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                               FACULTY OF HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM

COURSE NAME:                        Baking and Pastry Skills I
COURSE CODE:                        HOSF 1093
CREDIT HOURS:                       168
PREREQUISITES:                      None
COREQUISITES:                       Baking and Pastry Theory I
EFFECTIVE DATE:                     September 2006
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PLAR ELIGIBLE:                      YES      (X)      NO       ( )
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EQUITY STATEMENT: George Brown College values the talents and contributions of its students, staff and community
partners and seeks to create a welcoming environment where equity, diversity and safety of all groups are fundamental.
Language or activities which are inconsistent with this philosophy violate the College policy on the Prevention of
Discrimination and Harassment and will not be tolerated. The commitment and cooperation of all students and staff are
required to maintain this environment. Information and assistance are available through your Chair, Student Affairs, the
Student Association or the Human Rights Advisor.

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Students should obtain a copy of the Student Handbook and refer to it for additional
information regarding the grading system, withdrawals, exemptions, class assignments, missed tests and exams, supplemental
privileges, and academic dishonesty. Students are required to apply themselves diligently to the course of study, and to
prepare class and homework assignments as given. Past student performance shows a strong relationship between regular
attendance and success.
This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic fundamentals of baking and pastry skills
through a series of demonstrations and practical laboratories in Professor directed classes.
Each student will produce a variety of baked and pastry goods, building a solid foundation of essential skills,
knowledge and the disciplines necessary to compete in today’s industry.

As mandated by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities essential employability skills (EES) will be
addressed throughout all programs of study. Students will have the opportunity to learn (L) specific skills, to
practice (P) these skills, and/or be evaluated (E) on the EES outcomes in a variety of courses. The EES include
communication, numeracy, critical thinking & problem solving, information management, interpersonal and
personal skills. The faculty for this course has indicated which of the EES are either Learned (L), Practiced (P) or
Evaluated (E) in this course:

                   Skill                      L P E                      Skill                    L P     E
to communicate clearly, concisely and         X   X   X   to locate, select, organize and
correctly in the written, spoken and visual               document information using
form that fulfills the purpose and meets                  appropriate technology and
the needs of the audience                                 information sources
to respond to written, spoken or visual           X       to show respect for the diverse             X
messages in a manner that ensures                         opinions, values, belief systems, and
effective communication                                   contributions of others
to execute mathematical operations            X   X   X   to interact with others in groups or    X   X   X
accurately                                                teams in ways that contribute to
                                                          effective working relationships and
                                                          the achievement of goals
to apply a systematic approach to solve       X   X   X   to manage the use of time and other     X   X   X
problems                                                  resources to complete projects
to use a variety of thinking skills to        X   X   X   to take responsibility for my           X   X   X
anticipate and solve problems.                            actions, decisions and consequences
to analyze, evaluate, and apply relevant      X   X   X
information from a variety of sources

Upon successful completion of this course the student will have demonstrated the required skills to:
1. Demonstrate the ability to maintain the required standards of the Provincial Sanitation Code, personal
   hygiene, grooming, and professional dress code standards required by both Chef School and industry.
2. Apply knowledge of scaling and measuring techniques using various scales, weights and measures to
   utilize correct ingredient amounts to achieve the demonstrated/specified and desired end product.
3. Interpret and/or make any changes necessary to utilize and balance a given baking recipe.
4. Set up and maintain a clean, safe and orderly workstation, including the washing and sanitizing of
   general work areas.
5. Apply the necessary skills to maintain a safe, respectful working environment, while using the machinery,
   equipment, and tools associated with the professional trade.
6. Demonstrate teamwork skills, including time management, appropriate language, respect for others, and
   organizational skills as a required progression to a successful baking and pastry career path.
7. Demonstrate the ability to produce, package, and/or present self-evaluated finished baked products in a
   clean and professional manner meeting the standards expected by the end user.

COURSE NAME: Baking and Pastry Skills I                                                                       2
COURSE CODE: HOSF 1093                                                                      September 2006
Throughout this program the student will develop and refine baking and pastry skills with the
emphasis on preparation and finishing methods frequently used in the food service industry, listed
Dough’s and Batters
    - laminated dough
    - pie dough
    - choux paste
    - sweet paste
    - royal icing
Manual Skills
    - scaling
    - rolling
    - piping
    - dividing/cutting/stamping
    - rounding and shaping
    - paper cornet
    - colour blending
Machine Skills
    - planetary and spiral mixers
    - rotating oven
    - proofing cabinet
    - scaling equipment
    - hot plates
    - thermometers
    - dough sheeter
Skill Sets and Techniques
    - chocolate
    - fondant (icing and rolled)
    - glazing
    - fermentation
    - sugar cookery
    - egg custard
    - pastry cream
    - packaging/presentation
Creating flavour and maintaining quality through:

As shown in the Professor’s led demonstrations.

The Professor teaches this course through 1 orientation class followed by a series of combined
demonstration and practical labs. These classes are critiqued by the Professor and the students are
encouraged to self-evaluate their work.

COURSE NAME: Baking and Pastry Skills I                                                                  3
COURSE CODE: HOSF 1093                                                                  September 2006
Baker’s Practical Manual 2004/5 - George Brown College
Professional Baking 4th Edition – Wayne Gisslen

The Professional Pastry Chef – Bo Friberg
Professional Baker’s Manual 4th Edition – B.A.C.

