Collect Box Tops Labels - DOC by sleepnow


									 LAYER PTA is raising money for our

 By collecting Box Tops and Campbell’s Soup
Labels you can win prizes and Layer Elementary
                earns money!!
     Box Tops for Education:
     Pillsbury (breakfast items, baking items, etc.)
     Green Giant Frozen Vegetables
     General Mills Cereals
     Totino’s Frozen Pizza
     Old El Paso Mexican Foods
     Betty Crocker (cake mix, frostings, dessert & muffin mixes)
     Better Crocker Fruit Snacks
     Yoplait Yogurt
     Hamburger Helper
     Pop Secret Popcorn
     Zip Loc Bags
     Kleenex Tissues

     Campbell’s Soups Labels for Education:
     Campbell’s Soup
     Franco American canned pasta & gravies
     Pepperidge Farms rolls and desserts
     Swanson Frozen Dinners
     V8 Juices
     Goldfish Crackers
     Prego Sauces

 1. Box Tops: Cut out the box tops along the dotted lines.
    Campbell’s Labels: Cut out the UPC label. If product has a cap (i.e. V8 Splash or
    Prego) turn in cap as well.
 2. For Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels: Write student’s name, teacher’s name and
    grade on back of each box top, UPC label and cap. If you have a large amount, you can
    put all in a plastic bag and write information on the outside rather than on each label.
 3. The soda can tabs will be donated to help the Ronald McDonald House!
 4. Place all items in designated containers located in the cafeteria.
 5. On the last Friday of each month, prizes will be awarded!

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