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					PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                       SEO Local Internet Marketing Milton Keynes Tel: 01908 303695

       By SO Direct Business and Product Development
       Dated: Feb 25, 2010

       Local Internet Marketing Milton Keynes SEO companies services vary in quality and delivery. SEO unique
       software “twists” content such as MK SEO Local Specialist, and generic keywords “Your Local Specialist
       for SEO Marketing”.

       “Everyone has an opinion on SEO”, this is because Local Internet Marketing is still in its early stages of
       development. There are still ‘first generation’ clients out there who do not understand SEO and there are no
       de facto standards against which to measure the standard of service.

        A trawl of Local Internet Marketing Milton Keynes, for example, from Search Engine Optimisation
       companies, range from a one off £75 charge to place some keywords on the page footer of the home page to
       £4,000 for a full service which in reality turns out to be simple link building probably using link farms.

        Clients often ask if they should continue with AdWords while the SEO process works its way through to
       achieve Page 1 rankings. The question is ‘do the leads generated lead to actual business?’ Proactive SEO
       that works, removes the need for AdWords.

        In the Nineties in the early stages of advances in IT and the rise of the Internet, companies were keen to
       appear as if they were major global players with a local presence, this often involved producing local
       language versions for products and having regional offices and sales forces. Now an organisation can
       electronically roll out products across the Internet on a global basis.

        The advent of the Internet and the advances in technology that make micro-marketing possible, mean that
       this old adage has been turned on its head. Now it’s important to be seen as “Your local specialist”. Some
       examples of big brand campaigns include Nat West who are keen to demonstrate through their advertising
       that they offer a personal service and are interested in your life. HSBC translated into “The world’s local
       bank” showing both the twin strengths of global coverage, but with local personality, culture and flavour.

        SO Direct’s Local Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimisation techniques enable any organisation
       whether B2C or B2B to achieve a Local and National dominant position. SEO unique software enables SO
       Direct to “twist” content and listings with a selection of local town keywords such as MK SEO Local
       Specialist, and National coverage, such as the generic phrase “Your Local Specialist for SEO Marketing” to
       ensure that the business appears on page one in the area of choice.

        SEO Local Internet Marketing‘Grey Hat’ techniques allow for semi-automation so that Google sees a
       humanised element to the process, enabling multiple accounts to be created and loaded to to relevant
       directories and unique content where the same article is recreated in a variety of formats so that Google sees
       unique content each time, on each page, across each town or City across the UK whether the town is Milton
       Keynes for SEO Marketing, Bedford SEO Marketing, Luton, SEO Marketing, Daventry, SEO Marketing.
        The power of SO Direct’s SEO Local Internet Marketing is obvious.

        Initially, it’s not just a question of the website designers sitting with the PR or marketing managers within
       organisation to discuss preferred keywords. Automating this process using Google’s Keyword Tool and
       other SEO techniques give an in-depth analysis of preferred keywords from “Doable” to “Difficult!” This
       list is then compared to the Top 20 most successful competitor websites together with their Pay Per Click
       campaigns so that it is possible to see the amount of money competitors are spending on certain keywords.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 Analysis provides a refined targeted list of keywords ranging from “Easy” to “Difficult”. A mixture of the
two is then used for up to a hundred keywords or more, with articles being written which are twisted and
loaded to relevant Internet directories on a multiple basis to maximise coverage across the topic area and
preferred geographical location. This helps to push even the biggest competitors off the front page.

 The correct search terms or ‘meta tags’ need to be agreed. These are a selection of keywords and phrases
that many website owners think customers are most likely to type in a random search in order to find them,
and their products and services.

 Keywords need to be used 2 or 3 times every 100 words. A copywriter can be purchased for as little as 2
cents per word. Copywriters are needed who can write on any topic, provide research around the area and
produce copy quickly that reads very well.

 The loading of the original content to up to 3,000 relevant directories is semi-automated.
 Creating a ‘hub and spoke’ effect with Blogs and new websites highlighting specific product areas of the
business, all with back links to the main site, will exponentially speed up the process of helping the
business to dominate page one of Google for the preferred keywords. Once there, the visitor needs to be
encouraged to stay through various incentives, such as the use of video case studies, an enquire now form, a
free ‘health check’ offer or an email autoresponder so that they can register their details and in return be
able to download some valuable material – a free “White Paper” for example.

 Employing full-time writers and link builders enables the Local SEO Internet Marketing programme to
focus on a 360 degree customer communications strategy that is so important to drive sales and

 It is a virtuous circle of activity today, encompassing brand image and consultancy, Web Design, Search
Engine Optimisation, PR, Direct Mail, Advertising, Events and Sponsorship. At the heart of it lies the
messaging from Thought Leadership through to the translation of the messages into various activities that
‘touch’ the customer at the right point in time with the right message that will encourage purchases.

 With a joined up approach and using powerful SEO techniques, companies can dominate their markets
across the globe, looking like the favourite local supplier.


SO Direct is a rapid response consultancy for new economy companies offering integrated marketing
communications programmes to enable small to medium sized businesses drive growth and profitability.

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