Poltica pblica y democracia en Amrica Latina: Del anlisis a la implementacin

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                                                                                                         are major shortcomings that need to
                      Política pública y                                                                 be addressed. Vidal Garza Cantú, as-
                      democracia en América                                                              sociate director of EGAP, summarizes
                      Latina: Del análisis                                                               this concern: “Latin American coun-
                                                                                                         tries have reached electoral democ-
                      a la implementación                                                                racy and its basic freedoms, but they
                      Freddy Mariñez Navarro and                                                         have not advanced to consolidate a
                      Vidal Garza Cantú                                                                  democracy led by citizens.”
                      (Coordinadores)                                                                       Nearly all the essays conclude that
                                                                                                         the key to successful policymaking
                      Políticas Públicas Serie, 2009,
                                                                                                         is broad involvement by the citizens
                      Softcover, 555 pages
                                                                                                         affected by government policies.
                                                                                                         Eugenio Lahera, who holds profes-
                                                                                                         sorships at the University of Chile
                                                                                                         and Princeton University, argues that
                        REVIEWED BY KIMBERLY ASCOLI                                                      stakeholder engagement in Chile
                             AND TAMAR S. BENZAKEN                                                       has led to political stability, and is
                                                                                                         one reason why the Concertación—a
                          atin America is constantly being     involved in every stage of the poli-      coalition of center-left parties—has

Description: From Analysis to Implementation, a collection of essays by 34 Latin American scholars, offers a solution: building a democracia ciudadana (participatory democracy), in which the public and private sectors and civil society are involved in every stage of the policymaking process. The 22 essays in the book, alternating between theoretical discussions and country-specific case studies, examine how the implementation of public policies can help to explain the daunting challenges facing the region's democratic institutions.
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