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       VisNet Delivers the Realism and Ease of Google Earth-like
     Visualization Powered By the World’s Most Advanced Network
                           Simulation Engine
- New network design tool accelerates fixed and mobile network prototyping with realistic
    imaging, intuitive click-and-drag setup, and powerful QualNet simulation engine -

Los Angeles, CA (August 3, 2009)---Scalable Network Technologies, Inc. (SNT), the leader in
wireless network simulation and emulation, announced the introduction of VisNet™, a new
network design tool that enables planning and deployment teams to quickly visualize, design,
and optimize the performance of mobile ad-hoc networks. VisNet is the first planning tool for
mobile wireless networks that combines the processing muscle of QualNet® , the world’s most
advanced high fidelity network simulation technology, with high-definition 3D visualization
technology from ESRI’s ArcView GIS platform. The product was publicly previewed at the ESRI
Education User Conference, July 11-14, 2009, and free 30-day evaluations are now available
through the SNT website.

VisNet enables non-cyberspecialist users to view and quickly grasp the mechanics of the
network, then easily construct simulated networks for operations planning and review. No
network protocol knowledge is needed; users just click-and-drag components from a pre-
populated list of devices and applications. The tool supports networks of tens, hundreds or
thousands of devices.

Once high-level simulations are configured and computed, full-motion high definition
visualization, network topology graphs, and packet throughput graphs are played out

The breakthrough power of VisNet lies in the embedded SNT QualNet simulation technology,
which has been stripped of the technical complexities of network construction for ease of use by
non-technical teams. This creates a front-end planning tool that makes it possible to directly
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output scenario files to advanced simulation and emulation tools for later-stage test, evaluation
and deployment.

“Our customers were asking for a simple to use tool for quick network set-up and analysis,” says
Dirk Eastman, VP of marketing and sales for SNT. “VisNet demystifies network planning by
providing preset network parameters and rich visualization, and also allows users to directly
export their promising network designs into QualNet or EXata for further evaluation. The time
savings is dramatic.”

Network components and dynamics modeled in VisNet include:
   Network Information
      wired links
      wireless links – 802.11 & abstract radio devices
      LANs/WANs/MANs
      logical relationships of nodes such as user-definable subnets
      pre-defined network entities: vehicles, aircraft, buildings, ships
      pre-defined devices: hubs, switches, routers, computers
      enterprise applications such as VoIP, web browsing, email, chat, video
      network management applications
   Environmental Information
      terrain effects (surface, mobility, weather)
      latitude/longitude
      standard QualNet signal propagation models – pathloss, shadowing, fading

VisNet also supports the ArcView API, thus enabling other ArcView-based GIS applications to
interface with VisNet

VisNet is available in Defense, Commercial/Enterprise, and Cellular Network versions. VisNet
Defense is shipping now, and the other versions will be available in late 2009. Optional add-on
modules allow users to configure a variety of commercial and military communication networks.
VisNet runs on the Windows operating system.

For more information, contact Scalable Network Technologies at (310) 338-3318 or visit
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About Scalable Network Technologies
Scalable Network Technologies (SNT) is the leader in parallel processing technology for
network performance evaluation. The company develops and supports high-fidelity evaluation
software tools used for predicting the performance of computing and communications networks
and network devices. SNT has created a new category of evaluation tools for today’s
sophisticated networks that meets the demand for real-time, real-network performance testing.

The company’s customers include major aerospace and defense contractors, the US
Department of Defense, mobile network operators, as well as research agencies and

Founded in 1999 and based in Los Angeles CA, Scalable Network Technologies is a privately
owned corporation. VisNet, QualNet, and EXata are registered trademarks of Scalable Network
Technologies, Inc. More information on the company is available at www.scalable-

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