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									                                                 Your Guide to Using a
                                                                  Breast Pump
By Richard Winer

      Breast pumps are designed to pro-      using a cloth or towel. . Do not apply        on how to position the breast shield
vide ease and convenience to mothers.        any cream, lotion or ointment on your         (flange) on the breast. The breast shield
Because each breast pump is designed         hands as it will cause slippage when          should comfortably fit on your breast
to be used differently from another, it      you use the manual breast pump.               with the nipple positioned in the center
is important to read the entire instruc-                                                   of the opening in the breast shield.
tion manual carefully before using the       Get the Pump Ready and                        Some pumps have different sizes of
breast pump. These guidelines will                                                         (shields) flanges that can interchanged
help mothers use their breast pump
                                             Assembled                                     for a better fit avoiding potential
                                                  Manual breast pumps can be quick
more efficiently and increase their milk                                                   friction trauma. A good quality breast
                                             and easy to use. Always read the assem-
production levels. If you are building a                                                   pump also has pressure options that
                                             bly instructions. With an electric breast
milk supply because your infant cannot                                                     will enable to adjustment to a better
                                             pump, you will have to assemble it in
feed, it is recommended that you pump                                                      comfort level.
                                             place before you start using it. Read the
at least 8 times a day. If your baby is
                                             instructions in the manual which come
feeding well, and gaining weight and
                                             with your pump and follow them to
                                                                                           Start the Pumping Process
you will be separated from your baby,                                                           Once the breast shields are in
                                             assemble it properly.
you may mimic the times of day and/                                                        place, you can start pumping. Electric
or night that your infant typically feeds.                                                 breast pumps like Pump In Style Ad-
If you are building bottles for use when     Make Yourself Comfortable                     vanced simply have to be switched on
you are away from your infant, pump-              Just like when feeding your child,
                                                                                           and their pressure adjusted when in po-
ing after the first two morning feedings     mothers should look for a clean and
                                                                                           sition. If you are using a manual breast
is a good practice. Decide why you are       comfortable place to pump breast milk.
                                                                                           pump, you will have to start manually
pumping your milk and this will help         Relaxing is important, also, as you may
                                                                                           pumping yourself. Pumping instruc-
you to determine what practice will          not be able to express milk easily if
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