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					Press Information

New Offset /Flexo Xpannd 450 for labels and sleeves
introduced during the next GIDUE Open House
Larger print width and top printing quality for shrink sleeves and self-adhesive labels

Turate, November 13th 2008 –  GIDUE latest combined offset/flexo press Xpannd 450, will be
presented during the next GIDUE Open House on the 27th and 28th of November. The wider
width of the press, 450mm, is convenient for printing both self-adhesive and shrinkable sleeves
and makes offset/flexo combination a valuable choice for a larger number of converters.

The offset/flexo Xpannd 450 is a viable solution for label converters who want to increase
profitability during the actual market slowdown. With its characteristics of high printing quality
at lower operating costs, full versatility on the choice of the substrates (from rough papers to
shrinkable materials), total flexibility on the choice of the available technologies (offset, flexo,
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silkscreen, gravure, h ttmpn ,t)l td‘sso dfficult high-end jobs, 'glocal'
standardisation and lower offset plate costs for short runs printing, full digital flow integration
with the digital process, the Xpannd 450 is an efficient tool to be proactive and flexible in any
competitive market.

                                                  The Xpannd Hi-Offset system meets the BVDM
                                                  (German Association for Printing) guidelines in
                                                  terms of dot gain, colour fading, slur and
                                                  doubling, ghosting and streaking and obtained
                                                  for this reason the SID certification.

                                                 The accurate GIDUE web tension and
                                                 temperature controls on the Xpannd 450, and the
                                                 Universal Platform concept (modular printing
                                                 station for the interchange of different printing
                                                 processes –  flexo, silkscreen, hot stamping,
gravure), make the printing of offset/flexo and multi-process on several filmic substrates a
realistic opportunity to enter new markets.

The Digital Automation of the Xpannd 450, in combination with offset and multi-process, helps
reducing waste and set-up times and represents a choice for owners of digital, intermittent offset,
sheet-fed offset presses and for label converters whose need is to print short runs cost-effectively.

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The high-end offset/flexo combination quality is an alternative solution for UV flexo label
printers who look for product and market differentiation or want to serve their existing customers
offering new and higher standards.

Due to the wider size of the press, special attention is given to safety and to the ease of use
through the multi-process Organizer (Patent Pending). This Organizer allows the handling and
storage of the Offset Cassettes and of the multi-process heads and is positioned in front of the
machine for its entire length. No load handling, no stress and no risks for the operator are
involved. A ‘ a ’
             l n working environment makes format and process change simple, fast and

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  Despite the present recession times, GIDUE h s eie t ‘ -l nh i e in a series of new
R&D projects. I believe that the label industry is suffering a general crisis due to production over-
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capacity and lack of differentiation within label converters - states F d r o ’ n u z ,   o
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President of Gidue S.p.A. – h n w X a n 40wi i ‘       h s                width and its total
flexibility can be the answer for label printers who seek for better profit performances for their
companies and not simply for a turnover increase.    ”

The first Xpannd 450 (4-colour offset, 6-colour flexo) has been successfully installed at I.B.E.,
Industry Business European, of Merate (Lc), Italy. One Xpannd 370 (5 offset, 3 flexo, 1 hot
stamping and 1 silkscreen) will be on display at GIDUE plant, in Italy, during the next Open
House. GIDUE Team is looking forward to meeting you on the 27th and 28th November, write
to to receive detailed information on the event.

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Headquartered north of Milan, Italy, GIDUE S.p.A. has been providing innovative printing press
technology and solutions to the narrow and mid-web printing and packaging industry since 1978.
Its presses perform multiple processes in a number of press widths and configurations to serve the global
label and packaging market. Continuous innovation, robust manufacturing and global partnerships with
leading companies contribute to its success in the label and packaging world.


The name of the company is GIDUE. Only if the graphics style of your magazine do not permit capital letters for
the names of companies, please type Gidue. Thank you.

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**More pictures of the Xpannd 450 will come in the next days

The PICTURES can be downloaded at

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