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Medication Update


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									 NEWS | Nursing

                   The Nursing Expert
                                                 Infection control guidance to
                  Anne Marie Barnett, RN
                  Former President,
                  Maryland NADONA/LTC            become official on Sept. 30
                                                 By James M. Berklan                                                                            and training material.
 When it comes to the day-to-day                 The Centers for Medicare &                                                                        The new guidance should
 workings in my facility, I do pretty            Medicaid Services recently                                                                     not create any dramatic nega-
 well, but once a “disaster” hits, I lose        released final changes regard-                                                                  tive effects to typical workflow,
                                                 ing certain guidance governing                                                                 experts believe.

                                                                                                                           Photo: iStockphoto
 my “cool and collected” demeanor.
 I know my staff looks to me when                infection control in long-term                                                                    “The guidance provides bet-
 a crisis develops. Can you give me              care facilities. The formal                                                                    ter clarification and a roadmap
 some advice on how to remain calm               effective date for the revised                                                                 for compliance,” explained
 during these situations?                        guidance is Sept. 30.               Surveyors will be referring to uni-                        Patricia Boyer, president of
                                                    The revision combines            fied infection control guidance                             Boyer & Associates and a pay-
                                                                                     starting in October.
 Experience itself will help you prepare         F-tags 441, 442, 443, 444 and                                                                  ment and policy columnist for
 for an ongoing crisis in the director of        445 into one tag: F-441.                                                                       McKnight’s.
 nursing role. As I have always said, be            The changes will “bring          for at least a year.                                          The link to the CMS Sur-
 sure to develop a talented and com-             everything that relates to infec-      After working through a                                 vey and Certification Letter,
 mitted team around you that can                 tion control into one location      “glitch” in July that stated an                            “Nursing Homes - Issuance
 provide assistance when you need it.            to best utilize the surveyors’      incorrect effective date, CMS                              of Revisions to Interpretive
 Then be sure to use it.                         time and resources,” according      officials said they were expect-                            Guidance at F Tag 441, as
    Some crises can be anticipated and           to CMS.                             ing to issue a formal announce-                            Part of Appendix PP, SOM”
 prepared for, such as a family that is             The revised guidelines, in       ment in the form of a Survey                               www.cms.hhs.gov/SurveyCer
 always complaining about care being             some cases, reflect changes         and Certification letter, which                             tificationGenInfo/downloads/
 provided. Instead of complaining back           that have been in the works         would include advance copy                                 SCLetter09_54.pdf. ■
 at them and spending time being

                                                 Funds awarded to ease nursing shortage
 defensive, I suggest trying to develop
 a relationship with them that they feel
 they can trust.
    The more we act defensively or un-           By 
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