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Let alone legislation protecting the rights of trans people and I can not think of, nor find, explicit mention of bisexuality - still a silent taboo within and outside our community. [...] I would like to add my thanks to the review team for this edition.

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									Gay & Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review, Vol. 5, No. 3, 2009



In collating this special edition I chose queer                  tests to the harm and hurt caused by speech.
hate purposefully. As I argue later in the edi-
tion, homophobia does not capture the true                       I am not going to cite the statistics on queer
essence of our experiences as LGBTQ people.                      hate. I believe we know these well either
I have a phobia of snakes; friends have pho-                     through first-hand experience or through sup-
bias of spiders – we are able to learn to deal                   porting the broader queer community. I do
with these phobias. Yet the abuse and hate                       not think it our job to educate those that do
we experience in our lives is more than some-                    not know. The question needs to be if people
one’s phobia. Queer hate is also about en-                       do not know, why don’t they know? We need
compassing the myriad of sexualities and sex-                    to use our resources more wisely and effect
ual lives that are often placed on the periph-                   change so the barriers to the broader
ery of society. Homophobia is not encom-                         (heterosexual) community knowing the infor-
passing of these forms of sexuality. Tran-                       mation are re-dressed.
sphobia and biphobia, although accepted
terms, also suffer the same issues as homo-                      This edition includes contributions addressing
phobia. Queer hate is a more informative                         the many faces of queer hate. We have
term. Queer as a broad and inclusive term                        drawn from many disciplines and this reflects
and hate as it is more than a phobia, or a fear                  the need for us to understand issues from
perpetrators have – it is hatred and intoler-                    many lenses or imaginations. Willis presents
ance.                                                            his research into young lesbian, gay, bisexual
                                                                 and queer people and their experiences in the
Issues pertaining to expression of queer hate                    workplace. There is a relative lack of informa-
are never easily summarised. Each jurisdic-                      tion in Anglo-democracy on workplace hetero-
tion in Australia has separate laws and al-                      normativity especially when compared to
though there may be similarity, there is vari-                   countries like Sweden and Norway who have
ety between states. Not all states afford the                  
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