chat acronim by daewan


									Chat Acronyms and their meanings.

AFAIK       as far as I know
AFK   away from keyboard
ASAP as soon as possible
A/S/L       age / sex / location
BBIAB       be back in a bit
BBL   be back later
BBS   be back soon
BRB   be right back
BTW   by the way
BUMP Used on forums to bring a topic back to the top
FFS   for f***'s sake
FU    f*** you
FWIW for what it's worth
FYI   for your information
GTFO get the f*** out
GTG   got to go
HB    hurry back
H/O   hold on
J/K   just kidding
IDK   i don't know
IIRC if I recall correctly
IMO   in my opinion
IMHO in my humble / honest opinion
IRL   in real life
LMAO laugh my ass off
LMFAO       laugh my f***ing ass off
LOL   laugh out loud
NFI   no f***ing idea
NP    no problem
OMG   oh my God
OMFG oh my f***ing God
OP    original poster
PM    private message
ROFL rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO     rolling on floor laughing my ass off
RTM   read the manual
RTFM read the f***ing manual
SFW   safe for work
STFU shut the f*** up
TBH   to be honest
TC    take care
TIA   thanks in advance
TTFN ta ta for now
TTYL talk to you later
TY    thankyou
THX   thankyou
WB    welcome back
WE    whatever
W/    with
W/O   without
WTF   what the f***
WTH   what the hell
YW    you're welcome

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