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                                                         Guided Care can trim costs
                   Donna Sardina, RN,
                   MHA, WCC
                   President, Wound Care
                   Education Institute
                                                         for wound care, study finds
                                                         By John O’Connor
                                                         Costs for wound care and
 How should suspected deep tissue                        other chronic conditions are
 injury (sDTI) pressure ulcers be                        lower for older patients when
 coded on the MDS 2.0?                                   they are closely supported by
                                                         a nurse-physician primary
 Unfortunately, the users manual (RAI                    care team that monitors their
 manual) for the MDS does not include                    health and offers regular
 a any directions for specifically coding                support, according to a study
 suspected deep tissue injury. However,                  by researchers at the Johns
 by comparing the available coding                       Hopkins Bloomberg School

                                                                                                                                                                        Photo: iStockphoto
 definitions from the RAI manual to the                  of Public Health.
 National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel                     Investigators concluded that
 pressure ulcer staging guidelines, we                   patients enrolled in a “Guided
 can determine what coding to use until                  Care” program spent less time       Patients enrolled in a Guided Care program spend less time in skilled
 the MDS 3.0 becomes available.                          in skilled nursing facilities and   nursing facilities and hospitals, a new study finds.
    NPUAP defines suspected deep                         hospitals. They also had fewer
 tissue injury as a “Purple or maroon                    emergency room visits and           and 29% fewer home health            M.D., associate professor in
 localized area of discolored intact skin                home health episodes. Full          care episodes.                       the Department of Medicine
 or blood-filled blister due to damage of                findings appear in the American        “While Guided Care                at the Johns Hopkins School
 underlying soft tissue from pressure                    Journal of Managed Care.            patients received more per-          of Medicine.
 and/or shear.” NPUAP further clarifies                     The three-year study fol-        sonal attention from their              Under this model, healthcare
 that sDTI may be preceded by tissue                     lowed more than 900 patients.       care team and had more phy-          is provided by physician-nurse
 that is pain
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