; A New Proponent for the Army Acquisition Corps
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A New Proponent for the Army Acquisition Corps


Army Acquisition Support Center Many Army regulations and pamphlets (including Army Regulation [AR] 600-3, The Army Personnel Development System; AR 70-1, Army Acquisition Policy; AR 5-22, The Army Force Modernization Proponent System; DA Pamphlet 70-3, Army Acquisition Procedures; DA Pamphlet 600-3, Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management; and DA Pamphlet 600-25, U.S. Army NCO Professional Development Guide) and the Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) name USAASC as the AAC and ALT proponent. HRC Career Manager and Assignment Officer The HRC 51C career development and assignments officer (sergeant first class) is responsible for - * Reclassifying, assigning, and training MOS 5 IC Soldiers. * Processing assignment actions while considering professional development, stabilization, and reclassification. * Reviewing and accepting or rejecting nominations. * Filling open requisitions in the Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System. * Coordinating with the Army, other DOD agencies, and senior enlisted contracting advisers in the field on filling assignments and training requirements. * Making final selections of NCOs for reassignment. * Screening and selecting Soldiers for high-priority assignments and training. * Coordinating with appropriate personnel on highinterest cases. * Recommending final actions on joint domicile requests, overseas-service volunteers, foreignservice tour extensions and curtailments, deletion and deferment requests, and staff action memorandums.

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									A New Proponent for the
Army Acquisition Corps
                                                                                  by   serGeant Major ethan a. jones

  n response to the increase in requirements for military   and evaluation, acquisition, and fielding, to disposi-
  contracting support, in November 2008, the Vice           tion. The ASA(ALT) oversees the chemical weapons
  Chief of Staff of the Army approved the expansion         elimination program and is responsible for appoint-
of the Army’s contracting force structure to meet the       ing, managing, and evaluating program management
demands of rapid deployments, troop sustainment,            and executive officers and managing the AAC and
and nation building and to support the integration          ALT workforce.
of a proponent office for military occupational spe-
cialty (MOS) 51C, Acquisition, Logistics, and Tech-         Director, Acquisition Career Management
nology (ALT) contracting noncommissioned officers               The Army Acquisition Executive has designated
(NCOs).                                                     the Principal Military Deputy (MILDEP) to the
   The expanded force structure was needed to pro-          ASA(ALT) as the Director, Acquisition Career Man-
vide institutional contracting training, compliance,        agement (DACM). The DACM directs the AAC and
doctrine, policies, guidance, and oversight and to          assists the Army Acquisition Executive in carrying out
leverage existing capabilities of other Department of       the requirements of the Defense Acquisition Workforce
the Army (DA) and Department of Defense (DOD)               Improvement Act (DAWIA).
organizations involved in contracting processes. The            DAWIA requires DOD to establish defense acquisi-
creation of career management field 51 (acquisition)        tion education and training standards, requirements,
and MOS 51C was approved in December 2006 by                and courses. The act focuses heavily on a systematic
the Army Human Resources Command (HRC) Dep-                 approach to making the ALT workforce more pro-
uty Chief of Staff, Operations.                             fessional. DAWIA specifies requirements for work
   The Army Acquisition Support Center                      assignments, experience, education, and training.
(USAASC)—a direct reporting unit to the Office              Within the Army, the DACM is responsible for imple-
of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for ALT              menting ALT workforce education, training, and career
(ASA[ALT])—is the personnel proponent for all               development. A major challenge for today’s Army
military and DA civilians within the Army Acquisi-          is to focus on integrating military and civilian ALT
tion Corps (AAC) and ALT workforce. Many Army               workforce members’ education, training, and career
and DOD organizations and personnel are involved            development into the mission of the organization.
in fostering the professional development of MOS            Commanders and managers at all levels must possess
51C Soldiers.                                               a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities
                                                            to meet this challenge.
Assistant Secretary of the Army for ALT                         The DACM appoints a deputy DACM (DDACM),
   The ASA(ALT) provides guidance for managing              who is responsible for the organization and daily man-
the positions and career development of the ALT             agement functions of the Army’s acquisition career
workforce through the Army Acquisition Executive.           management activities. The DDACM, as the ALT
The ASA(ALT) provides guidance for designating              workforce proponent and single point of contact on
and identifying ALT positions; specifying position          all matters pertaining to DAWIA implementation, is
requirements; attaining and maintaining ALT com-            responsible for developing and approving all Army
petencies through education, training, and experi-          policies and procedures established to imple
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