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									     WHO’S WHO IN LABOR

     On May 26, 2009, President Barack Obama        Robert W. Chester has been appointed
     announced his intention to nominate Sec-       Regional Director of the NLRB’s Regional
     ond Circuit Court of Appeals judge Sonia       Office in Pittsburgh, PA (Region 6).
     Sotomayor to serve on the United States
     Supreme Court.                                 NLRB General Counsel Ronald Meisburg
                                                    announced the appointment of Mark Wir-
     The President has nominated Alejandro          ick as Assistant to the Regional Director of
     Mayorkas Director, U.S. Citizenship            the NLRB’s Regional Office in Pittsburgh,
     and Immigration Services, Department of        PA (Region 6).
     Homeland Security. Mayorkas previously
     served as the United States Attorney for the   NLRB General Counsel Ronald Meisburg
     Central District of California.                announced the appointment of Kim Sieg-
                                                    ert as Deputy Regional Attorney of the
     The President has announced his intention      NLRB’s Regional Office in Pittsburgh, PA
     to nominate Craig Becker as a Board            (Region 6).
     Member for the NLRB. Becker currently
     serves as Associate General Counsel to both    The President designated Carol Waller
     the Service Employees International Union      Pope Chairman of the Federal Labor Re-
     and the American Federation of Labor &         lations Authority (FLRA). Previously, on
     Congress of Industrial Organizations.          February 19, 2009, President Obama des-
                                                    ignated Ms. Pope as Acting Chairman.
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