How to make money manufacturing Mega Miniatures Molds by frb17196


									                       How to make money
                manufacturing Mega Miniatures Molds
   This program is designed for people or companies who have access to or own their own
spin casting machine (centrifugal 9 inch rubber mold casting) as depicted below.

   Mega Miniatures is a one man operation. We (meaning I) make
my own molds, cast my own miniatures, package and market my own
products and invoice, box and ship to thousands of customers world
wide and you can do it too.

   My largest expense is for new sculptures. However, it takes me
time to make any money off the sales of the release of a NEW miniature. All of my
profits and the bulk of my sales come from back inventory. Molds and
their contents that have been paid for many years ago. I only release
new items to keep customers watching my website. The new pieces
will eventually sell enough copies to turn a profit.

   By the end of 2009, Mega Miniatures will no longer wholesale it’s
figures to Distributors or Retail stores. We will be focusing on selling
direct to consumers and producing large quantities of molds at cheap
prices for Entrepreneurs to cast and sell abroad.

   We will be selling 3 different nine inch molds per month through the
2010 year. 39 total molds containig 156 different figures then evaluate
this program before launching more in 2011. Each mold
will contain 4 different figures in multiples of 4 as depicted on the next
page. Anyone who purchases a mold may cast their contents
indefinitely without any further compensation to Mega Miniatures.
                                                                             Centrifugal Spincasting Machine
                                                                                     by Conquest USA

   These molds are so reasonably priced (3 molds for $200.00 containing 12 different miniatures)
you have the ability to cover your costs quickly. That is only $16.66 per figure for production rights,
not including shipping and handling charges. See Shipping rates.

   The contents of these molds will be FANTASY figures ONLY. We currently have NO plans on offering
any of the other ranges such as Animals, Decor, Sci-Fi or Modern. We will primarily focus on
producing molds for fantasy human sized figures of the most popular market Fantasy Roleplaying.

                         Ownership of the Figures
                              images & IP
   We are only selling you the right to reproduce the SPECIFIC figures in the mold you purchase from
Discount Hobby, Inc. the parent company of Mega Miniatures. We retain all rights to the figures LOOK,
Intellectual Property and figures painted image.

   However, you do have the right to use the images supplied in this catalog for any molds you
purchase to promote or advertise the figures you cast from such molds. If you want to use the figures
in a game you have our permission too as long as they are photos of the figures being used in game
play. You also have the right to shoot your OWN images of these figures painted or unpainted for
promotional purposes only, including catalogs, online sales, packaging and brochures.

  You also may not produce your own MOLDS of these figures and sell them to other persons or
                                   Determining COSTS
                                        per figure
   On the lower LEFT hand corner of each image there is a number. For example the dwarf below weighs
   .47 th of an ounce. This weight may very slightly depending on the type of metal you cast with. Lead
will weigh slightly more. We cast all our products using a metal that is 90% Tin, 10% Copper and 10% Zinc.

                                  There are 16 ounces in a pound. Currently our metal costs $7 per pound
                                  and that price included shipping to our casting facility. $7.00 divided by
                                   16 ounces is equal to 44 cents per ounce. Take the weight of the dwarf
                                miniature of .47 x by .44 cents per ounce and the metal cost to cast this figure
                                                                is only 20 cents!

                                 Knowing your costs is one of the most important factors to making money.

                                     If you get our best value FIVE molds for $325.00 containing 20 different
                                  figures your initial cost per figure is $16.25 (see below) divide the FIVE molds
                                  by a shipping charge of $55.00 if you live in Europe for example $2.75 per
                                  figure you have a total investment of $19.00 in each figure design. Sell
                                  only 15 castings for $1.50 each of the dwarf figure to the left and you have
                                  covered your cost of that particular figure and that factors in metal costs!

                              Shipping Costs of Molds

     We ship World Wide! All molds will be sent in a FLAT RATE priority mail box. It is far more cost
  effective to buy many molds at a time than to ship just one mold. The FLAT RATE BOX that the
  US POST OFFICE offers can hold from ONE to FIVE molds and costs the same to ship regardless
  of weight difference.

  USA               $15.00 shipping and handling    2 business days once shipped.
  CANADA            $35.00 shipping and handling    6 to 10 business days once shipped.
  Rest of World     $55.00 shipping and handling    6 to 10 business days once shipped.

    All orders received will be on a first come first served basis. We do not keep inventory of
  molds on hand and will custom make EACH mold as ordered. Therefore all molds are NEW
  and only spun 2 to 3 times to make sure they function properly. Because of the simple figure
  designs and their easy release from the mold, it is very common to get 500 or more spins from
  each mold before they begin to wear out. That is roughly 8,000 or more cast figures PER mold.
  Allow 1 to 2 weeks before molds are shipped. We will notify you by e-mail once your order has
  been shipped.

                                     Prices PER Mold
      The following is the price you will pay PER mold including price breaks for purchasing quantity.

  1   MOLD    =   $ 90.00   ($22.50 investment per figure)
  2   MOLDS   =   $160.00   ($20.00 investment per figure)
  3   MOLDS   =   $200.00   ($16.66 investment per figure)
  4   MOLDS   =   $265.00   ($16.56 investment per figure)
  5   MOLDS   =   $325.00   ($16.25 investment per figure our best rate!)
                                How to Order
We accept payment in the form of, Money Orders or Checks in US FUNDS only.      send funds including shipping charges to
(you can e-mail me a list of the MOLD PART NUMBERS you want or include it in the paypal NOTES)

MONEY ORDER or CHECKS          make payable to...

Mega Miniatures
7321 Pine Brook St.
Augusta, MI. 49012 USA

If you have any questions be sure to e-mail me Johnny Lauck at

                     An example of our Two part 9 inch vulcanized rubber mold
                     item M001 Skeletons (note 4 each of 4 different designs).
                                  December 2009
                                   mold releases

.36                 .27                  .33               .29

                     MOLD 001 Skeletons Set 1
         Mold contains 16 total figures (4 each of the above figures)
                     DEAL-0134, 0137, 0138 and 0139

 .49                        .49                .42          .47

                      MOLD 002 Dwarves Set 1
         Mold contains 16 total figures (4 each of the above figures)
                     DEAL-0248, 0255, 0265 and 0271

  .28                     .36            .41              .57

                     MOLD 003 Town Folk Set 1
        Mold contains 16 total figures (4 each of the above figures)
                    DEAL-0111, 0119, 0120 and 0121

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