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									hired For Fire: Wildland Fire
ManageMent ProjeCts Putting
PeoPle to Work
Mary Carr

       ildland fire management
       is out front in economic
       recovery efforts as the Forest
Service helps put people back
to work through the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
2009 (ARRA, colloquially coined the
“stimulus bill”).

The ARRA provides $1.15 billion
to the Forest Service for work on
the Nation’s forests with a focus
on providing and retaining jobs.
Congress appropriated $650 mil-
lion for Capital Improvement and
Maintenance and $500 million for
Wildland Fire Management. Of
the $500 million for Wildland Fire
Management, Congress directed                Funds for wildland fire management will be used to thin dense stands of trees such as
                                             this, not only reducing hazardous fuels but also resulting in biomass that can be used as
$250 million to be used on Federal           a source of clean energy. Photo: Tom Iraci, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research
lands and $250 million on State              Station.
and private lands.
                                                                                            and engineering) gained in the
Fire management projects funded              More than half the initial                     Forest Service to help facilitate
through AARA include removal of                                                             and coordinate the program. Some
dense underbrush and other haz-               projects proposed for
                                                                                            projects also incorporate assistance
ardous vegetation from crowded                 the Forest Service’s                         from rural community partners and
forest lands. The intent of such             billion dollars of funding                     other cooperators.
work is to help protect communi-                 through the ARRA
ties from large, unnaturally severe                                                         In addition to creating or saving
fires and to contribute to the resto-
                                              were for wildland fire
                                                                                            some 10,000 jobs with Wildland
ration of fire-adapted ecosystems by               management.                              Fire Management Funds, Forest
diminishing the rate, severity, and                                                         Service economic recovery efforts
size of wildland fires.                                                                     overall also address Capitol
                                             duction. A biomass utilization team
                                             is working to
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