Sending emails and labels by sleepnow


									Sending emails and labels
When choosing to send out mailings to leaders, members and or families the following will help you to
determine the most efficient method.

When not choosing the One Per Family check box in Mailing Labels

Each and Every Member targeted (members, cloverbuds, etc.) in the report parameters
Will get a mailing label or an email (if they have an email address)
Duplicate email addresses are weeded out so only one email would go to 3 kids that had the same
email address.

If One Per Family is selected:
Only email addresses in the parent contact file will get emails
So if the member has an email address but the parent does not have an email address
An email will not go to that family, they would get a mailing label instead.

So, the most efficient mailing / emailing would be for every parent contact to have an email address
And choose the one per family option for mailing labels and or emails then you will not get duplicate
mailing labels.

One thing that you could do is if the member has an email address and the parents do not, copy the email
address from the member and paste it into the parent contact file. This way when you select the family
option the information will be sent to the members email address thus reducing the number of labels that
are printed.

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