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Dan Lang

Pinball Science

P     inball Science introduces students to the
      basic principles of physics and science -
      mechanical, electrical and magnetic energy,
                                                          pinball machine. You continue on your journey
                                                          until you have restored all the parts.
                                                            You can stop and play the pinball game anytime
force and resistance, sound, and gravity and how          during your rebuilding process, but the machine
these principles work in machines from faucets to         doesn’t fully work until all the parts are back in         Publisher: Dorling
ships to satellites.                                      place. Once you complete rebuilding the first              Kindersley
   The narrator is an eccentric inventor who has          machine you go to pinball heaven.
created Three Great Works, that is three massive            Pinball Science has a total of 94 learning modules       Learning Areas: With other 90
pinball machines. However, he has become stuck            and three levels of difficulty. The learning covers        learning modules, students
in a rocket circling around the moon and his great        about 20 different areas of basic science and physics.     learn the basic principles
pinball machines back on earth have fallen apart.         In terms of the pinball machines themselves, there         of physics and science -
To help rebuild them he needs your help.                  are literally thousands of different possible designs      mechanical, electrical and
   As you travel to different villages you find the       and it is a brand new game every time you play.            magnetic energy, force and
Great Works and reinstall their major components.           Pinball Science is an innovative game because            resistance, sound, and gravity.
To earn a part for example, a faucet, you are             there are several levels of learning going on at the
presented with three questions relating to the            same time. Students are learning science while             Age Range: 9-14
concepts of force, resistance, and the fulcrum of         exercising their reading comprehension, how to             Grades: 4-9
the component, as demonstrated in how a faucet            read with the purpose of finding an answer; in
actually works.                                           other words, how to research.                              Minimum Requirements:
   If you don’t know the answer you can take a                                                                       Win 95/98, Mac OS 8.0 – X
look at the inventor’s journal to view a clear and        Dan Lang is the founder of Learning Village (www.
simple explanation and illustration of the concepts., an independent review
Once you have answered the questions correctly,           and advisory centre for parents and teachers looking for
you install the faucet into the machine and it            information on edu
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