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Persistent early morning vomiting and headaches may be a clue to Increased pressure within the brain. Since some of these conditions require prompt medical treatment, you should be familiar with red flags or warning signs to help determine when you should bring your child to the doctor.

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									Whether or not parents choose to tion with chemotherapy and radia- Currently, HPV vaccination is vol-
have their daughters vaccinated, it tion therapy.                           untary. Before making a decision
is imperative that sexually                                                            to vaccinate or not, a
active girls get Pap screen-                                                           parent should weigh
ings. Pap screenings should
                               Gardasil Facts
                                                                                       the risk of cervical can-
start within three years of • Gardasil protects against HPV types 6 and 11, which cer against the risks
sexual activity or by age          cause 90% of genital warts, and types 16 and 18,
                                                                                       and benefits of the
21. Depending on your              which cause 70% of cervical cancer.
child’s health status and • The vaccine has been tested in over 11,000 females
family history, Pap screen-        (ages nine to 26 years old) around the world.
                                                                                       For more information
ings should be done every      • The vaccine is approved for females ages nine to
                                                                                       about HPV and cervical
one to three years. Since          26.
                                                                                       cancer check out:
changes to the cervical • Recommended age for the first injection is 11 to • www.cdc.gov/std/
cells happen very slowly,          12.
these cell changes can         • The vaccine consists of a series of three injections
almost always be treated           given within six months.
                                                                                       • w w w. c a n c e r. g ov /
before they become can-                                                                cancertopics/fact-
cerous.                                Dr. Roberts says, “Cervical cancer      sheet/risk/HPV-vaccine
                                                                            • www.health.state.ny.us/pre-
If cancer is detected, treatment de- is almost entirely preventable. We
                                       need to proceed with the right          vention/immunization/human_
pends on the stage of cancer (stage                                            papillomavirus/
                                       steps and have routine gyneco-
0 to IV). The staging is based on
                                       logical examinations.” Dr. Roberts
the extent of the cancerous cells                                           Valerie Marchini is a registered
in surrounding tissues and organs outlines the right steps as getting nurse who works with autistic chil-
                                       the vaccine, having Pap screenings
—stage 0 being very early with                                              dren. She has been published in
limited involvement and stage IV at regular intervals, evaluating any national children’s magazines (La-
                                       abnormal bleeding, stopping smok-
being advanced. Treatment ranges                                            dybug, Babybug and others) as well
from removing or destroying the ing—which can turn precancerous as in regional family magazines.
                                       cells into cancerous cells—and
abnormal cells found in the cervix
to radical hysterectomy in conjunc- maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When Children Vomit
                                       By Maribeth Chitkara, MD and Latha Chandran, MD, MPH

“My child has been vomiting all        infancy may be a sign of gastroe-       stenosis (HPS). This condition usu-
night, what should I do?”              sophageal reflux (GER), which is a      ally appears around four weeks of
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