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Newbrough was sadly not the only such case. Since 2003, 91 immigrants have died in the custody of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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									              A key task for the human rights movement therefore           committed in the midst of conflict continues to be
              involves working for reform of the police and jus-           paramount. However, these forms of providing access
              tice system to prove that the two are not incompat-          to justice can also address situations where rights are
              ible. For a movement born out of the opposition to           denied to broad sectors of the population.
              heavy-handed authoritarian rule in the context of                If they want to preserve the great achievements
              ideologically polarized conflicts and societies, this is      of recent decades, modern human rights champions
              a difficult change to achieve. But it must be done, and       must play a bolder role in exposing criminal involve-
              civil society organizations need to learn and work in        ment and corruption in governments, and in leading
              these new circumstances.                                     initiatives aimed at strengthening democratic gover-
                  That does not mean giving up the movement’s tra-         nance and fighting inequality.
              ditional goals. It remains essential to confront past
              and present impunity with continued efforts to pros-
              ecute human rights abusers, to pursue truth-telling
                                                                           1. Some revealing examples of this can be found in, Mariclaire
              about systemic crimes and to seek effective repara-          Acosta and John Burnstein, ¿Qué puede haber dentro de un
                                                                           nombre? Estudios de caso sobre identidad y registro en America
              tions for victims.                                           Latina y el Caribe (Washington DC: Inter-American Development
                  In some cases, seeking redress for crimes                Bank Sustainable Development Department, 2006), 192.

             IMMIGRANT DETENTION CENTERS                                                         by Diana Rodriguez

                  or ten days last                                                                standards on the treatment

             F    November, detained
                  immigrant Guido
              Newbrough sought med-
                                                                                                  of detainees. Immigrants are
                                                                                                  frequently denied adequate
                                                                                                  medical care, visitation and
              ical attention for the                                                              access to legal counsel and
              bacterial infection that                                                            legal materials. “With ever-
              was affecting his heart.                                                            more restrictive policies and
              His repeated pleas to                                                               prac
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