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									   Anchor                                                            by Tom Harbour

   Point                                                             Director, Fire and Aviation Management
                                                                     Forest Service, Washington, DC

Fire ManageMent                          into the            Future

    oday, as I formulate this article,                                           lished. In it, I see the success of our
    wildfires are burning in Arizona,    We need to use better-                  future fire management efforts in
    California, New Mexico, and                                                  promoting:
Texas. Earlier in the year, we’ve
                                           defined protocols for                 • Fire-adapted communities,
assisted in or managed fire suppres-     managing wildfires and                  • Fire-adapted ecosystems, and
sion efforts in Oklahoma, Florida,        the tools that help us                 • Fire-adapted business practices—
and South Carolina. Another fire         evaluate risk and make                     how we operate.
season is certainly upon us. So,
                                           better risk-informed
what’s different about this fire sea-
                                           decisions during fire                 What’s the Same?
son? What’s the same? And what
                                                 incidents                       What’s the same is our ongoing
does fire management look like as
                                                                                 commitment to long-term coop-
we look into the future?
                                                                                 eration, management, and safety.
                                                                                 We need to continue to work with
What’s Different?                        dent-level support to fire manag-
                                                                                 existing partners, develop new part-
                                                                                 ners, and make those partnerships
This year, we’ve received new guid-      ers under the “two kinds of fire”
                                                                                 as effective as possible. We need to
ance for the implementation of the       framework. WFDSS is an array of
                                                                                 continue our work to accomplish
Federal Wildland Fire Policy. While      decision support applications that
                                                                                 much-needed fuels projects to
the policy itself has not changed,       calculate risk and probability and
                                                                                 enhance the safety of communities
the implementation g
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