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									                                                                                                Elements of Story
                                        Questions to Help You
   Explore the Text                                                                                 Structure:
                                         Focus on Characters

                                                                                              Characters - Definition
                                                                                         Characters are developed in four ways, through -
o Which characters are fully        o Who is the story centered around? Is                             o appearance
                                      it one character or a group of                                   o dialogue
   developed and which are flat?      characters?                                                      o actions
                                                                                                       o monologue
o How does the story show the       o How are the characters described?                         Characters are the people or personified
                                         What does this tell you about the characters?          animals and objects who are involved in
   development of the characters?                                                               the story. Characters are often the most
                                    o What do the characters say? What does                     important structural element because the
                                         this tell you about the characters?                    story is centered on a character or group
o If you were a character in the
                                                                                                of characters.

   story, which one would you be?   o    What do they characters do? What does
                                         this tell you about the characters?                    Fully developed main characters have
                                                                                                many character traits, both good and
   Why?                                                                                         bad; that is to say, they have all the
                                    o    What are the characters thinking?                      characteristics of real people. Inferring a
                                         What does this tell you about the characters?          character’s traits is an important part of
                                                                                                reading. Through character traits we get
                                                                                                to know a character well and the
                                                                                                character seems to come to life.

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