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According to the American Heritage Desk Dictionary, "recidivism" is defined as a tendency to relapse into a former pattern of behavior, especially a tendency to return to criminal habits. [...] as noted in an edited version of written testimony presented to the House of Representatives, Committee on Government, Oversight Hearing, by Reginald A. Wilkerson in February 2005, much has been happening, such as: * Since the late 1990s, the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., has hosted discussions with leaders in the field to assess knowledge on reentry. * The National Institute of Corrections initiated a Transition from Prison to Community Project to offer technical assistance to select States. * A number of Federal agencies and the U.S. Department of Justice partnered to provide 100 million dollars in grants to address reentry planning. * Most significantly, the Second Chance Act of 2005 recognized the complex issues of recidivism and encouraged State and local agencies to craft solutions.

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