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EFMD research                                        2009/2010 International Call for Papers – Journal
link launched                                        Deans’ Programme (IDP) of Global Responsibility
EFMD has partnered with the world’s leading          There are still some places available for the 2009-    We are currently seeking papers for a new journal
publisher of management research to launch           2010 International Deans’ Programme (IDP)              to be launched in 2010 that will be closely aligned
Emerald Management First Research Link.              co-organised with ABS (Association of Business         with the goals and objectives of the Globally
                                                     Schools).                                              Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) and
Research Link is an award-winning online resource
                                                       The IDP Programme enables a group of up to 20        EFMD.
designed to help circumvent the unnecessary
and sharpen your focus on what really matters          international deans (recently appointed directors/
in management.                                         deans of the whole business school) to gain an
                                                       international overview of strategy, marketing,
The website delivers the latest ideas from the
                                                       benchmarking, and the challenges and
world’s top companies and business schools via
                                                       opportunities facing management education
articles, case studies and thought-leadership insight.
                                                       and particularly the role of being a dean.
Emerald and EFMD have teamed up to provide The programme consists of three compulsory
EFMD Research Link for EFMD members: a                 modules:
quality management learning and development
resource featuring articles, interviews and case Module I: 7-8 December 2009 at Judge Business
studies.                                               School and Cranfield School of Management,
                                                       UK, on themes related to research, faculty
The objective of Research Link is to better            issues, executive education and citizenship.
connect the world of research with the world                                                                Articles would be welcome from traditional
                                                       Module II: 12, 13, 14 April 2010 at Cheung Kong      management disciplines – accounting and finance,
of business. There is so much intellectual capital
                                                       Graduate School of Business, Tsinghua University     operations, human resources, organisational
coming from research that goes unnoticed and
                                                       School of Economics and Management                   studies, marketing and strategy – where the articles
unused. With its dual membership structure
                                                       and CEIBS, China, on themes such as                  build on our model for sustainable development.
(companies and business schools) EFMD
                                                       internationalisation, student experience,
is determined to address this opportunity.                                                                  It is also recognised that the development of global
                                                       entrepreneurship, leadership and sustainability.
The website takes topical management articles                                                               responsibility may also be directly informed by
                                                       Module III: 13, 14 June 2010 at ISM University       more fundamental disciplines such as sociology,
from Emerald’s prestigious portfolio of business
                                                       of Management and Economics, Vilnius, Lithuania      politics, psychology, history or philosophy.
journals and transforms them into concise,
                                                       on themes related to undergraduate education,
readable versions targeted at busy executives                                                               As a guide, articles should be around 5,000-
                                                       entrepreneurship, creativity, marketing and
wanting to get up to speed on the hot topics                                                                7,000 words in leng
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