SYLLABUS, Spring 2008 MKTG 3214-001 INTERNET MARKETING by izy20048


									                                                     SYLLABUS, Spring 2008
                                                        MKTG 3214-001
                                                    INTERNET MARKETING

INSTRUCTOR:                                                                Office Hours:     TR 2:00-4:00 & by appt
Dr. Robert Roundtree                                                                         Office: 246 Friday
Phone: 704) 687-6297                                                       Class Times:      TR 12:30-1:45pm
E-mail:                                                 Location:         Friday 35

This applications course introduces the entire scope of internet marketing as an emerging marketing tool which is quickly
becoming universally accepted as a mandatory part of any company’s marketing plan. This course will help students develop
strategic marketing skills that can be integrated into all applications of the internet. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis
of existing website/internet activities, students will learn how to make strategic marketing decisions which meet their target
market and company or product positioning adding internet marketing to the overall marketing mix.

The course is designed to enable students to meet the following objectives:
    1. Understand the key terms and concepts in internet marketing.
    2. Gain a broad understanding of various techniques for utilizing the internet as part of your marketing strategy
    3. Gain an understanding of the role of the internet marketing manager in carrying out marketing strategy or support tactics
        with the internet.

The course will be taught using a variety of learning methods including textbook lecture, scheduled lab time, class discussion,
website and internet promotion critique, tests, team assignments, guest speakers, assigned readings and potentially pop quizzes.
You will need to know how to access the worldwide web, on-line data and materials as well has how to use Excel and PowerPoint.

Internet Marketing, & E-Commerce, First Edition, Ward Hanson and Kirthi Kalanam: Thomson-SouthWestern. ISBN: 0-13-978-

Advertising Age, Adweek, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, and the business section of the local newspaper.
Major men’s and women’s magazines, USA Today and the local newspaper. Additional publications and articles will be
recommended throughout the semester. Pay close attention to the website address and associated promotions. Develop a critical
eye and look at them from the marketer’s perspective as well as that of the consumer. Ask questions like, was this easy to
navigate, what is the company gaining from this, is this an effective website or promotion?

Your grade will reflect your timely attendance, preparedness for class discussion including interaction with the professor and other
students on the assigned chapters and assignments and their timely completion.

    Participation grades are based on demonstrated interest in and contribution to class discussions and lectures, as well as to
    team activities. Your participation will be calculated from peer evaluation, attendance, discussion, and other in-class
    Absences from class will negatively affect your grade, since some material that is covered in class is not available in the
    textbook, and will be incorporated into examinations.
    Miss a total of four unexcused classes throughout the semester, you will receive a failing grade for the class. It is the
    student’s responsibility to be present when the attendance is recorded. Excused absences include MD notes, and family
    emergencies or death.
    Do not be tardy. It interrupts the instructor and your classmates. Anyone entering the class 10 minutes late will be counted
    as absent.
    Turn off cell phones and pagers before entering class.

Teams will be formed not to exceed five (5) team members. One team assignment will be completed. It will consist of a
comprehensive internet marketing plan for a product/service/organization to be selected by the team and approved by your
instructor. The report will be bound, color printed and neatly typed with standard margins and proper grammar and spelling with
all sources cited. The written report, not to exceed forty (40) pages, will be turned in per the schedule below. The project oral
presentation, along with PowerPoint visuals, and creative or competitive samples will take place during the last week of classes
and scheduled final exam period. Ongoing progress reports will be required from each team once the project work has begun.

Team members will be given the responsibility of evaluating their peers’ contribution to the team assignment. Peer evaluations
will be conducted on the date that each assignment is due. These evaluations will be used to adjust the project grade of each team
member. Be a team player and do your part! It can be a lot of fun. If you are having problems within your group, do not wait
until the last week of class to let the instructor know. Complaints will not be heard at that late date!


Each student will be asked to critique five separate websites (not search engines though) for marketing effectiveness. Based on
your readings and class discussion please develop a set of criteria you are using to assess the marketing effectiveness of the
website. Your criterion must include traffic building effectiveness and the quality of user experiences. Also provide a set of
recommendations to improve each website.

There will be three exams based on the assigned readings in the textbook, lecture material, video presentations and supplemental
readings handed out in class. Each exam will be a combination of essay questions (70%) and multiple choice (30%). Material
covered on each exam is indicated in the attached schedule. Please keep in mind that there are no make-up exams given. If
for some reason, you feel that you might not be able to take the exam on the date indicated because of extraordinarily
compelling circumstances, see me before that date. An alternate time may be arranged for you, if your reason is found to be
compelling enough, as judged by me. In all such circumstances, written documentation (e.g., doctor’s letter for medical
emergencies, accident report for traffic accidents) of the reason for your absence will be required before your makeup exam grade
is included in your overall grade computation. In all such cases, the special arrangement will entail taking a much tougher exam
than that originally scheduled.

