York Township Water System Water Main Improvements by bfd16585


									York Township Water System
  Water Main Improvements

DuPage County Public Works Department
          Nick Kottmeyer

          Why are we meeting?

•   Original Project Involved York Center
•   Petitions Received From York Twp.
•   Individual Homeowner Requests
•   Owner Interest Results
•   8:1 Yes / No Ratio
What is a Special Service Area?

•   Funding option
•   Defined geographical area
•   Financed with bonds, 20 year period
•   Added to owners property taxes
•   Resident driven by the majority
•   Open public hearing process
•   Defined by State statutes
           Special Service Area
STEP 1:   Property Owners make a request for service
STEP 2:   Public Works Committee Approval
STEP 3:   Meeting with Property Owners
STEP 4:   Survey Property Owners to Form SSA
STEP 5:   Public Works Approve or Deny SSA Creation
STEP 6:   County Board Approve or Deny SSA Creation
STEP 7:   If SSA is Approved - Public Hearing - 60 days
STEP 8:   County Board Approve or Deny SSA Formation
York Township Area Municipalities
York Township Water System
  Proposed SSA Boundary Area
        DuPage County Option

• Lake Michigan water
• Share cost of the project with other
  unincorporated areas
• Developer is sharing cost of water
  tower, transmission main, and metering
• Does not require annexation
DuPage County Option SSA
DuPage County Estimated Project Costs
        Municipal Service Information

•   Lake Michigan water
•   Some existing infrastructure available
•   No developer involvement / contribution
•   Incentives available if pre-annexation
       agreement is signed
    – In Village connection fees
    – In Village water rates
    – Annexation delayed for 10 years
Municipal / Lombard Information
Municipal Information Estimated Costs
   Other Information to Consider

• State and Federal Grants (Township
  has already applied)
• Extremely competitive bidding
• Favorable time of the year to bid
  (January 2010)
• Low interest rates for bonds
      DuPage County Service Summary

•   Total project cost $9,287,280
•   Annual SSA Tax rate $1.30 per $100 assessed
•   Tax bill increase for average home: $1,236
•   Permit & Meter Fees $875
•   Estimated water bill: $48 / monthly
Property Owner Survey
              Information / Timelines
Petition / Survey Timeline
• Please respond to the survey by AUGUST 7, 2009

Grant Funds Timeline
• Response to State applications to be reported in the Fall of 2009

Engineering / Permitting
• Surveying & Final engineering design Winter 2009
• Permitting with the State and Local agencies Winter 2009

• Competitive bidding / award construction contract Spring 2010
• Start construction of water system project Spring 2010
• Completion of construction project Winter 2010
• Initial restoration Spring 2011
• Homeowners allowed to connect to water Spring / Summer 2011
• Final restoration Summer 2011


DuPage County Public Works

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