, and     prompt or think aloud.
                                                                                    the culture is surprisingly
                                                                                        diverse. There is an
                                                                                      abundance of religious
                                                                                      beliefs, and cultures all
                                                                                  blended together much like
                                                                                  the U.S. For some reason I
                                                                                      kept thinking this book
                                                                                                 would make a great coffee
                                                                                                        book table.

         Wow I am not going to lie, this was a challenge, even for me, a person who loves to read, and enjoys all different genres. I have never read
this many books in such a short amount of time. In my other literacy class we only did about ten books or so, and we really focused on them. With
this experience I feel like I briefly touched on many books. I liked this different approach, it taught me how to focus on the key elements of stories
and see how I would really apply them to my classroom. I absolutely loved some of the books I read, but other did not grab my interest as much. I
had two books that I fell in love with. The first was Brothers in Hope: The true story of the Lost Boys Of Sudan by Mary Williams. This book really
touched me, reading about the horrible circumstances that these children faced brought me to genuine tears. Seeing the immense strength they
possessed opened my eyes to the strength and resilience of children. The second book that I really enjoyed was Dear Mrs. Larue, Letters from
Obedience School by Mark Teague. I am an animal lover, and this book had me laughing so hard. I think this is exactly how my dog would act if I
sent him to obedience school. My least favorite book was A New Nation: The United States. As I said in my review I am not a huge American history
fan and I just found this book not as interesting as some of the others. Although the illustrations were good, the text was uninteresting to me. I was
surprised by how much fun I really had in the public library looking for all of these books. If I had to do it again, I would probably try and have a
student help me find books, so I could included books that I know student’s like. The whole point of the project is to become more familiar with things
students will be reading and how to use them effectively, so I think that would add to my effectiveness. As I progress in my education and my
professional career I hope that I will continue to read books at my student’s level and interest, so that I can make their learning as fun, and
meaningful as possible.

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