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									          Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, vol. 4, no. 2 (2009)

And so it goes…
Jennifer Richard
Academic Librarian / Editor
Acadia University

Sometimes in this column I take the opportunity to write about issues, as well as
updating the readers about the state of the journal, the editorial board, and our
activities. As I was preparing to write this on the last day of fall, this of course being the
fall issue, I thought I don’t have time, it’s been way too busy this term, maybe I’ll skip
writing something this time around or I’ll just explain how busy I’ve been taking on a new
role at my library and let myself off the hook. Then I remembered Pam and Denise’s
article on the culture of busy and I sat down for a couple of minutes and re-read the
article. That helped put things in perspective for me. So, even though it’s not a long
piece, I thought I should still provide an update, so here goes….

This issue is a smaller one than usual, but at the onset of the journal, we agreed that
the advantage of an electronic journal, even with a very broad mandate, was that it
didn’t matter if every section was published in every issue. That it was more important
to have an accessible venue, but with top rate articles that had undergone appropriate
peer review and editorial scrutiny. As a volunteer organizing a number of other
volunteers to put together a ri
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