Swine flu could affect 4 in 10 Americans, CDC forecasts by ProQuest


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                                                       Swine flu could affect 4 in 10
                   Sherrie Dornberger, RNC,
                   CDONA, FACDONA
                   President, NADONA                   Americans, CDC forecasts
                                                       By James M. Berklan                                                                        Asian Flu pandemic of 1957 as
 As nurses in skilled care units, we                   The Centers for Disease Con-                                                               a model. An effective vaccine
 have been coming upon a problem                       trol and Prevention’s Advisory                                                             strategy, however, could curb
 I never thought we would have. Our                    Committee on Immunization                                                                  the effects of the virus’ spread,
                                                       Practices has issued plans for                                                             officials say.

                                                                                                                             Photo: iStockphoto
 residents now who are very ill have
 several tubes and wires coming from                   inoculating millions of Ameri-                                                                Recent reports from the
 the resident over the side of the bed.                cans against the H1N1 (swine                                                               World Health Organization
 The tubes tend to get tangled, caus-                  flu) virus.                                                                                 suggest healthcare workers
 ing the nurses to spend extra time                       CDC officials estimated        Experts believe H1N1 could affect                        should be among the first to
 to separate them instead of tending                   that the virus could affect up    2 out of every 5 Americans this                          receive a vaccine.
                                                                                         upcoming flu season.
 to the resident directly. Do you have                 to 40% of Americans, many                                                                     To the relief of long-term
 any suggestions?                                      more than last season, with a                                                              care providers, those 65 and
                                                       return sweep this winter.         that 90,000 to “several hun-                             older are considered at lesser
 Starting in long-term care in 1975,                      The CDC’s 40% prediction       dred thousand” Americans                                 risk for infection than younger
 I never thought I would see the day                   encompasses individuals who       could die of swine flu or swine                           age groups. But once vaccine
 when our residents would have as                      contract the swine flu and the     flu-related illnesses over the                            dema nd a mong you nger
 many cords, wires and tubes coming                    number who would likely stay      course of the next two years,                            groups is met, programs and
 from them as patients in the acute                    home from work to care for        according to an Associated                               providers should offer vaccina-
 care facilities. I have had to face that              loved ones.                       Press report. To derive this                             tion to people 65 and older, the
 problem myself when recovering from                      The CDC also predicted         estimate, the CDC used the                               CDC says. ■
 a severe illness. I had the oxygen, picc
 lines, and IVs getting tangled up—the
 “spaghetti syndrome.” Because I was
 doing my own picc line care at home,                  Diagnosing C. Diff. a growing challenge
 having these all tied up together would
 make me crazy.                                        By Brett Bakshis                  stools per day. Study authors                            Difficile outbreaks
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