GPS TrackMaker How to view shapefiles in Google Earth by izy20048


									 GPS TrackMaker: How to view shapefiles in
             Google Earth
1. Open GPSTrackMaker and click on File and “Open File”
2. Navigate through files to the folder holding your selected file; in this case the
   folder is “Education_Shape_Files”
3. Click on the Cranberryboardwalk.shp file and it should appear as below.
4. If it does not appear, then you should check to see if units are UTM, datum is
   WGS 1984 (GPS), and that the box for “grid” is checked under coordinates
5. The software “needs to know” what points or tracks you want to locate on Google
   Earth, so you need to find the area on the image (e.g. the lines indicating the
   boardwalk at Cranberry Glades as below) and use click option on your mouse to
   “Box” the area you want to see.
6. Once an area is indicated then the selected points will appear as red dots on the
1. Now click on the Google Earth “globe” and a box will appear indicating the
   preset options.
2. See below:
   1. Note that the default in this operation is for Zone 28P. Check your notes from the
      UTM review and find the zone for most of West Virginia. It’s 17N. So for Zone,
      type in “17N”.
   2. Now locate the Google Glove on the upper tool bar and “click”!

You can use the tools in the upper right corner to change perspective, increase layers, and
see the image as:

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