The student will dress in the required uniform consisting of:
   • Clean chef’s white jacket
   • Clean chef’s blue and white-checkered trousers (hemmed, no roll ups)
   • Clean white apron
   • Clean white necktie
   • Clean white chef’s hat, or baker’s pillbox hat
   • Appropriate footwear – black leather safety shoes (absolutely no running shoes)
   • Side towels (2)
   • Appropriate recipes for the lab
   • Appropriate tools and small wares for the labs
   • No exposed piercings or jewelry

Punctuality in the Demonstration/ Lab:
For the Professor and the Student to be successful, attendance and punctuality is required. Repeated
absenteeism and tardiness will be addressed with between the Professor and the Student.

Students must be aware that repeated absenteeism and tardiness will automatically result in reduced marks
potentially impacting grades.

Any one not being able to attend class is required to call 416-415-5000 X 2226, and communicate the fact
that they cannot attend that class.

No formal assignments are required for this course however, it is essential that students read their manual
prior to attending class. Students should be aware that some research regarding retail pricing and availability
of products is a component of this course.

The demonstration and the practical class marks will be based on the following criteria.

These classes are critiqued and marked based upon criteria set out at the beginning of each class as well
• Follow the provincial standard as per Sanitation Code of Personal Hygiene, grooming and sanitation.
• Follow the provincial standard as per safe food handling practices.
• Workplace/station management, organization and cleanliness
• Safe equipment handling. (All)

COURSE NAME: Baking and Pastry Skills I                                                                      4
COURSE CODE: HOSF 1093                                                                     September 2006
•        Competent preparation and finishing to include:
            Appropriate work techniques and methods. (As per demo)
            Food waste.
            Timing and speed. (Proper use of the allotted time and punctual completion of the lab)
            The sequence of preparation and baking.
            Proper utilization of equipment

Taste and presentation to include:
   - Taste to reflect correct scaling.
   - Appearance to reflect correct baking temperature and time.
   - Packaging will reflect careful handling and attention to cleanliness.

The achieved grade is broken down with the following procedure in each of the Baking Labs:

             Work Procedure and Professional Conduct                              20%
             Class Participation                                                  10%
             Hygiene and Sanitation Practices                                     10%
             Presentation and the Taste of all Products                           60%
                                                                   Total         100%

The final grade is an average of all Practical Labs, and 1 Orientation Class

Note: Tasting of products in the Bake Labs is limited to the occasions where tasting is necessary to
determine faults in any given product.

The passing grade for this course is:                  60%

    A+     90-100    4.0   B+     77-79    3.3   C+    67-69    2.3    D+    57-59    1.3    Below 50    F   0.0
    A       86-89    4.0   B      73-76    3.0   C     63-66    2.0    D     50-56    1.0
    A-      80-85    3.7   B-     70-72    2.7   C-    60-62    1.7

Excerpt from the College Policy on Academic Dishonesty:
The minimal consequence for submitting a plagiarized, purchased, contracted, or in any manner inappropriately negotiated
or falsified assignment, test, essay, project, or any evaluated material will be a grade of zero on that material.
To view George Brown College policies please go to

COURSE NAME: Baking and Pastry Skills I                                                                                    5
COURSE CODE: HOSF 1093                                                                              September 2006
                                             TOPICAL OUTLINE:

Week        Content                                                    Outcomes   Chapter/ Reference
1           Introduction to Bakeshop, scaling, tools, knife skills     1-6        Professor’s Notes
            and store room management                                             Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
2           Basic piping skills                                        1-7        Professor’s Notes
                                                                                  Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
3           Cookies – creaming method                                  1–7        Professor’s Notes
                                                                                  Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
4           Cookies – Macaroons                                        1-7        Professor’s Notes
            Cutting skills                                                        Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
5           Basic fermentation, rolls, pan breads                      1–7        Professor’s Notes
                                                                                  Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
6           Free standing and pan breads                               1-7        Professor’s Notes
                                                                                  Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
7           Rye and whole wheat breads                                 1-7        Professor’s Notes
                                                                                  Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
            Intersession Week
8           Savoury applications for fermented goods                   1-7        Professor’s Notes
            Quick breads                                                          Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
9           Pie and pastry skills – apple, lemon, cream pies           1-7        Professor’s Notes
            Quiche                                                                Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
10          Choux pastry skills including éclairs, cream puffs,        1–7        Professor’s Notes
            assorted pastries and beignets.                                       Lab Demonstration
            Sweet paste pastries including various tarts and flans                Baker’s Pract. Manual
11          Puff pastry skills including production and utilization.   1-7        Professor’s Notes
            Dessert prep, using crème Anglais and “royalé”                        Lab Demonstration
            mixture                                                               Baker’s Pract. Manual
12          Seasonal preparation/ finishing                            1-7        Professor’s Notes
                                                                                  Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual
13          Seasonal products – stollen, mince tarts and cookies       1-7        Professor’s Notes
            Specialty packaging and presentation of products for                  Lab Demonstration
            seasonal bake sale                                                    Baker’s Pract. Manual
14          Seasonal products – gingerbread houses,                    1–7        Professor’s Notes
            introduction to tempering and production of truffles.                 Lab Demonstration
                                                                                  Baker’s Pract. Manual

Note: Sequence may change at Professor’s discretion.

COURSE NAME: Baking and Pastry Skills I                                                                   6
COURSE CODE: HOSF 1093                                                                   September 2006

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