Toothbrusher's Death Grip Gets a Thumbs Down by ProQuest


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									Allergies—Continued from page 15        ily mean that the medicine should
                                        never be used again. Discuss the
                                                                                 In the Literature
rently, there is no standardized        pros and cons of re-exposure with
and reliable test that can be done                                               Prophylactic Acetaminophen
                                        your child’s physician. If you or
for penicillin allergies, or for most   your child are taking a medicine
                                                                                 for Immunizations
other drug allergies.                   and develop a rash or any other          The Question: Should children
                                        side effect, speak with the phy-         routinely take acetaminophen
It’s important not to use antibiotics   sician about whether or not to           before receiving an immunization
or other medicines unnecessarily.       discontinue the medicine, and if it      to reduce the risk of developing a
If your child has an infection that’s   might be safe to try that medicine       post-vaccination fever?
viral or will improve without anti-     again at a later date.
biotics, there is no reason to take                                              The Study: In this study from the
them. Beyond the potential to trig-     Finally, a family history of allergy     Czech Republic, 226 health infants
ger allergies, medicines have other     does not mean that a child is aller-     received doses of acetaminophen
side effects and costs.                 gic. If mom or dad had a reaction        8, 16, and 24 hours after receiving
                                        to penicillin, even a serious one,       one of the routine childhood immu-
But if your child does need to take a   then their child is not more likely to   nizations. Another 233 infants, the
medicine, having a history of a mild    react to penicillin than to any other    control group, received the same
rash in the past doesn’t necessar-      medication.                              immunizations but no prophylactic
Toothbrusher’s Death Grip Gets a Thumbs                                          The Results: The infants who re-
Down                     By Lee Weinstein, DDS
                                                                                 ceived the prophylactic acetamino-
                                                                                 phen developed significantly lower
                                                                                 levels of immunity than the infants
                                                                                 who didn’t receive the drug.
Holding the toothbrush in the palm with the four fingers tightly squeezing
on the handle is what’s known as a death grip, which can cause consid-           Comment: The common recom-
erable damage to teeth and gums. Among the possible adverse results   
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