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									 NEWS | Resident Care

                   The Care Expert
                                                       Certified medical directors
                   Sherrie Dornberger, RNC,
                   CDONA, FACDONA
                   President, NADONA                   improve care, survey finds
                                                       By Brett Bakshis                                                          researchers noticed that facili-
 What special preparations do you                      Nursing homes that employ                                                 ties with certified medical
 recommend regarding wanderers?                        medical directors certified by                                             directors had as much as a 15%
                                                       the American Medical Direc-                                               quality-of-care improvement
 Be sure that you have up-to-date pic-                 tors Association show signifi-                                             over other facilities.
 tures. Take photos of any resident who                cant improvement in quality of                                               Although the medical direc-
 wanders. Do it quarterly when you are                 care over facilities that don’t,                                          tors association funded the
 doing the MDS. If the resident has her                according to a new analysis.                                              report, it received the approv-
 or his hair cut or colored differently                   Using federal Online Survey                                            al of an institutional review
 from the last photo, take another one                 Certification and Reporting                                               board and authors reported
 immediately.                                          (OSCAR) data, researchers                                                 no conflicts of interest.
    Take side-of-the-face views and                    compared certain citation           AMDA-certified medical directors          Report authors suggest their
 straight-on views, glasses on and                     areas that would be influenced       can improve nursing home care,        finding could provide support
                                                                                           an industry-backed study finds.
 glasses off, dentures in and dentures                 by the presence of a medical                                              for broader adoption of a law
 out. Place the photos in the chart.                   director. Of more than 15,000                                             now used in Maryland that
    Not that you ever want to use it, but              nursing homes that were             an independent firm hired by           requires nursing homes to hire
 get a scent sample. Here is how you                   considered for the report,          AMDA. When factors such as            AMDA-certified or similarly
 do it: Purchase brand new socks in a                  547 had AMDA-certified              facility size, not-for-profit status   trained medical directors. The
 plastic bag, not ones that have been                  medical directors, according        and registered nurse hours per        full report is available at www.
 on a rack unprotected. With gloves on,                to Cowles Research Group,           day were taken into account,          jamda.com. ■
 remove the socks from the bag, and
 place them on the resident’s feet.
    At the end of the day when taking off
 the socks, be sure to use gloves again.               Report: Relocate mentally ill residents
 You do not want the scent from your
 hands on the socks. You are attempting                By Brett Bakshis                    issued a report on June 24 in         the report says.
 to get a good scent sample for search 
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