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					   Public Safety
                               BEHAVIOR PATTERN RECOGNITION™ TRAINING
                                  Subcommittee: Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies

      Request:       $84,000 to provide training for Phoenix police officers assigned to Sky Harbor International Airport in
                     Behavior Pattern Recognition (BPR™).

Community Value:                                                          Training police officers assigned to security operations at Sky
                                                                          Harbor International Airport in the techniques associated with
The requested appropriation would be utilized to acquire                  BPR™ will better enable them to identify potential risks devised
training in a preventive security program for the Phoenix police          by individuals who try to thwart fixed security systems.
officers assigned at Sky Harbor International Airport.                    Combining this method with existing security measures will
                                                                          result in a more effective and comprehensive approach to air
Security at Sky Harbor International Airport is a priority for the        security operations. The effects of this program would have a
region as well as the nation. To enhance its effectiveness, the           benefit throughout the entire United States as any event
Phoenix Police Department would like to train its officers                occurring at a major airport will affect the nation as a whole.
assigned to airport security operations in the techniques of a
preventive program called Behavior Pattern Recognition (BPR™).            Background:
BPR™ is based on a successful preventive security program
developed in Israel that trains officers to detect threats through        The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, served to illustrate some
the recognition of individuals’ behavioral characteristics. Several       of the vulnerabilities that existed in our country’s air travel
major airports in the United States and some law enforcement              industry and also demonstrated how disruptive such an event
agencies throughout the country have introduced BPR™ into                 could be to our entire nation. The enhanced screening measures
their security operations.                                                implemented at most airports since the attacks, unfortunately,
                                                                          have not completely deterred terrorists and extremist groups
                                                                          from trying to utilize commercial airlines to carry out future

                                                                          Sky Harbor International Airport is a major transportation hub
                                                                          for the Phoenix metropolitan area with an economic impact of
                                                                          approximately $26 billion per year. It is ranked eighth in the
                                                                          United States and 14th in the world for the number of
                                                                          passengers it serves. In 2005, the passenger loads exceeded 41
                                                                          million people. It is the responsibility of the Phoenix Police
                                                                          Department to provide primary security at the airport.

                                  Contact: Richard B. Gehlbach, Lieutenant, Phoenix Police Airport Bureau

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