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          Prestolite Announces Licensing Agreement with Balmar on No-Idle
Plymouth, MI USA [March, 2007]:
Ballard Commercial Industries, Inc. (Balmar) and Prestolite Electric Incorporated have today announced that
they have entered into a licensing agreement which allows Prestolite to produce and sell regulators using
Balmar’s specialized no-idle system regulator technology for heavy duty truck applications. The agreement
becomes effective April 1st, 2007. This regulator technology allows for a customized battery charging profile
to be used in deep cycle applications, instead of conventional regulation methods.

Prestolite and Balmar engineers had worked together for nearly three years in order to develop a depend-
able and robust no-idle system. During this time, extensive successful field testing was completed at various
heavy duty fleet customers. However, until today, the units were sold separately.

The Balmar/Prestolite system, which will be marketed under the Leece-Neville brand in the US, is designed
to address the pressing demands of emerging no-idle legislation, now enacted into law in 33 states. The
system, when coupled with certain battery and mobile HVAC units, allows long haul vehicles to rest in excess
of ten hours without requiring engine idling, while at the same time providing sufficient electrical charging
and climate control to meet driver needs. A typical system is expected to yield a financial payback in less
than two years, depending upon the cost of diesel fuel.

“We are extremely pleased to have reached an agreement with Bill Montgomery, Steve Gamman, and the
rest of the Balmar group” said Peter Corrigan, Chief Operating Officer. “Balmar has proven to be both flex-
ible and sophisticated in their approach, and they rely heavily upon qualification testing to prove out their
technology. We are proud to stand behind their product.”

As part of the agreement, Prestolite, working with Balmar expertise, will establish high volume manufac-
turing for initial sales, expected to begin later this year. Prestolite will also have access to several other
related Balmar products and technologies. Balmar has viewed the arrangement as an ideal mechanism to
bring an excellent product to market more quickly. “This joint approach offers us all an opportunity to apply
intelligent charging technology for both cost savings and systems solutions” stated Bill Montgomery, CEO of
Balmar. “We are pleased to be working with the Prestolite team.”

Both Prestolite and Balmar look at this agreement as a stepping stone to future joint developments and

Prestolite Electric is a global manufacturer of alternators and starter motors selling into niche markets for heavy-duty (truck, bus,
emergency, off-road), military and industrial applications. These are supplied under the Prestolite Electric, Leece-Neville and Indiel
brand names for original equipment and aftermarket application on a variety of vehicles and industrial equipment. Headquartered in
Ann Arbor, Michigan, Prestolite has operations in Arcade, NY; Garfield, NJ; Florence, KY; Greenford, England; Buenos Aires and San
Luis, Argentina; and Beijing, China.

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