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									     Submit your PSA                         Photoshop CS programs, as well as other                                                   the country. If you have information that
     for CTE Month                           world-class computer software. He is a                                                    should be part of the profile, please con-
ACTE is hosting its annual public service    member of the SkillsUSA Leadership Or-                                                    tact Jason Kiker at
announcement (PSA) contest, and it           ganization and has successfully competed
is looking for budding filmmakers to         in regional electronic media competitions.
design a 29-second video incorporating       For more information about CTE Month,                                                                New Research Available
the 2010 CTE Month logo and theme,           please visit ACTE’s Web site at www.                                                      The Research Clearinghouse is brimming
“CTE: Invest in Your Future.” The                                                               with new research. New papers have been
contest is open to secondary, postsecond-                                                                                              added in many categories including: Eco-
ary and adult CTE students in film and                                                                                                 nomic Impact of CTE; Faculty and Staff
video production classes or in other CTE            ACTEonline Wins APEX                                                               Development; Relevance of Workforce
courses. Students may enter as individuals          Award of Excellence                                                                Standards; Assessments; and Instructional
or as a group. ACTE will announce the        ACTE recently received a 2009 APEX                                                        Practices.
winning PSA during its Annual Conven-        Award of Excellence in the Most Im-
tion and Career Tech Expo, November          proved Web and Intranet Sites category
19-21, in Nashville, Tennessee. Deadline     for the redesigned ACTE Web site. The                                                                Economic Impact of CTE
to enter is October 16, 2009. This year,     revamped site, which launched in No-                                                      A new leave behind titled “Investing in
entries must incorporate the CTE Month       vember 2008, features more multimedia                                                     Career and Technical Education Yields
2010 logo, display ACTE’s Web address        content, enhanced interactivity tools                                                     Big Returns” has been created and is
on the screen, and include a message that    such as blogs and discussion forums, and                                                  available on the CTE Info and Research
is either spoken or text in the video. For   the myACTE personal profile. Explore                                                      Web page. ACTE continues to gather
complete rules and details of the contest,   the award-winning Web site at www.                                                        information on return on investment
please visit                                                                              and economic impact so we can create
psacontest.aspx. For more information                                                                                                  regional and, if there is enough informa-
or questions about submissions, please                                                                                                 tion, state specific leave behinds. If you
contact or               CTE State Profiles                                                                 have any information on the economic
call 800-826-9972, ext. 353.                 All 50 state profiles have been updated!                                                  impact that CTE has on your city, district
                                             Please review them to see how CTE is                                                      or state, please send it to Jason Kiker at
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