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                    Join Nancy Fedorchak and Chad Ratliff as they discuss various pathways to the classroom.

   Forum Moderator Profiles
                                     Nancy Fedorchak,                                                     Fellow moderator Chad
                                     co-moderator of the CTE                                              Ratliff spent nine years
                                     Teacher Education and                                                as an educator in a high
                                     Certification forum, is a                                            poverty school division
                                     nurse and an adjunct                                                 where he launched an
                                     faculty member at the                                                eLearning initiative and
                                     University of Central                                                the division’s first per-
                                     Missouri. She has a doctor-                                          sonal finance course. Chad
                                     ate in education and has                                             holds an M.Ed. from the
                                     served as president of the                                           University of Virginia and
                                     Missouri Health Sciences                                             is completing his M.B.A. at
                                     Technology Educators.                                                Virginia Tech.

                 Posted on the Forum                                                Heard on the Podcast
                   “You cannot tell me that a person who has had                  “The idea that we are in a postindustrial soci-
                   in-the-field experience is not capable enough                  ety is a myth. The U.S. exports a great deal of
   or is not intelligent enough to teach because he or she does      high-tech products, but they’re high-end products. And we’ll
   not have a college certification degree. I feel that I earned     export more of them if we have the pe
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