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									                                                                                             ARMY AL&T

                         Javelin Close Combat Missile
                           System (CCMS) Provides
                        Unparalleled Defeat Capabilities
                                                                   Steven Whitmore

                              nitially designed as an anti-armor missile, the Javelin has proved to be
                              extremely effective for today’s unconventional warfare and is actively
                              defeating not only armored threats, but also other vehicles, fortifications,
                         and urban targets in theater. Employed at the infantry company level in all
                         U.S. Army brigade combat teams (BCTs), Javelin is playing a prominent role
                         in both Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF ).

Two U.S. Marines with the 2nd Battalion (Bn), 6th Marines, fire
a Javelin missile on Blair Airfield, Al Kut, Iraq. (USMC photo by
SGT Mauricio Campino.)

                                                                                     JULY–SEPTEMBER 2009   37
                ARMY AL&T

“Javelin is ideal for infantry Soldiers,”      a direct-attack mode for use in urban                Instruments (now Raytheon Missile
said LTC Erik Simonson, Deputy                 terrain against buildings or fortifica-               Systems) of Dallas, TX, and Lockheed
Product Director Javelin Missile               tions. The Javelin’s fire-and-forget                  Martin Electronics and Missiles (now
System, Close Combat Weapon                    guidance enables the gunner to fire and               Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire
Systems (CCWS), Program Executive              then immediately take cover, greatly                 Control) of Orlando, FL. The CCWS
Office Missiles and Space (PEO MS).             increasing survivability. Additionally,              Project Office, part of PEO MS at
“They can reach out and touch the              Javelin’s soft launch reduces the visual             Redstone Arsenal, AL, is responsible
enemy faster and farther than the              and acoustic signature of the missile,               for the Javelin Missile System and
enemy can touch them without the               making it difficult for the enemy to                  its life-cycle management. In 1994,
need to wait for close air support.”           identify and locate the gunner. The lim-             low-rate initial production of Javelin
                                               ited back blast also enables gunners to              was authorized, and in 1996, the first
The warfighters agree. “The Javelin             safely fire from enclosures and covered               Javelins were deployed with U.S. Army
missile was an invaluable weapon in            fighting positions.                                   units. Full-rate production began in
defeating enemy armored forces and                                                                  May 1997.
reinforced positions to include bun-           A man-portable system, Javelin is the
kers, buildings, and revetments. There         only CCMS that can be operated pri-                  More than 25,000 missiles and 6,600
is no other weapon that can support            marily in a dismounted role. At less                 CLUs have been sold to the U.S. Army,
dismounted infantry in fighting against         than 50 pounds, Javelin is designed to               USMC, and international customers.
these types of engagements,” re
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