You will be evaluated and receive grades based on the following:

Class Participation/Attendance       10%              A=       100%-90%
Individual Website Critique           5%              B=        89%-80%
Team Written Project                 25%              C=        79%-70%
Final Oral Presentation              10%              D=        69%-60%
Test 1                               15%              F=       <60%
Test 2                               15%
Test 3                               20%


You are expected to be in class and on time ready to begin at the scheduled class time. No late work will be accepted unless prior
arrangements are made. You will show proper respect for your classmates and your instructor. The Belk College is a professional
school and you are expected to act and perform in a professional manner. If make-up tests become necessary they will be
cumulative and given at a common time at the end of the semester. Make-up exams and absences from presentations of team
projects will only be allowed for absences excused with the support of appropriate documentation from the office of academic
affairs for extreme circumstances.

If you have been even remotely aware of the business news during the past couple years you know the names Enron, Arthur
Andersen and others as examples of a lack of integrity in business. Your professor and the university take the issue of academic
integrity very seriously. Accordingly you will adhere to The UNC Charlotte Code of Student Academic Integrity. This code
forbids cheating, fabrication or falsification of information, multiple submissions of academic work, plagiarism, abuse of
academic materials, and complicity in academic dishonesty. Any special requirements of permission regarding academic integrity
in this course will be stated by the instructor and are binding on the students. Academic evaluations in this course include a
judgment that the student’s work is free from academic dishonesty of any type; and grades in this course therefore should be and
will be adversely affected by academic dishonesty. Students who violate the code can be expelled from UNC Charlotte. The
normal penalty for a first offense is zero credit on the work involving dishonesty and further substantial reduction of the course
grade. In almost all cases the course grade is reduced to F. Copies of the code can be obtained from the Dean of Students Office.
Standards of academic integrity will be enforced in this course. Students are expected to report cases of academic dishonesty to
the course instructor.

Attendance & Class Contribution

As mentioned earlier, students are required to actively participate in class discussion. 15 percent of your grade will be distributed
according to the quality of the comments that you make during class. Obviously, if you miss a great deal of classes, your
participation grade will suffer, as you cannot participate if you do not attend class. Also, if you only attend classes but never
participate in the discussion, you will receive only a satisfactory grade. Remember you must do all of the readings assigned in
order to effectively contribute to class discussion as well as score well on the exams. Finally, there will be approximately 3-5
quizzes given during the semester and will be administered at the beginning of class. Each student will have one quiz grade
dropped and the remainder used as part of the class contribution grade.

Extra Credit

It is possible (but not guaranteed) that during the semester you will be asked to participate in a research project that is being
conducted by a marketing professor. For helping with these research projects, you will receive extra credit (3 points on one

Schedule Changes

This syllabus and schedule provide general plans for the course; deviations may be necessary. You are responsible for schedule
changes announced in class or via email.

                              MKTG 3214 – Internet Marketing
                                      Spring 2008

     DATE                         TOPIC                        TEXT CHAPTER
TH      1/10      Welcome and Class Overview

T       1/15      Introduction to Internet Marketing               1&2

TH      1/17      Networks and its Users                           3&4

T       1/22      Networks and its Users                           3&4
                  Team Lists Due
TH      1/24      Internet Business Models                          5

                  Lab Session: Room 339
T       1/29      Internet Business Models                          5

                  Team Project Overview
TH      1/31      Branding and the Internet                         6

T           2/5   Branding and the Internet                         6

TH          2/7   Lab Session: Room 280

T       2/12      Traffic Building and the Online                  7&8

TH      2/14      Exam #1

T       2/19      Traffic Building and the Online

TH      2/21      Lab Session: Room 339
 T      2/26
TH      2/28      Building Customer Loyalty Online                9 & 10

T           3/4   Spring Break – No class

TH          3/6   Spring Break – No class

T       3/11      Building Customer Loyalty Online                9 & 10

TH      3/13      Lab Session: Room 339                             11
                  Innovation and the Internet

T       3/18      Pricing                                           12
  TH           3/20       Lab Session: Room 339 (Group
                          Project Updates)

   T           3/25       Online Retailing & Channels of                                 13 & 14

  TH           3/27       Exam #2

   T            4/1       Online Retailing & Channels of                                 13 & 14

  TH            4/3       Lab Session: Room 339

   T            4/8       B2B E-Commerce                                                    15

  TH           4/10       B2B E-Commerce                                                    15

   T           4/15       Market Research Online                                         16 & 17

  TH           4/17       Market Research Online                                         16 & 17

   T           4/22       Team Presentations

  TH           4/24       Team Presentations

   T           4/29       Team Presentations

                          Exam 3
                          During Finals Week: May 8th
                          11:00am – 1:45 PM – Room 35

*NOTE: This is a tentative schedule. It is anticipated that we will have guest speakers and their schedules may not
conform to ours. Also, we may move through the material at a pace that differs from that anticipated in the above
schedule. Final schedules may change. Be flexible. Read ahead. Be prepared for contingencies.


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